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8 Things to Look For When Buying a Horse Farm

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Here are 8 things to consider as you plan for the for the horse farm of your dreams. Our listing in Worthington Valley checks all the boxes, and just may be the farm for you! Read More →

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Flux at Baltimore Theatre Project

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Deep Vision Dance Company

catch of the day fish (2)Nothing is static. We are ever changing. That’s the premise behind this new evening of work from Deep Vision Dance Company, which will run at the Baltimore Theatre Project next weekend. The company, founded in 2011 under the artistic direction of Nicole A. Martinell focuses on work that explores emotional complexity and what Martinell calls the “strange beauty of the world around us.” Ranging from abstract to narrative work, Martinell’s choreography illustrates opposing ends of a continuum – an unfolding journey characterized by detailed characters, spiraling phrases, and a continuous ebb and flow of space. That, and it’s mesmerizing to watch. Read More →

Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend

The Gift: Clay Monster Pottery

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The Gift

What It Is: Totally unique (and bizarrely adorable) handmade pottery from local artists Cat Audett Holt and Rich Holt. These two artists make everything from mugs to cookie jars to sponge holders, and each one adds a lot of fun and flair to any space. The Holts are some of the local artists featured at the rigorously juried Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, which comes to the Maryland State Fairgrounds next weekend. So you can browse their Facebook page online, and then see their amazing work in person at the festival! Prices vary. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

It’s Perfect For:

Friends Who Live Alone: A monster-shaped mug or cookie jar is so much less responsibility than a pet, or even a houseplant. But having those big bulging eyes looking at you everyday does actually give one the feeling of company, and not in a creepy way– we swear. Having one of these creatures in plain view is a great way to bring a counter or dining room to life– no food or water necessary.

Father’s Day: Is dad himself a monster before his morning coffee? A mug with fangs and a furrowed brow might just be the perfect tongue-in-cheek reflection of his not-totally-awake-yet self. But then, these monsters are as lovable and endearing as they are fearsome– just like growly old pre-coffee dad.

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The View From Halcyon Farm: The Easy Cocktail Party

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We have found that people are reluctant to host cocktail parties anymore because of any number of reasons, but we say DO IT! It’s not that hard! Really.

Think of the old adage: KISS. Keep it Simple, Silly! It’s you your friends are coming to see, and maybe your house, but it’s really not for the food and drink. They can get that anywhere. How often do they get to spend an evening with you?

Invitations are simple. Either use a service like Paperless Post where you can customize one of their selections by Kate Spade, J. Crew or the fabulous Oscar de la Renta. If you’re old fashioned, you can pick up cards by Crane and design your own. Get them out at least three weeks before the party and ask for RSVP’s the week before the party.

kate spade

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Weekly Wellness Tip by Fit For You – Shin Splits

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steve-009_shin-splints_342x198Shin Splits

Shin splits are often caused by your foot rolling in when you are running or walking. Using a properly-fitted shoe and/or an orthotic, you can unload the inside part of your foot’s arch to relieve some of the stress on your shins. Read More →

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Get Up & Go: Fests, Fests and More Fests!

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When it rains, it pours. Or maybe more accurately: when it’s warm and sunny, suddenly there’s tons to do. Get out this weekend for some of spring’s first great festivals and enjoy all that the weekend has to offer. Read More →

House of the Day

House of the Day: 1885 Townhouse in Bolton Hill

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1603 Park Avenue

Bolton Hill


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Friday Afternoon Headlines: Youth Group Leader Arrested for Child Porn; Phelps Wins 100 Fly; and More

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Cockeysville youth group leader charged with possession and distribution of child porn — WBAL

300 Men March scheduled for Friday night — Baltimore Sun

Phelps wins 100 Butterfly at first meet in 8 months — CBS Baltimore

181 Maryland fugitives arrested in US Marshals sweep — WBAL-TV

Why Kevin Plank’s business competition makes sense for UMd., even if a team from Texas wins — Balt. Biz Journal


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The Horse You Came In On is Maryland’s Most Iconic Bar, says Thrillist

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horsecameThe esteemed listicle compilers over at Thrillist endeavored to name the most iconic bar in every state (and DC). They sought to narrow it down by using three criteria: (1) open since 1990 (but really the older the better), (2) famous and (3) still loved. In the end, Maryland’s winner was Fells Point’s The Horse You Came In on Saloon. Read More →

The Week in Review

Week in Review: O’Malley’s Tune, Best Bacon Egg & Cheese and Mega-Yachts

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Summer days seem closer, and everyone started making their plans. It’s the Week in Review for April 10-17. Read More →

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