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Civic Works’ Urban Farm Food Fair This Saturday

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Urban Farm Fair

catch of the day fish (2)It truly is harvest time here in Maryland, and thanks to the amazing work of local gardeners and urban farmers, that’s just as evident in the heart of the city as it is out in the rolling countryside. There’s so much food being grown and harvested right here in Baltimore that it kind of blows our minds, actually. Almost every local urban farm is always happy for volunteers and to provide folks with information and education about growing your own food, organic farming, and nutritious, seasonal eating. And nowhere is that more apparent than at the Real Food Farm’s annual Urban Farm & Food Fair– an outright celebration of all things urban farming. Read More →

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House of the Day: Chic Townhouse in Butcher’s Hill

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2219 Lombard Street East, Butcher’s Hill
3 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
3,173 square feet
2219 Lombard Street East
2219 Lombard Street East
2219 Lombard Street East Read More →

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Urban Farm Volunteer Day at Cherry Hill Urban Garden

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Volunteer Day

catch of the day fish (2)Alright. Summer is almost over (sorry) and we know that some of you haven’t gotten your hands in the soil enough this season. Now, we’re not blaming anyone. We know that a trip to  Ocean City or Bethany Beach often trumps the desire to stay home for the weekend and weed the zucchini plants. And that’s especially true when we have access to such amazing farmers markets. Why grow your own when there are so many local folks who do it so well for you, right? Sure. But, this Saturday we’re encouraging you to get out to Cherry Hill Urban Garden and lend a hand– both for the garden’s benefit, of course, and your own. Read More →

Lifeline, That Nature Show

The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The monarch butterfly. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you. 

The lovely orange-and-black monarch butterflies have begun their fall migration to Mexico. It takes them about two months.  They ride cold fronts, soaring on currents. As it does for birds, soaring saves the butterflies the energy they would expend flapping their wings.

They often traveling 20-30 miles per hour, covering 80 miles a day. Think about that. A flimsy little thing like a butterfly flies for two months straight with speed and intention. What excuse do you, a large strong mammal, have for not getting things done? Like, oh, for instance, not pressing your children’s school uniforms to a crease?

From Maryland they fly in pairs or small groups. Look for them. As they journey south the groups grow larger. One of the five so-called “Super Stops” for migrating monarchs is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. At Black Walnut Point on Tilghman Island, Maryland, the innkeepers at Black Walnut Inn have planted an acre of chrysanthemums to attract hundreds of monarch butterflies each fall. The butterflies need to refuel on nectar. Their favorite food is milkweed. And it is on milkweed that monarchs lay their eggs. You get the idea: milkweed is vitally important to the species for growing and reproducing. Read More →

House of the Day

House of the Day: Renovated Townhouse in Belvedere

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824 Belvedere Avenue East, Chinquapin Park – Belvedere
4 bedroom(s), 5 bathroom(s)
2,600 square feet
824 Belvedere Avenue East
824 Belvedere Avenue East
824 Belvedere Avenue East Read More →

Catch of the Day

Herbal Beauty Products from Priya Means Love

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Beauty Products

catch of the day fish (2)One of the great things about our job here at Catch of the Day is getting to sing the praises of Baltimore’s many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Not many other places can boast being such fertile ground for those who want to create their own business and pursue their wildest creative impulses. So when Baltimore successfully sprouts something amazing, it feels like a win for the whole city– and of course it is, because we get to benefit first. Such is the case with Priya Means Love– a complete line of carefully considered organic beauty products handcrafted by Priya Narasimhanin in her own Baltimore home workshop. Read More →

Food & Drink, Wine School

Burgundy: The Subtle Wine

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The baby, who has learned at last to fall asleep mostly on her own, who only takes a mere nine minutes of tossing to settle in versus her previous two hours of picking up and putting down, is now quiet and the crickets are composing outside. Something died behind the refrigerator in the kitchen, a mouse I think, and I am in no mood to deal with that so I go to the living room to read and write and sip on my glass of Tuscan wine instead. My husband is conducting a Burgundy tasting for some staff up the street and all is quiet for a little while.

The social media updates and posts and nonsense to which my phone constantly alerts me let me know that somebody I used to know well has published opinion articles regarding recent celebrity deaths, democrats, and the tragedy of Ferguson, Missouri. He writes that “#liberalswillruinthiscountry.” He uses his personal site to publicly decry the President, who is by all counts his boss. He is, in short, an unimaginative clanging gong, a loud and presumptive man whose voice is too loud for his intellect and whose opinions reflect not introspective reflection but whoever he hears the clearest, whatever extreme suits his current uniform. I am distressed by his blatancy, by the obviousness of his very existence. It is so crude.


My husband is at a Burgundy tasting. If there is one thing Burgundy isn’t, it’s overt. People who are sworn Pinot Noir drinkers shy away from the stuff; it is often too subtle, too high in acid, too loftily intellectual to drink too warm on a porch or from a stemless glass smeared with greasy fingerprints from the bag of potato chips it accompanies. Chardonnay drinkers expecting a dramatic, lactic, oaky syrup are instead introduced to Burgundy’s whiter side, a streamlined, often mineral-driven wine that may never have seen wood and instead showcases its power not in brawn but in its crystalline persistence.  Read More →


Baltimore Farmers’ Market

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Baltimore Farmers' Market

House of the Day, Real Estate, Home & Garden, Stoneleigh

House of the Day: An Elegant Brick Georgian, A Family House In Anneslie

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86 Dunkirk Road, Baltimore
5 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
86 Dunkirk Road
86 Dunkirk Road
86 Dunkirk Road Read More →

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Baltimore Bike Party

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Bike Party

catch of the day fish (2)Ain’t no party like a Baltimore Bike Party. Or is there? Only one way to find out. This Friday (and every last Friday of the month) you can hop on your favorite two-wheeled chariot and head down to join in the fun wherever it may lead. Each Bike Party starts at the same spot, but ends at a new location. One thing you can always be sure of is that it will always be a blast and there will always be plenty of partying to go around– that’s food, music, beer, food, and of course the enthusiastic company of your fellow cyclists.

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