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JHU Frat & Sororities Get Dirty in the Dell

0 Written by: | Thursday, Apr 03, 2014 9:30am

IMG_1191Last weekend JHU community volunteers dug in to a large planting project sponsored by the Friends of Wyman Park Dell.  It was is part of the implementation of a master plan prepared by Mahan Rykiel, a Wyman Park landscape architect. Many others who care about wildlife and landscaping contributed to the effort. Duncan Stuart, a certified arborist, contributed many volunteer hours removing invasive species, in order to prepare the way for Saturday’s massive planting.  Brenton Landscape Architecture prepared the detailed landscape plan. A highlight of the landscape plan? Seventeen dogwood trees that now edge the southern rim of the dell.  Eighty-seven native shrubs and trees were planted on the forested slopes of the dell.  IMG_1192

Plant materials included spicebush, arrowood, winterberry, low bush blueberry, chokeberry, shadbush, and the previously mentioned dogwood.  The planting of some of the specified woody shrubs and trees has been deferred until later in the season.  Brenton Landscape Architecture’s design for the dell also includes 2,000 perennials and ferns.  The landscapers anticipate that the perennials and ferns will be installed in the fall of 2014.

Replacing exotic invasive plant species with natives, greatly enhances habitat value for birds and other charismatic wildlife, which is especially important at this time of radical climate change and loss of wildlife diversity.  Approximately 50 fraternity and sorority members from Johns Hopkins showed up in good spirits on the rainy Saturday morning to assist with the planting.  Given the weekend weather, watering of the plant materials, at time of installation was not of great concern.  Friends of Wyman Park Dell will be looking for volunteers for the summer and fall to maintain the new plantings, and for future installations.  Please contact them at  if you’d like to lend a hand.


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XIX: An Experimental Fashion Event

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catch of the day fish (2)We absolutely loved this event last year, so we’ll be sure to there with bells (and a variety of other non-traditional fibers) on this weekend for the 2104 version. Each spring, MICA showcases some of the most inventive and thought-provoking designs in fashion during two events: their annual experimental fashion event, and a benefit fashion show. Both events push the boundaries of fashion with truly unique use of fiber and textiles, supplemented by additional media, which allow designers to craft imaginative, original and distinctive artistic creations. Sure, you might not be taking any of these pieces home for daily wear—but the creativity of these young designers is pretty mind blowing—really pushing the envelope in terms of what falls under the heading “fashion.” Read More →

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Snow Day Genius: Baltimore Restaurant Delivers the Customer to the Food

0 Written by: | Friday, Feb 14, 2014 10:07am

Photo via Pete's Grille Facebook page

Photo via Pete’s Grille Facebook page

I knew Pete’s Grille was amazing when I heard that Michael Phelps ate there many mornings during his training for the Olympics. But yesterday, my favorite Waverly breakfast spot made me love it more than ever… by offering to pick up hungry neighbors and drive them to the restaurant. You know, like delivery — but in reverse!
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Johns Hopkins Frat Makes Amazing Wolf of Wall Street Parody Video

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via Vimeo.

It’s amazing to see what college students can do when they put their mind to it. No, I don’t mean lab research or term papers; I mean the amazing frame-for-frame recreation one Hopkins frat made of the Wolf of Wall Street trailer. It was the most popular story on Business Insider yesterday — probably because it’s really, really good.
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Jen DuMars Shows a Side of Charles Village You May Have Never Noticed

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Photo by Jen DuMars, via The Atlantic Cities

Photo by Jen DuMars, via The Atlantic Cities

Jen DuMars’s photo diary of Charles Village and surrounding neighborhoods was featured recently on The Atlantic Cities. The magazine found her beautiful, understated photographs “intimate” and felt they conveyed “an up-close and comfortable sense of what it’s like to actually be there.”

Commenters tended to disagree. One found it “a shame” that the collection of photographs — which did not shy from featuring less-than-stunning row homes and images of decay — failed to “capture the essence of the neighborhood.” Another felt impelled to informed readers that “Charles Village does not look like this, but quite the opposite.”

One issue is that The Atlantic Cities implied that every single photo in DuMars’s “Urban Diary” is from Charles Village, whereas several are actually from Station North or other neighborhoods. Read More →

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It’s the Craft Mafia’s Holiday Heap!

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 1:00pm

Holiday Heap

catch of the day fish (2)Oh, we so, so, so love the Charm City Craft Mafia’s annual Holiday Heap. We go every year, expecting to get a good portion of our gift shopping done, since there are treasures galore, and it’s all the super unique, handmade stuff that you won’t find anywhere else. But what we didn’t expect this year was that they would have read our minds. See, last year, we went to the Heap, because we always do. But honestly, it was so crowded with other handmade-gift-enthusiasts that it was kind of hard to shop. Plus, with handmade wares, it’s nice to actually be able to talk to the artisan, find out some of the background and be generally, you know, relaxed about things. Well, this year, for a mere $15, you can purchase a ticket to their Early Bird shopping Extravaganza! No crowds, more elbow room, more schmoozing. Yes. Read More →

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How Johns Hopkins’ Plans to Take Over North-Central Baltimore Are Going

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money hand

We’ve reported before on Johns Hopkins’ $10 million plan to infiltrate – I mean, improve! — the area around its Homewood campus. Well, $2 million has already been spent so far in the program’s first year; here’s where it went:
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One Day Only Print and Merch Sale from Post Typography

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Post Typography

catch of the day fish (2)Baltimore is full of great art galleries and museums, but simply walking into the coffee shop usually affords quite a bit of eye candy as well. Bulletin boards and telephone poles regularly showcase illustrations and graphic design by some of our finest local artists with stunning posters advertising the concerts, events, and festivals that make Baltimore such a great place to live. Well, Post Typography are the folks we have to thank for some of the flat out coolest designs in town, and on December 7th, they’re opening their studio for a one-day-only sale of prints and merchandise—perfect for anyone looking for unique, super-cool (and totally affordable) gifts. Read More →

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Baltimore Is About to Get Rid of the Wrong Ugly Man-Shaped Statue

10 Written by: | Friday, Nov 22, 2013 9:30am

Photo by Baltimore Gal

Photo by Baltimore Gal

Need more proof that Baltimore doesn’t always have its priorities straight? Consider the case of Charlie. He’s just your average guy who enjoys hanging out in the middle of a Charles Village traffic circle and occasionally gets in trouble with the Baltimore Police. Okay, sure, he’s not real exactly, but that doesn’t mean his feelings can’t get hurt!
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Johns Hopkins Gets a Huge, Cool New Sculpture

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Oct 02, 2013 10:44am

Photo by Will Kirk, via

Photo by Will Kirk, via

Meet Johns Hopkins’ newest (and hotly anticipated) resident: she’s 5’7″, born in 1969, likes lying down — oh, did I mention that she’s also a bronze sculptor by famed Abstract Expressionist Willem de Kooning?
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