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Countdown to Awesomeness- Apply by October 10th for Your Chance to Win $2,000

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Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.25.15 AM

Calling all dreamers. The Awesome Foundation is raising the bar and doubling our normal cash prize to $2,000 for a project that SCREAMS “awesome!” and makes Baltimore an even more awesome place just by existing. We want your wild schemes, your spectacular flights of fancy, your semi-deranged space-monkey rocket launches. We’re looking for Snark-hunters, white-whale stalkers, and King-Kong conquistadors. Something so explosive it’ll make the gunpowder plot look like a pop-gun, so off the wall it’ll bounce off the plaster like Tigger on crack, so far outside the box that right angles start to weep and cry for mercy.

Something like … Read More →

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When John Waters Got Arrested at Johns Hopkins

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Every interview with John Waters has the potential to be magnificent–the guy is just smart, funny, and forthright–but I have to say that this recent Q&A with Johns Hopkins’s Bret McCabe is one of the best.

McCabe gets Waters to spin some stories about hitchhiking (and picking up hitchhikers) in Baltimore:

The last time I saw one in Baltimore, I picked him up. It was the daytime on Eastern Avenue, and I was there innocently—Eastern Avenue didn’t used to be an innocent place to pick up hitchhikers, believe me. And he got in the car and immediately started huffing glue. And I said, “Just make yourself comfortable.” He offered me some. I said no—it wasn’t a Friday night, it was a Tuesday morning or something. If I’m going to huff glue in my 60s, it ain’t going to be on a weekday morning. It would have to be a really bad night, late.

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ON THE WALL: A Classically Warm Bedroom from Renaissance Fine Arts

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Two different viewpoints on a classically warm bedroom from our expert consultants that will inspire the way you look at art and the world around you.

The bedroom is the safe haven in a home where we spend most of our free time. Naturally, such a space should be adorned with not only beautiful decor, but also the perfect piece of art to help elevate the mood of the room.

I chose Pezhman’s “Boudoir II” for this classic space. The room has a quiet elegance that is reflected in this contemporary painting. The tall ceilings & ornate details of the space are complimented by the sinuousness and elegance of the piece. The warm palette of the room is contrasted by Pezhman’s infusion of cooler colors.



“Gullion”, Mixed Media on Wood, 50 x 40 in.

“Gullion”, Mixed Media on Wood, 50 x 40 in.

“Gullion” is the perfect piece for this space. The room is washed with calming neutrals and “Gullion” offers a splash of warm, bold color. The painting draws you to the most important aspect of the space, the bed, where we rest and dream. The artist has embellished the painting with tiny jewels and fragments of glass, which adds a sense of dimension and visual wonder. “Gullion” evokes a sense of tranquility and spirituality, inspiring you to relax and dream freely.  


Village of Cross Keys   410.484.8900

Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm  Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 12-4pm  Evenings: by appointment

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Starbright Farm…a destination, indeed

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The year was 1995. I was out of a job and waiting tables at Ladew Topiary Gardens. Not a bad gig. Not great tips…but I did learn to make a killer bloody mary. Fresh horseradish…that is the absolute best! So, there I am mid-20s, confused, bored…hadn’t found my niche yet. One day at Sunday brunch the most beautiful little family comes in…and since I was (and still am) a kid magnet, I bonded on the brick floor of that beautiful old carriage house (horse stalls and all) with the family’s two little boys. That was it…I was hired. I was their new babysitter. And twenty or so years later, here we are…still friends.

The boys’ mom, Helen, is a professional photographer and does amazing, amazing work. LOOK. The summer we met, I went to NYC with Helen and her older son Peter, who was 3 at the time a few times. While Helen was on photo shoots (she has worked for clients like Martha Stewart, Country Living, LL Bean, etc), Peter and I traipsed all over Manhattan, spending hours and hours in museums, Central Park and more. I LOVED THAT SUMMER. I got to know NYC, had a job I liked and got to spend a lot of time at the family’s 1850s farm house in White Hall, Starbright Farm. The farm is so beautiful and through Helen and Mark, her talented advertising pro husband, I discovered the music of Lyle Lovett, French press coffee and I learned to slow down and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. I had only lived in the city a few years and had grown up about 30 minutes south east of White Hall in Kingsville, another quaint, sleepy small town. So spending time at the farm seemed natural for me and I grew to love these people. They are good, hard working people. This was when I met two other hard working people, Drew and Joan Norman of One Straw Farm – Drew is Helen’s brother. So, I have Ladew to thank for bringing some great people into my life.

Now that Helen and Mark’s two sons are out of the house, their focus is now on turning their gorgeous old barn on the propery into a destination event space. They’ve already booked some weddings, photo shoots and more. It’s also a great space for parties, barn sales, corporate retreats and more.

starbright crab feast shoot

starbright collage

Check out their website and follow on Instagram to see the place. What they have created just 40 minutes north of the City is pretty amazing.



