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A $450K Fence Will Keep Homeless off War Memorial Site

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war memorial
Whether or not you accept the necessity of the $450,000 steel fence being built around the War Memorial across from City Hall to keep out the homeless, the pathetic irony involved with it — some of those homeless have fought in wars! — is out of control.

Backers of the fence, paid for with city and state money, say it is needed to preserve the “integrity and dignity” of the memorial, which has hitherto suffered the indignities of tents and “makeshift kitchens” on its grassy plaza and sleepers on its stone steps. And those are indignities that can’t but interfere with the city’s efforts to increase the use of the War Memorial’s facilities. Read More →

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Tonight! Wild with Happy Pre-Show Happy Hour for LGBTQIA Patrons

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jun 03, 2014 4:00pm


Photo via Center Stage

Wild with Happy — Special Events

Night Out | Tue, Jun 3 at 6:30 pm

A pre-show happy hour for our LGBTQIA patrons. Food provided courtesy of Gertrude’s.

Meet the Actors | Fri, Jun 6

We provide a casual atmosphere to chat with the cast after the show. Ask them your questions and get some autographs!   

ForeWords & AfterThoughts Thu, Jun 12 (7 pm show); Sun, Jun 15 (2 pm show); Sun, Jun 22 (2 pm show); Thu, Jun 26 (7 pm)    

Pre and post-show conversations with our artistic staff designed to give deeper insight into the show. A chance for feedback and engagement.


Audio Described Performances | Sun, Jun 22 (2 & 7:30 pm shows)    

Volunteer audio describers provide an objective description of the non-verbal action on stage.


Open Captioning | Sun, Jun 22 (7:30 pm show)    

Our system provides the text of the play on a screen, as well as descriptions of any sound effects, so that people can read along with the action that is happening on stage.


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Huffington Post Talks Up Baltimore Tourism

0 Written by: | Friday, May 16, 2014 10:54am


It’s a big tourism weekend for Baltimore, what with the 139th running of the Preakness Stakes. The Huffington Post is using this as an excuse to recommend that visitors stick around after the race: “The host city has a little something for every type of traveler. Bonus: There’s nothing like Baltimore in May.”
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Someone’s Trolling T. Rowe Price…

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vanguard at-cost cafe

If you were downtown earlier this week, you may have noticed a bright red food truck. Don’t get your hopes up: It’s not the mobile taco truck you’ve been dreaming of. Instead, it was an elaborate promotional campaign by mutual fund company Vanguard. And it hardly seems like a coincidence that it was parked a short walk away from T. Rowe Price’s headquarters.
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Freemasons Congregate in Baltimore, Presumably to Plan World Takeover, Assassinations, Etc.

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014 10:00am


The Freemasons are hosting their annual Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America this week, bringing 500 of the continent’s leading Masons to the downtown Marriott. This is a big deal since, as we all know, the Freemasons are responsible for faking the moon landing, assassinating JFK, instituting income taxes, and pretty much controlling the entire US political and economic system.
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Downtown Neighborhoods Get New Names

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Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 4.56.49 PM

Neighborhood names are a funny thing. They can give an area a sense of identity and unity; even the most seemingly unflattering names can become a marker of pride (witness Pigtown’s annual piglet races). So of course, now that Baltimore’s Downtown Partnership is pushing hard to get people to move downtown, they’re working to rehab the city map — by giving downtown neighborhoods new names.

The Baltimore Sun’s Jacques Kelly got an earful of some of the new names being considered. Here are a few he mentions, as well as my own subjective evaluation:

+Bromo – An uninspired, but solid, choice for the streets surrounding the eponymous tower. Has a hint of “bro” to it, which sounds about right. 7/10.
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The French Kitchen Opens in the Lord Baltimore

3 Written by: | Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013 3:29pm


The French Kitchen, the new restaurant at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, 20 W. Baltimore Street, opened this week.  The eatery will serve traditional French cuisine with favorites like boeuf bourguignon and french onion soup on the menu. The opening of The French Kitchen is part of a larger renovation taking place at the Lord Baltimore, which was bought by Rubell Hotels (the company owns some pretty swanky hotels around the country), and is expected to be completed in April of next year.  Read all the details about the restaurant in the press release below. – The Eds. 

