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Obama Chooses Baltimore County for His First Visit to a Mosque

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President Obama

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama is scheduled to stop by the Islamic Society of Baltimore in Catonsville. It will be the first time he’s made an official visit to a mosque since he became president. Read More →

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Meet Former Catonsville Student John Wilkes Booth

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John Wilkes Booth

Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago this morning, after being shot by Confederate sympathizer, actor, and former student in Catonsville, John Wilkes Booth. Read More →

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Best Friends from Catonsville to Star in a Reality Show with New Kids on the Block

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Best Friends from Catonsville on TV with New Kids on the Block

The boat that, presumably, is rocked in the course of the show.

The first piece of information I want to relate to you is that Angie Johnson and Angie Kennard (both Mount de Sales Academy, class of ’93) “have been going on cruises with [New Kids on the Block] for the past six years.” So, going on a cruise with NKOTB is apparently a thing. And it’s been happening every year since 2009. Read More →

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Atwater’s Celebrates 15 Years in Business With a Thank You

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Today Atwater’s celebrates 15 years in business with a Thank You to their loyal customers. Fifteen percent off all purchases will be extended at all locations throughout the city, and if you haven’t noticed, they’ve expanded, now in Belvedere Square, Falls Rd, Kenilworth, Catonsville and Canton!  Click Here for locations details.

Special Hint:  Certain Holiday coming up?  Order your items today like chicken soup w/matzoh balls, sweet noodle kugel, challah, and more…and save that 15 percent.  Seriously.


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Baltimore Postal Worker Stole 20,000 Pieces of Mail

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Photo by J Gallagher via Flickr

Photo by J Gallagher via Flickr

Remember that Netflix DVD that never arrived, or that check that never showed up in your mailbox? It may well have been in the possession of Jeffrey Shipley, a Baltimore postal worker who’s been accused of stealing more than 20,000 pieces of mail over the past 20 years. Read More →

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Attn: Investors – Jon Constable LEED AP of Seawall Development Speaks at W.I.R.E.

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Surely you’ve heard of the development in Remington and have questions.  Is it a good time/place to invest?  How will it impact the community?  Now’s your chance to hear it from horse’s mouth.  Rare opportunity to chat with Jon Constable.


The Women Investors of Real Estate Group is a premier real estate educational and networking resource for women. It was founded to become a valuable resource to educate and aid women in a greater understanding of investing in Residential and Commercial real estate.


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Grenade Prompts Evacuation of Catonsville Apartment Building

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Don’t want to hurt anyone but love to cause a needless stir? Try leaving things that look explosive — but aren’t — in public view. Read More →

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Subway Tests New Fake Meat Sandwiches on Baltimore

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I’ve been a vegetarian for around a decade and a half now, and during that time I’ve probably eaten at a Subway fewer times than I can count on one hand. Every time, it’s the same:  I’ll get tempted by the wafting smell of fresh-baked bread (do they pump that scent through the vents on purpose?!),  then remember that the Veggie Delight sub is 80% limp iceberg lettuce.

But, my vegetarian/vegan/adventurous-palated brethren, weep now longer: Subway has decided to try and corner the vegan corner of the fast food market, and they’re testing their new fake-meat offerings in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. So if you’re ethically opposed to eating animals but your mouth still waters at the idea of a Sweet Riblet on Roasted Garlic Bread, you’re in luck.

The three new vegan options — the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek, and the Italian Black Bean sub — are so far available only at a few test locations (listed below). DCist ventured out for a sample, and has both positive (“I had no problem wolfing down” the Sweet Riblet) and negative (“the ribs emerge from a vacuum-sealed pouch that’s quickly microwaved before being unceremoniously plopped on your choice of bread”) things to say. We’re reserving our judgment until we get a taste of our own.
Read More →

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Recreational Residential Real Estalking

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1703 Frederick Road, Catonsville

$ 650,000

5 br/3 ba


I love the way that old stone houses flaunt their history and quality, and this 1930 Catonsville beauty is no exception. The home’s classic proportions, period details and attentive landscaping make for some serious curb appeal. Inside the charm continues: original pocket doors, lovely hardwood floors and built-ins galore. But what about that kitchen? Is it “rustic dream” or “tacky theme”? And the bathrooms? Do those fake brass accents (never a great choice) need to go? The good news is it’s well-priced for such a large house. Maybe the new owners will have some extra change to play with? Visualize: Researching period architecture at the local library, this house is worth it.


5017 Wetheredsville Road, Dickeyville


4br/4 ba


Despite the unfortunate name, I’m kind of crushing on Dickeyville these days. Described in a recent Baltimore Fishbowl Hot House column, the neighborhood is a little known and ridiculously charming historic village…inside the beltway. Fascinating. The “charming” thing is well covered here: the porch, the shutters, the brick chimney are all so darling, the old “red front door” trick seems almost gratuitous. Adding to the home’s appeal is its livable layout; it’s hard to beat four bedrooms and four baths. All this comes with views of the Gwynns Falls Park for less than $300,000? Go look. This might just be an urban legend. Visualize: Working on your MICA continuing studies homework on that back patio.

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Recreational Residential Real Estalking

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Are you in market for a new home? Are you thinking of selling your house and need some price comparisons? Are you a house obsessed lookey-loo? Well, grab a Starbucks and power up the GPS. We have your Sunday afternoon covered with our picks of the best open houses this week.


403 Forest Lane


3 br/2.5 ba

This Catonsville Cape Cod oozes small town Norman Rockwell-charm. But is it too saccharine-y sweet? A peek inside reveals an addiction to Ballard Design. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The fundamentals are tasteful and the house appears to be lovingly cared for. A perfect candidate for a make-under. Visualize: Your little angel pulling his or her Radio Flyer along the front sidewalk.


4961 Valley View Overlook


5 br/6 ba

Want to know what’s new in the world of “bonus rooms,” “soaking tubs” and “double-height walls of windows?” Well, this Ellicott City giant is poised to educate. Weighing in at 6,600 square feet it has “too many upgrades to list” including “dual curved oak staircases in grand entrance foyer.” Certainly not for everyone but fun to see. “The Real Housewives” of real estate. Visualize: Parking your Escalade in the 3-car garage.


314 Taplow Road


5br/4.5 ba

The interior and exterior juxtaposition of this homey Homeland house leaves me curious and confused. The Hansel & Gretel exterior looks like it hasn’t been touched since the day it was built (maybe even a little dilapidated?), yet the interior is Reno, Nevada-townhouse new! Hmmm? Best to go look. Visualize: Swiffering all that hardwood that would look so much better stained a rich dark brown.



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