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‘Hon’ May Get Trademarked Again

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Hon hat

A Baltimore designer has applied for a trademark on a stylized rendering of the word hon, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Unlike when Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting applied for a trademark on the word, this applicant, identified as Thaddeus Stamps, seeks only to register a specific visual take on “hon.” The design features a lowercase h, an uppercase swashy O, and a lowercase n. The design is featured on hats sold by Defiant Apparel and Design. Read More →


Baltimore’s Burlesque Scene, Exposed and Transposed

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Kiki Allure, via Buzzfeed/

Kiki Allure, via Buzzfeed/

Burlesque may conjure visions of New Orleans’ Storyville and the Moulin Rouge, but Baltimore lays claim to a piece of burlesque history in its own right. Thanks to a group of young live performance lovers who are willing to put on their own shows and aren’t afraid to strut it, Baltimore still has plenty of burly today. Read More →

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Horseshoe Casino, Reviewed: Bets and Bars, Without the Free Drinks

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As that little skirmish on the first weekend indicated, a fighting stance belies the glitz of the Horseshoe Casino’s coming-out party.

The highway-side billboards for the Maryland Live! Casino in Arundel Mills advertise “Over $10 billion in payouts and counting,” a reminder that the two-year-old gaming complex was there first, and could be easily accessed on the way home.

At a time when Atlantic City casinos are folding and Horseshoe corporate parent Caeser’s has fewer chips to bet, the appeal of a competitor outside the gates is more necessary evil than welcome opportunity for brand synergy.

As such, the Horseshoe’s farriers have taken great pains to make sure wipe from the memory banks and any thought of the neighbor to the south. In fact, from the moment visitors walk safely under cover from the massive parking garage into the casino itself, a neverending stream of bright lights and loud noises wipe away all thoughts of the outside world. The bar doesn’t even close, so there’s no reason to leave.

That first moment entering the casino doesn’t seem designed to appeal to the old school riverboat gambler. Rather, the flash of fluorescent lights seems to be seeking the same disorienting burst of energy that makes children light up when they walk into Chuck-E-Cheese, or wherever the kids go to get silly with their parents’ money these days. At the Horseshoe entrance, however, there is a security guard checking IDs, and the lights shimmering above strive for a bit more elegance.


Elegant lights shine from above.

Striving for elegance at the Horseshoe Casino

The entrance spits patrons forth into a maze of slot machines and tables that form the main event for most casino-goers. After taking a couple of laps around the first floor, it became immediately clear that all of the shining, buzzing machines were the main attraction. The gambling takes up most of the center, with the exception of the 24-hour bar. Read More →

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Baltimore Book Festival Pages Inner Harbor

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Now that the Star-Spangled Spectacular has folded up, the Inner Harbor will have to buckle down and get its nose back in the books. The annual Baltimore Book Festival offers a new way to thumb through the city’s best-known destination from Sept. 26-28, boasting new programming for kids, more than 200 author appearances and…free samples! Read More →

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Thursday, September 18, 2014 – 7:00pm

Join us for a night of some snazzy lit by Free State Review Issue 4 contributors Jenny Keith, Timmy Reed and The Ivy Bookshop’s very own Kyle Solomon.


Jenny Keith’s fiction, poems, essays and reviews have appeared in City Paper, The Pearl, Swanee Theological Review, the Patuxent Review, and The Nebraska Review. Jenny lives in Baltimore where she collects estate tea, and plays bass guitar for Batworth Stone.

Timmy Reed is the author of the short story collection Tell God I Don’t Exist, and has a novel forthcoming from Dig That Book Co. The Marylander’s recent work has appeared in Akashic Books, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Everyday Genius, Atticus Review, and Necessary Fiction.

Kyle Solomon is a puzzle of sorts. The lifelong Baltimore native has yet to taste crab. Trying to make sense of this, he majored in Philosophy at Towson University. He subsequently applied his existentialism to running the light-board op/tech for a handful of shows with Run of the Mill Theater Company. His only other poem was published in The New Poet.


The Ivy Bookshop
6080 Falls Road

BaltimoreMD 21209

United States

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Book Club Pick From the Ivy Bookshop – Greenlands Book Club

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A little known fact: There are over 80 book clubs throughout the city of Baltimore (and beyond) that are registered with The Ivy Bookshop. Starting this week, Baltimore Fishbowl will feature a current read from a local book club that is currently registered with the Ivy. Lucky for us, their pics are noted online at Club Ivy.

This week’s pick from the Greenlands Book Club:


The Invention Of Wings (Hardcover)

Usually Ships in 1-5 days

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