Belvedere Square

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Get Tickets Today to the 10th Annual Mother Seton Academy Wine Harvest & Auction

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On Saturday, November 12, supporters of Baltimore City’s Mother Seton Academy (MSA) will have a chance to do some good, while having a good time. Read More →

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Sip for a Good Cause at Mother Seton Academy Wine Harvest & Auction

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On Saturday, November 12, supporters of Baltimore City’s Mother Seton Academy (MSA) will have a chance to do some good, while having a good time. Read More →

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Starlite, a new diner at Belvedere Square, Opens

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Leonard Clarke, one of the former owners of the Mt. Vernon nightclub Red Maple, opens this weekend Starlite, a diner, in the former Shoo-Fly location at Belvedere Square. Arim Isabel, of New York restaurant Cafeteria, will serve as executive chef.

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Weekend Pedestrian-Car Collisions Leave One Dead, Two Injured

1 Written by: | Monday, Jul 25, 2016 9:21am

via Graham Coreil-Allen on Flickr

via Graham Coreil-Allen on Flickr

On Friday afternoon, Nathaniel Smith was walking along the 800 block of Belvedere Avenue near Belvedere Square when he was hit by a car. Several hours later, a different vehicle collided with two pedestrians in Charles Village, near 34th Street and St. Paul Avenue. Read More →


Brick Bodies Set to Stretch Out in Belvedere Square With Yoga, Barre Studio

0 Written by: | Thursday, May 05, 2016 2:41pm

belvedere_square_0Belvedere Square is about to get a new spot for yoga from a familiar fitness name. Read More →

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Molling Displays Talent, Passion & Giving in Art & Service

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Boys’ Latin and Sofi’s Crepes Support UnCUFFED

Yesterday evening, March 8th, the Boys’ Latin art department hosted a middle school art show at Sofi’s Crepes in Belvedere Square. Read More →

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Guess Which Are Baltimore’s Most-Walkable Neighborhoods

1 Written by: | Thursday, Apr 09, 2015 9:57am

Photo by Graham Coriel-Allen via Flickr

Photo by Graham Coriel-Allen via Flickr

Did you walk to work/school/the store today? If so, then you were part of the proof that Baltimore’s a decently walkable city… in certain parts of town, at least. Read More →

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Displays and Gifts Offer All Treat, No Tricks at Dutch Floral Garden

0 Written by: | Friday, Oct 24, 2014 1:30pm

As Halloween nears and we feel the change of seasons, Dutch Floral Garden in Belvedere Square gets into the spirit with seasonal decor and gifts to get you ready to fall into fall!

Botanical sculpture is an art.  The careful combination of colors, textures and contrasting materials adds visual interest to a centerpiece, entry table, or any large room that beckons a focal point.


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Atwater’s Celebrates 15 Years in Business With a Thank You

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Today Atwater’s celebrates 15 years in business with a Thank You to their loyal customers. Fifteen percent off all purchases will be extended at all locations throughout the city, and if you haven’t noticed, they’ve expanded, now in Belvedere Square, Falls Rd, Kenilworth, Catonsville and Canton!  Click Here for locations details.

Special Hint:  Certain Holiday coming up?  Order your items today like chicken soup w/matzoh balls, sweet noodle kugel, challah, and more…and save that 15 percent.  Seriously.


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Dutch Floral Garden: Beautiful Flowers and Gorgeous Gifts, too

1 Written by: | Friday, Dec 06, 2013 12:30pm

Everyone knows Dutch Floral Garden has the best floral arrangements in town, but that’s not all the Belvedere Square florist (it’s more like a floral boutique, no?) has to offer. Owner Paula Dobbe-Maher shops New York and Paris gift shows to find a beautiful selection of gifts, too, and with Paula’s exquisite taste you can be certain they are sure winners. See for yourself, below!


Beautiful painted lacquer trays.


 Ornaments and bobbles of glass, wire and wood.


Boards and bowls of mango wood with cleaning oils to keep the gorgeous finish. Read More →


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