From French classics such as Tartare de Boeuf and Salade Nicoise to contemporary preparation of Poulet Roti and Boeuf Bourguignon, The French Kitchen is now open under the watchful eye of Chef de Cuisine Jordan Miller. Currently serving lunch and dinner, and with Sunday brunch beginning in January, The French Kitchen is located in the Lord Baltimore Hotel, the landmark property that was recently acquired by Rubell Hotels.

“Every inch of the Lord Baltimore is being renovated to restore its prominence as one of the most significant hotels in Baltimore, and the opening of The French Kitchen marks the first public space to be completed,” said Gene-Michael Addis, General Manager of the Lord Baltimore Hotel.

The French Kitchen offers a full menu ranging from Hors D’oeuvres to Salades to Principaux along with an approachable selection of Sparking, Rose, White and Red wines. Hors D’ouevres include items such as Cured Saumon with dill, crème fraiche, potato, and everything bagel tuile; Soupe A L’Oignon with crouton and melted comte; Tartare de Boeuf with shallots, capers, garlic, herbs, poached egg, pear and crostini; and a selection of Fromage and Charcuterie. Salades range from Vegetables A La Grecque with mixed winter vegetables to Frisee Aux Lardon with arugula, bacon, poached egg, fourme d’ambert, pear and vinaigrette. Entrée selections – or Principaux – include Moules Normandes with apples, mushrooms, heavy cream, calvados, cider and fresh bread; Roasted Canard breast and confit of leg with lentils, orange, fennel and olive; Steak Frites with cippolini onions and french fries; and Raie, skate wing with brown butter, capers, fingerling potatoes and winter vegetables.

Chef Jordan Miller has nearly thirteen years of restaurant experience and began his work in restaurants at the age of fifteen as a dishwasher. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and the University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador in 2008 with a B.F.A. in Creative Writing, B.A. in Spanish and a certificate of Culinary Arts. Miller has cooked professionally in New Jersey, Philadelphia, North Carolina, California and Ecuador and has recently worked with Plumpjack Hospitality group and winery in Olympic Valley California. “Chef Miller’s food will be heavily influenced by his travels in the Americas and the chefs who have shaped him and his career. His menus feature the season’s best ingredients and aim to create an approachable, relaxed, comforting and delicious menu that can be enjoyed by both families and foodies, while still paying respects to the history and charm of classical French cooking,” said Addis. Read More →

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Congratulations, Baltimore — You’re No Longer Dangerous (For French People)

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013 9:53am


Last week, we told you how the French Foreign Ministry’s travel warning website told French tourists to be on guard when visiting Baltimore. Roughly translated, their warning said that Baltimore is “considered a dangerous city except downtown.” Apparently someone at the ministry realized that this was ridiculous for many reasons — one big one being that downtown is often dangerous! — and the website has been changed.
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Baltimore Gets a Little More Bike Friendly: Meet the City’s First Bike Parking Garage

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Here’s a conundrum: biking to work (or wherever else you have to go) is awesome, but sometimes bikes get stolen. I once had someone steal my beloved bike from in front of Penn Station, even though I’d used what I thought was a really tough lock.

The city’s new Controlled Access Bicycle Parking might’ve solved that problem. The parking lot at 510 E. Lexington Street (between Saratoga & Gay Streets) now has a special room earmarked for bicycles. Lock your bike to the rack and rest easy knowing that there’s a garage manager on patrol, and that the room is accessible only to those with an access card.
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Meet the Johns Hopkins Wading Team. Yes, the Wading Team.

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Photo via JHUWading Facebook page

Photo via JHUWading Facebook page

See those guys in the photo above — the ones lounging in a kiddie pool with big grins on their faces? Believe it or not, they’re athletes — members of Johns Hopkins’ brand-new Wading Team. “A wading team competition involves seven players: six waders and a referee,” Nicholas Mehrle sophomore and team member, told the JHU News Letter. “You sit in the pool until you’ve become ‘adequately pruney’; that’s the official term stipulated by the International Wading Team Association.”
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