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House of the Day: Canton Townhouse

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709 Van Lill Street, Canton
3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)
709 Van Lill Street
709 Van Lill Street
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Catch of the Day, Towson

Sunday Brunch at Cunningham’s

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Brunch at Cunningham's

catch of the day fish (2)Boy do we feel late to this party. For years we’ve been lamenting Baltimore’s less-than-overwhelming selection of brunch options. Yes, there are the old standbys: Miss Shirley’s, and, um, Miss Shirley’s. But in all seriousness, even with the sudden boom of new restaurants that have opened in the last couple years (including Johnny’s Downstairs, which we have to give major props to for their scrumptious comfort food brunches), a weekend morning just doesn’t offer the range of plate-filling, sweet and savory options that we’re looking for. So when we were finally made deliciously aware of Cunningham’s Sunday brunches, we were happy to add them to our list of go-tos. Read More →

Lifeline, That Nature Show

That Nature Show: The Song of the Cicadas

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This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

The soundtrack of late summer is the call of the cicada. It is such a bittersweet sound, signaling Back-to-School shopping and the end of seemingly endless days dockside or pool side sipping drinks served in coconuts in which umbrellas have been placed by men in shorts. Oh, sadness.

Late summer is the season of voluptuous anxiety. When the days are still warm, and the apples still-ripening on the apple trees, but the cicadas cry like little buggy sentinels for us to make plans for whose house we’re going for Thanksgiving. Read More →

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House of the Day: Custom Post and Beam in Reisterstown

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 4:27pm

4406 Piney Grove Road, Reisterstown
4 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
3,608 square feet
4406 Piney Grove Road
4406 Piney Grove Road
4406 Piney Grove Road Read More →

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Beverage and the Beach

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We are at the beach. It is my best time. It’s a time for arguing over departure times for half an hour before any move is made toward the door. It’s a time for too many cooks in the kitchen, a dozen (or two dozen) people at the table, endless chips and salsa, discussions of gluten allergies, paddleboard surfing, and when the looming storm will dissipate. It’s time for glasses of cold things, beer and interesting cocktails discovered in newspapers and wine constantly opened and served in whatever glasses are available.

Mostly at the beach we drink coffee, and water, and collectively as a massive family unit we seem to strive to invent better, different, and more efficient ways to carry those on and into our person. The water was in bottles first, then frozen bottles, then pouches to reuse. The coffee was in a pot used again and again in the mornings, and I usually arrived just as the first pot had baked long enough to taste more like it came from the corner diner than the boutique coffee shop. As the caffeinators grew in number, the coffee pot was left in the dust of a dozen teenagers and twenty-somethings and grown-ups clattering their empty mugs on the counter every morning, stumbling through a whirr of bleary-eyed muttering and spitting. One of those instant, brew-a-cup machines took its place and though the coffee is mediocre, and the method confounding, it has saved our mornings. The early risers rebounded conversationally to political debate and literary philosophy around the breakfast table.  

The first summer I worked at the wine shop, I decided I was in charge of providing libations to the masses at the Jersey Shore for our annual gathering of Callahans. I recall selecting bottles, a case, each one something both functional and interesting to talk about. Vinho Verde, for sure, some tasty Italian reds I was drinking plenty of myself, some inexpensive and not-Chardonnay whites for my ABC Aunt (that is, Anything But Chardonnay). I remember an afternoon with that aunt the previous year, nibbling nuts and cheese on the porch with a glass of cold Pinot Grigio thinking, “Is it five o’clock? Can I do this?” I wondered if, in fact, this was my destiny. This is GREAT, I thought.  

The following summer I pulled up to the beach house with five cases of wine in my car. Callahans don’t play. 

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Catch of the Day, Little Italy

Little Italy’s Open Air Film Fest

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Film Fest

catch of the day fish (2)You’ve got to hand it to the folks who invented pizza and pasta—they know what makes a good time and what makes a party. Just as a traditional Italian meal includes course upon course of meticulously crafted food, Little Italy’s summer outdoor film series offers so much more than just the chance to plop down for a flick. In Little Italy, the evening begins with a stroll through the neighborhood and (if you’re smart) a movie night dinner special at one of its amazing restaurants. Many even offer carryout for the occasion. Then there’s live music at 7pm and a film at 9. So we can easily guarantee you’ll be full by the time you head home. Read More →

Catch of the Day

Art to Dine For 2014 from the Creative Alliance

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Art to Dine For

catch of the day fish (2)This is how you know that fall is almost here. The Creative Alliance has released this year’s amazing line-up of Art to Dine For events. And we’re helping spread the word nice and early so you can get first dibs at tickets for some of the most unique and fun cultural offerings coming our way. If you’re not familiar with Art to Dine For, it’s the annual series hosted by the Creative Alliance, but taking place at homes and venues across the city and well beyond. Each event in the series features an incredible combination of arts & culture and epicurean delights in an unusual setting. Each event is totally different from the last, so you can select based on your tastes—both gustatory and aesthetic. Read More →

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Cleavage, Cleavage, Cleavage

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Photo via Wikipedia.  Yes, cleavage has its own Wiki page.

My bosom, which played a solid supporting role in the long-running dramas of mating and motherhood, is in genteel retirement these days, appearing mainly as visual balance for the ever-swelling regions below my waist. Actually, my boobs, too, seem to be getting bigger and bigger, in inverse proportion to their practical usefulness. My rapid and seemingly inevitable expansion recalls the plight of Violet Beauregarde at the end of her visit to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Perhaps the Oompa Loompas can do something for me, since the South Beach Diet and apparently can’t.

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Kitsch At The Beach: Waterfront House, Crazy Decor, Glass Elevator To All Floors

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Hot House: 4201 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842



Single-style waterfront beach house, wood frame with cedar shakes on concrete foundation, circa 2000. Six bedrooms, 4.5 baths over three stories and 5,910 square feet. Gourmet kitchen with s/s appliances, top floor luxury master bedroom suite, hot tub/spa, gas fireplace, elevator. Wrap-around porch with ocean views, patios, central a/c, two car garage, outdoor shower: $3,990,000 Read More →

Catch of the Day

Restaurant Week Starts on Friday

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Restaurant week

It’s restaurant week again. Yesssssssss. That means a whole ten days of excuses to try places we’ve never been and to do it up at our usual haunts. And thankfully, in Restaurant Week world, a week is ten days long— and we’re definitely not complaining. There are so, so, so many participating restaurants this year; and they’re literally all over the map. So we recommend getting a guide now and planning well for your ten days of eating. Tip: if you follow Restaurant Week on Facebook, you’ll be notified when new restaurants post their menus. Just saying. Read More →

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