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Knife and Fish Cooking Classes at Pierpoint Restaurant

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Cooking Classes

catch of the day fish (2)Confession time. We are avid watchers of all those competitive cooking shows. Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, you name it. And it’s not just because of the mouth watering offerings that contestants come up with. It’s also because whether they’re seasoned professional chefs or just obsessive amateurs, every contestant knows more about food and technique than we thought there was to know. And thanks to chef Nancy Longo at Pierpoint Restaurant, some of these sought after skills can be yours when you sign up for one of Pierpoint’s awesome cooking classes. Read More →

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Summer Vacation, 2014: Buddhists of Boulder

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“Do you want to meet Chris?” asked Emma after dinner our first night in Boulder, Colorado. “He’s working at a restaurant on the Pearl Street mall.”

“Umm….” said Chris uncertainly when she called him to check. “Isn’t kind of soon for me to meet your family?”

“It’s not my real family,” Emma assured him, in case he was picturing Bubbe and Zeyde from Pikesville, Mamaleh and Aunt Monica in tow. “It’s my ex-stepmother and my fourteen-year-old half-sister.”

While it’s hard to know exactly what the ex-stepmother relationship should consist of seven years post-breakup, I miss Emma and her brother Sam, and making a visit with their little sister seemed like a good idea. I tried to get their grandmother (my ex-mother-in-law) to come too, but she eluded me with some crap about being almost 90 and recently recovered from a bout with colon cancer.

Emma, 26, just got her masters from Naropa. She is a Buddhist-Jewish chaplain, a Bujew, as they say. Sam, 23, graduated from the University of Colorado in Environmental Studies. Since Boulder is America’s number one city for both Buddhism and the environment, neither seems inclined to leave. 

It’s also the capital of microbreweries, recycling, gluten-free cuisine, hiking, biking, clean air and legal marijuana. “Nestled between the mountains and reality,” its tourist board proclaims.   Read More →

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House of the Day: Writer’s Retreat, One Bedroom With Park Views, On University Parkway

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501 University Parkway West, Baltimore
1 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
840 square feet
501 University Parkway West
501 University Parkway West
501 University Parkway West

501 University Parkway West Read More →

Catch of the Day, Mt. Vernon

The Campbell Dance Experience at Theatre Project

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Campbell Dance

catch of the day fish (2)Even for those of us who consider ourselves real culture vultures, I’m gonna bet that most of us just don’t see that much dance on the regular. We may go to plays, films, concerts and lectures, but for many, dance can be a little less on our radar. Even if we like to go out dancing, or take dance classes (Zumba, anyone?) when we think of watching dance performance, many times, our only point of reference is The Nutcracker. Luckily, you can change all that this Friday, with a special, one-night only performance at Theatre Project from The Campbell Dance Experience– some of the most remarkable contemporary dance that the city has to offer. Read More →

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House Hunting Fantasy: A Three-Bedroom Maisonette In London, Where House Prices Rise By The Day

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Hot House: 132 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 


Four story maisonette* in stucco terraced house with balcony and elevator. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths over 2,057 sq. ft. Private front entrance, large ground floor kitchen and dining room, upstairs living room with floor to ceiling windows, office. Three bedrooms upstairs, top floor master has en suite bath and dressing room: £3,400,000 ($5,684,307)

What: At the end of August , there’s not much going on in the Baltimore real estate market. But never mind, we’ve found a perfect second home in Notting Hill, everyone’s favorite London neighborhood . A spacious three bedroom, it has a ground floor entrance hall, with a big sunny kitchen and separate dining room –(also a half bath, under the stairs).  Second floor  “reception” is a beautiful room, at once modern and traditional, with period moldings, built-in shelves and huge windows overlooking balcony and street. There’s a separate, smaller office/family room at the back. Upstairs, two nice sized bedrooms and full modern bath. Top floor master is luxurious. If you can’t be in Baltimore, it’s a nice option. Read More →

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House of the Day: Craftsman Bungalow In Radnor Winston, Roland Park Schools

