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House of the Day: $12.5M “Stone Hall” – 78 Acres in the Worthington Valley

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13941 Cuba Road, Hunt Valley
7 bedroom(s), 8 bathroom(s)
13941 Cuba Road
13941 Cuba Road
13941 Cuba Road
13941 Cuba Road
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Catch of the Day

Breakfast With the Animals at the Maryland Zoo

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Breakfast Africa

catch of the day fish (2)When someone mentions that they’ll be down at the watering hole, you don’t generally assume it’s for breakfast. And you don’t generally assume that it’s an actual, literal watering hole. But the folks at the Maryland Zoo are real experts at getting us up close and personal with our fellow animals, and so toward that end they’re inviting you to August’s Breakfast with the Animals—at the zoo’s own African Watering Hole (you know, where the animals get their actual water). Join them early in the morning, before the zoo opens for an exclusive VIP experience dining al fresco face to face with rhinos, ostrich and zebras as they feast on their morning meal themselves. Of course, your menu will be somewhat different than theirs—probably heavier on the French toast and lighter on the shrubbery. But probably that’s best for everyone. Read More →

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Christmas in July

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I have taken to eating every meal I can out in our garden.  This morning the chairs and benches were too wet, so I sat on a dry brick step at the top of a covered porch.  By lunchtime everything was dry, so I sat in a wooden chair to eat and look around.

With all of the rain this year the oakleaf hydrangeas, planted last year, have taken off.


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That Nature Show

That Nature Show: Want to ID That Bird in The Tree? There’s an app for That

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red shouldered hawk

The red shouldered hawk.

This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

I wish I could bake. My grandmother could bake. She could also sew. Have I told you about she sewed my prom dress in a weekend? It was a fetching pink chiffon off-the-shoulder number. I don’t want to date myself, but back then, the movie Pretty In Pink was of the moment.

I don’t have a lot in common with my grandmother being myself a defroster of food and a purchaser of clothes, but what I have inherited is her twitcher-ness. A “twitcher” is unkind British slang for a birdwatcher, but I fondly remember my grandmother staring out the kitchen window looking all goggle-eyed at a nesting nuthatch, so I say, Twitchers Unite. Let’s talk binoculars.  Let’s talk squirrel-proof feeders. Read More →

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A Story of Betrayal

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broken egg heart

A devoted mom’s inexplicable behavior leaves her family and her friends wondering what went wrong, and how to react.

“My mom saw your mom in the grocery store,” my daughter announced to a neighborhood friend, a girl about her age whose family ours has known for years. The comment seemed innocuous enough.

Without hesitation, the girl retorted: “Did your mom say hi to her? Because nobody says hi to my mom anymore.”

The words carried in them the stinging truth, as only the young can deliver. For days afterward, they buzzed in my head like a fly I wanted to swat away but couldn’t. In those few, choice words, the young girl had summed up a side of the story that no one had bothered to tell.

But first, the other side of the story. Read More →

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House of the Day

House of the Day: Calvert Street Townhouse

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1221 Calvert Street North, Midtown Belvedere
5 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s)
1221 Calvert Street North
1221 Calvert Street North
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Catch of the Day, Mt. Vernon

Bread Baking Skill Supper at Dooby’s

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Note: Since the posting of this article, we have learned that this event has been postponed. Stay tuned for a new date!

Skill Supper Baking

catch of the day fish (2)Fresh baked bread. Nothing beats it. The smell, the taste, the sound of a thick crust as you bite into it, and the soft, squishy insides that just melt in your mouth right afterward. Plus, there’s the whole ritual and process that goes into crafting such a creation. The fermenting. The kneading. The waiting. The punching (dough—not people). The kneading (again). The baking. It can take all day, or not, depending on your style and how dedicated you are to exactly replicating ancient techniques. But undeniably, it’s a process well worth the time and effort—and definitely worth taking the time to learn to do well. This is especially true if the learning comes with an amazing specialty dinner and instruction from local pros. Read More →


Artscape 2014

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Don't Standardize!

House of the Day

House of the Day: Turn of the Century Colonial in Owings Mills

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309 Chattolanee Hill Road, Owings Mills
5 bedroom(s), 5 bathroom(s)
309 Chattolanee Hill Road
309 Chattolanee Hill Road
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Catch of the Day, Fells Point

Fells Point Cardboard Tube Fighting Tournament

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catch of the day fish (2)So, we thought we should let you know about this weekend’s Cardboard Tube Fighting Tournament. Just your regular old Sunday afternoon activity, right? Sure, you probably get your cardboard tube battle in regularly, but it’s not everyday there’s a full-on tournament. Oh, and just in case your usual cardboard tube is in the shop, they’ll be happy to provide you one on site. So there’s really no excuse not to come and battle your heart out. To be honest, we’re not exactly sure how one decides who wins in a cardboard tube battle. First one to draw blood from a paper cut? Hard to say. But whether you want to throw down or just ogle, the rest of the city’s cardboard enthusiasts will surely be happy to see you at the square on Sunday. Read More →

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