StoryCorps is Looking for Baltimore Tales

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storycorps-mobilebooth-502x246catch of the day fish (2)An Airstream trailer is pulling into Baltimore next month, and this one has a recording studio inside. StoryCorps is set to park its road show in The City That Reads for a monthlong stay. Read More →

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Baltimore Pride Organizers Turn to Crowdfunding to Cover Debt

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gay_prideThis year’s Baltimore’s Pride festival is set for the summer, but organizers are turning to a public fundraiser to cover leftover costs from last year. Read More →

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Buck Showalter’s Approval Rating, and Other Opinions We Learned From This Public Policy Poll

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Buck Showalter (Kenya Allen/Pressbox)

Buck Showalter (Kenya Allen/Pressbox)

Timely as ever, Public Policy Polling released results of its latest survey just before the Maryland primary. Studying the results more closely, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t about the candidates for mayor or president. But it provided a few insights nonetheless. Read More →

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‘Kindling’ Looks to Spark Conversations Across Races and Neighborhoods

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Kindling’s vision team plans a unique community conversation. Pictured are: Andre Robinson, Nel Andrews, Jamie McDonald, Dale Terrill, and Quincey Gamble. Meryam Bouadjemi not pictured.

It’s safe to say that one factor Freddie Gray’s death and the ensuing unrest exposed is that Baltimore continues to be a city divided. We have a lot to learn about each other. Like other cities, many of us stick with who and what we know.  We tend to stay in our zones which makes it tough to engage with others outside of our routine. 

When key players from OneBaltimore, Innovation Village, Mt. Royal Community Development Corp, and the Light City team examined how to bridge these divides, they came up with a new idea called “Kindling.” As the name implies, Kindling is designed to spark one-on-one conversations between Baltimoreans who may never get the opportunity to know one another.

The inaugural Kindling event will be held this Saturday, April 30 at the Prince Hall Grand Lodge in historic Bolton Hill in Innovation Village. Consider taking part in a new type of community conversation built on the belief that progress will be made when we move past labels and see one another as individuals.
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Domino Sugars Sign Turns 65 Today

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domino-smallMonday brings a landmark anniversary for a Baltimore landmark: The Domino Sugars sign turns 65. Read More →


Orioles’ Adam Jones Pays Tribute to Prince With Walk-Up Music

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princenewThe Prince tributes were flowing on Thursday, and, let’s be honest, it should stay that way for a long time. While Baltimore didn’t quite have an all-night party in the streets like the one in the musician’s hometown of Minneapolis, one of our prime public gathering points was the scene of a memorial for the purple legend. Read More →

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Happy 70th Birthday, John Waters

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John Waters Remakes Pink Flamingos for Children
If 70 is the new 50, then Baltimore filmmaker John Waters just reached the half-century mark. Waters was born on April 22, 1946 and went on to produce more than a dozen films, including Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, all made in Baltimore.
In honor of this milestone, here is some of the best advice Waters ever gave – the commencement address that he delivered last spring at the Rhode Island School of Design. In return, Baltimore’s subversive senior received an honorary degree and can now be called Dr. Waters.
Best wishes, Dr. Waters.
Welcome and good afternoon, President Somerson, Chairman Spalter, honored guests, parents, faculty, staff, and – mostly! – the 183 graduates and 486 undergraduates here today.
I should say right off that I am really qualified to be your commencement speaker. I was suspended from high school, then kicked out of college in the first marijuana scandal ever on a university campus. I’ve been arrested several times. I’ve been known to dress in ludicrous fashions. I’ve also built a career out of negative reviews, and have been called “the prince of puke” by the press. And most recently a title I’m really proud of: “the people’s pervert.” I am honored to be here today with my people.

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Loyola Prof Ron Tanner’s ‘Missile Paradise’ Takes Aim at Imperialism, Insularity, and Going Off the Grid

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An occasional series introducing new books from Baltimoreans

Ron_TannerRon Tanner is a man who wears a lot of hats. He’s a professional jazz musician, a Loyola professor, a builder, and handyman, and a writer. But even as a writer, you can’t pin him down. When I first met him, he was working on a memoir about how he and his wife Jill bought a completely destroyed frat house in Charles Village and renovated it to its original glory, one window pane, banister rail, and brick at a time. That tale became From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story. Read More →


Remembering Prince: 1958-2016

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IMG_2703-e1433321509383According to authorities, Prince died Thursday morning at his estate outside Minneapolis at the age of 57. The cause remained unknown this afternoon. From Paisley Park to social media, there’s been an outpouring as the news spread. 

Prince last performed in Baltimore on Mother’s Day 2015 at his Rally 4 Peace benefit concert following the unrest. His call for peace and effort to honor Freddie Gray extended to a song, titled “Baltimore.” In remembrance, below is Marion Winik’s essay about the concert, originally published on June 3, 2015: Read More →


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Tall Ship From Mexico to Arrive Saturday

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A tall ship from Mexico will arrive in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor this weekend as part of a summer-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of historic vessels visiting the city for the nation’s Bicentennial in 1976.

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