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5102 Norwood Road, Radnor Winston
4 bedroom(s), 2 bathroom(s)
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
5102 Norwood Road
Well-loved, classic 4 BR Craftsman’s Cottage w/covered front porch on great block in one of Baltimore’s favorite neighborhoods! Front hall opens into formal living room. Eat-in country kitchen w/pantry area. New roof (2011) & replaced sewer line. Ready for some updates but priced accordingly. Neighborhood borders on campuses of Loyola & Notre Dame Universities. Roland Park school district.
See This Property »


Catch of the Day

Get Reading with One Maryland One Book

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Reading with One Maryland One Book

catch of the day fish (2)You know that feeling that permeated the city when the Ravens won the Super Bowl? How everywhere you went, people had something to talk to each other about? We’d all shared the collective experience of seeing our birds make it all the way there, and then triumph in that last quarter. And so whether at the coffee shop or on the street or at the bank, we had an easy in for a conversation with a stranger. Our shared pride connected us and made made the city feel small. That’s kind of the idea behind One Maryland One Book– except instead of a focus on Ray Lewis, it’s on author Reyna Grande. And instead of gathering around our TVs eating 7-layer dip, we’re gathering around library tables to discuss a fascinating piece of contemporary literature: Grande’s The Distance Between Us. So yeah, it’s a little different from the whole Super Bowl thing, but the idea of uniting the whole state in this way is something we’re thrilled to get behind. Read More →

House of the Day

House of the Day: Gracious 5-Bedroom Home on Dead End Street

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1407 Walnut Hill Lane, Towson
5 bedroom(s), 6 bathroom(s)
5,148 square feet
1407 Walnut Hill Lane
1407 Walnut Hill Lane

1407 Walnut Hill Lane Read More →

Catch of the Day

Learn to Can Your Own Food with preZerve

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Canned Food

catch of the day fish (2)The time was, almost everyone canned or otherwise preserved their own food at some point each year. We grew tons of edibles and harvested them. And a bumper crop meant that we could continue to have tomatoes or green beans or strawberries year round– all it took was a little know how and dedication. At this point, many of us weren’t taught to can growing up, but with more and more city-dwellers planting their own gardens and participating in urban farming, there’s no reason we should be letting summer’s bounty run out any time soon. And thanks to the ladies at preZerve, you can learn all the tricks and tips of days gone by.

PreZerve is proud to bring the art of canning back to the communal table. They can teach you everything you need to be able to can your own food and nourish your loved ones with food you know well – no mystery ingredients – while simultaneously choosing a more stable, environmentally responsible food system. Yes! We can certainly get behind that. PreZerve is happy to meet in your kitchen or theirs. You can host a canning party or show up to one of their pop-up style workshops around town. The next one focuses on tomato canning (perfect timing, are we right?) and is in conjunction with Slow Food Baltimore on August 30th at 1:00 PM at a beautiful home in Mt. Washington (address will be provided upon registration). They’ll provide everything you need, and you’ll come away with a whole jar of summer to store away for winter.

PreZerve hosts a variety of canning workshops throughout Baltimore. For more information, visit


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It’s Shark Week: Appreciating and Fearing the Great White

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This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you. 

It’s been Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I hope all you shark lovers (and who isn’t, especially when viewed from the safety of your couch?) have been raising your goblet of rock. The creatures are television gold, and so popular there have been numerous retail tie-ins including ice cream flavors at Cold Stone, the favorite of my son, 9. Of course his favorite shark is the Great White. Second favorite shark? The mako. Third favorite? The basking. Distant last favorite: the whale shark.

My daughter, 7, says she wishes there were such a thing as a pink cupcake shark with sparkles, because, if there were, that would be her favorite. Failing the evolution of such an animal (Dare to dream? There is a Pink Amazonian River Dolphin, after all), she says her favorite shark is also the Great White.

The Great White is everyone’s favorite sea-scare. My what great big teeth you have!  Who hasn’t had a spine tingle while swimming in the waters off Ocean City, thinking as you paddle, what if? What if you saw a cresting ominous fin? Here’s what happened when Woods Hole Oceanographic scientists caught a Great White on film: the thing attacked their camera.

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