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Chewing The Fat With Brigitte Bledsoe of Miss Shirley’s Cafe

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Chef Brigitte Bledsoe of Miss Shirley’s Cafe was supposed to be in school.

But, no. She was busy working at Ocean Pride in Lutherville. And that’s where it all started. Born and raised in Towson, Bledsoe attended Dulaney High School and Essex Community College (now known as CCBC) and then, she got bitten by the chef bug. Read More →

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It’s Hard to Eat or Sleep in Hospitals, Hopkins Research Says

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Fall Risk_2

When people are hospitalized, they’re in an incredibly vulnerable state from dealing with whatever injury or illness put them there in the first place. And everyone knows that good food and good sleep are crucial components of healing. So why is eating and sleeping so miserable in hospitals? Read More →

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Five Stabbed at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

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Image via tripadvisor.com

Image via tripadvisor.com

The Southeast Baltimore restaurant Jimmy’s Famous Seafood was the site of violence overnight as five men were reportedly stabbed. Read More →

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Nacho Mama’s Threatens to Leave Canton

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Nacho Mama’s, a Canton institution, is very publicly toying with the idea of relocating, as the restaurant owners and their landlord duke it out over the terms of a new lease. Read More →

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Ocean City’s First Smoke Free Summer Was… Not Dramatic

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Ocean City to Institute Smoking Ban

After lots of back-and-forth, Ocean City decided to go smoke free this past summer. (Kind of.) So how did the beach’s first summer with smoking restrictions in place go? Read More →

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24 Things to Eat in Baltimore Before You Die

29 Written by: | Wednesday, Oct 07, 2015 4:01pm

Written mostly by college students, website Spoon University takes a fresh eye to local food scenes across the country.  Last week SU posted a list of things to eat in Baltimore (yes, Berger Cookies make the list, but there’s more) by three writers, Emily Hu, Kari Gawlik and Kevin, at Johns Hopkins University. What would you add to the list?

Spoon UniversityBaltimore may best be known for the Inner Harbor, crabs, and beer, but it has so much more to offer. In fact, Charm City has a unique food culture made up of both old school institutions and some of the biggest emerging names in the culinary world. The sheer quantity of good eats is seemingly endless, so we’ve compiled a list of the 24 can’t-miss things to eat in Baltimore. 

1. Old Bay

Photo courtesy of Jody Bart

Though not exactly a food on its own, Old Bay is without a doubt the most important condiment in town. No other blend of spices could even dream of having the reputation that Old Bay does in Maryland. Every restaurant in B’more probably has it, as does nearly every home kitchen. Steam crabs in it. Cook chicken with it. Put it on popcorn. There is nothing this powerhouse of a spice can’t do.

Read More →

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Wind Restrictions Give Md. Woman Opening to Escape Kidnapping on Bay Bridge Tunnel

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bridgetunnMembers of a road crew were just following orders when they went to remove two surfboards from a pickup truck looking to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Sunday. The bit of protocol prompted by wind restrictions on the Bridge ended up helping a woman escape from a kidnapping. Read More →

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When My Mother Became the Freaking Buddha

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Author’s note: As I mentioned in another column, I’m working on a novel that contains a character loosely based on my mother, partly just as an excuse to have her in my head. In the process, I ended up rereading this old essay. The illness described here was not the one that finally got her — she was around another 13 years.

“When My Mother Became The Freaking Buddha” is adapted from my 2005 collection, Above Us Only Sky.

One day in May of 1995, I got a call from my mother. “I was just picking up the phone to call you,” I assured her, knowing she was anxious to hear the latest on a book deal I was hoping to get. I was supposed to call the minute I knew anything, but I hadn’t. Well, only two days had gone by since I’d heard the news, which wasn’t too good, and anyway, one has to balance the pleasantness of one’s mother’s interest in the minutiae of one’s life with its faintly annoying aspect.

Making up for my tardiness, I launched into the tale, and it wasn’t until she broke in and said, “Well, I have to go soon and —”

“I’m almost done,” I said.

“Yes, but I have some bad news.”

No. “What?”

“Well… It looks like I have a little cancer,” she said, and then, in the five minutes remaining until her boyfriend Ceddie picked her up to go eat Chinese, and interrupted by my shrieks of what and how and when, she told me that she’d been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, she had known for over a month, she was starting a course of chemotherapy and radiation on Friday, and she had a fifty percent chance of cure. Then Ceddie was there, and she had to run. “Oh, Mommy,” I said helplessly. Read More →

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Peanut Factory Catches Fire, Leading to Nut Allergy Warning

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Barcelona Nut Company (Google Maps)

Barcelona Nut Company (Google Maps)

A peanut factory in Southwest Baltimore caught fire on Tuesday in Southwest Baltimore. Officials said people with nut allergies should take extra precaution as a result. Read More →

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Brick Georgian Style Colonial, Circa 1922, on Desirable Brightside Road

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Hot House: 7321 Brightside Road, Woodbrook, Maryland 21212


Brick Georgian style house, circa 1922, with asphalt shingle roof and two-story, cedar-sided addition. Recent (2010) renovation. Six bedrooms, 5 full and 1 half bath over three stories and 6,459 sq. ft. Formal living and dining rooms, gourmet kitchen, adjacent family room with fireplace, cherry-paneled study with fireplace, large master suite. Two story guest cottage, 53’ bluestone patio, garage, sweeping lawns, gardens, 2.5 acres: $3,195,000 Read More →

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