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Orioles Baseball: What it Feels Like to Be Perennial Contenders

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Last_night_of_the_Season (1)

While the autumnal equinox was a month ago, it felt very much like the first day of fall here in Baltimore the day after our extended baseball summer came to its abrupt end in Kansas City Wednesday night. I hadn’t noticed the leaves turning from green to red and brown in recent weeks, when all I could see was black and orange.

The sunny summer days and sultry nights spent drinking beer and eating peanuts at the ballpark are over and in some ways that’s the saddest part about the Orioles being knocked out of the playoffs.  The six-and-a-half month party at Oriole Park that began on March 31st is finally over. The last day of baseball season is always sad whether you’re team makes it to the World Series or comes in last place. The last day of the baseball season in any home town is sad simply because the season’s over. The teams that make it to the World Series get to keep on playing to the last possible day of the season, which in the end is what it’s all about, simply getting to play more games than the other guy; of course you do want to win that last one too. Read More →

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Free Performances and Puppet Making with Black Cherry

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Black Cherry

catch of the day fish (2)Free Fall Baltimore is still here. And one of our favorite local institutions, Black Cherry Puppet Theater is keeping it alive with two more awesome weekends of performances and workshops at their charming spot in SoWeBo (right across from Hollins Market). This Sunday and next, you can take the kids (or yourself) down to the puppet theater for a free puppet performance of either Billy Goats Gruffkin (that’s this weekend) or The Sultan’s Review (next weekend). Between performances, the company will also offer free puppet making workshops in their outdoor garden. And you don’t need us to tell you that the weather is perfect for that.

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The View from Halcyon Farm: It’s Finally Fall!

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It’s finally fall here at Halcyon and we’ve already had our first frost. In fact, it was more than two weeks ago! As the season changes, we look at what needs to be done to get ready for when the days draw in and winter comes on with a vengeance. If it’s anything like last winter, we need to be well prepared.

In the gardens. We are lucky enough to have a greenhouse, so we bring all of our huge citrus trees, gardenias and other fragile plants inside where they can over-winter. And we always pull up all of the dead plants – you really don’t want your garden looking like a plant graveyard all winter, do you?


If you have tubers, like the dahlias we have by the hundreds, you can pull them up and over-winter them in your basement or another cool area. Here are some great tips on how to do this. Read More →

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Shopping Report: BFA Fashion Show, Sweater Weather, the QG and more!

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Shopping Report

Here’s the scoop for shopping all weekend long…and well into next week, too!

Find great deals on custom-ordered upholstered furniture at The House Downtown’s semi-annual upholstery sale, taking place from now through October 26.

This weekend, receive 20% of the sassy leopard Jones & Jones “Dress of the Week” (pictured) with the code MAYLEO20 – then check the Jones & Jones Facebook page for next week’s dress and code. Read More →

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Oyster shucking, Guinness and Galway converge in Charm City

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Oysters are something most people love or are completely grossed out by. I’m the former. For sure. Love ‘em.

My connection to local oysters is through two people, really. First is my friend George Hastings, U.S. National Shucking Champion. And he’s from Baltimore – how great is that? I first met George at First Friday at the Hon Bar in Hampden on one of the very first oyster nights there. Back in the day, the oysters were free and you just tipped the shucker, George. Then it got a little crazy (people seemed to be more excited that they were free vs delicious) and they went to $2.00/plate. George was always so nice to me. Friendly, knowledgeable, extremely skilled. Read More →

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Glassybaby Pop-Up Shops at Mouth Party and En Olivier

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catch of the day fish (2)We’re just going to assume that you’ve had at least one Mouth Party caramel during your life in Baltimore. And if you’ve had one, it’s probably safe to assume that you then had another…and another…and another. Because they’re just that good. Now, what you may not have heard of is Glassybaby– the incredible project started by Lee Rhodes that combines the art of glassblowing with fundraising for cancer patients and research. It may sound like an unlikely combination, but the story that brought Glassybaby into existence makes it all somehow make sense, and enhances the beauty of each unique piece of glass art that is a Glassybaby.

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I Too Am Goucher: Students Take a Stand Against Campus Racism

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tumblr_nd5ff8LXgf1u1000jo1_1280Earlier this year, we reported on the I, Too, Am Hopkins website, which was a local take on a national trend in which college students of color take to the internet to share their experiences with racism, prejudice, ignorance, and plain old idiocy. We were happy to see another school take on the trend this month, with I, Too Am Goucher.

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Cell Phone Video Records Baltimore Student-Teacher Brawl

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student-teacher brawl

A male student attempts to break up the fight.

Public reaction to a student-teacher brawl that broke out at a West Baltimore school has been mixed. Students of Carver Vocational-Technical High School recorded cell phone video of the altercation, which reportedly began when the student refused to get off her phone while the class was taking a test.

A verbal dispute turned violent when the student hurled a keyboard and then a book at the teacher. The teacher told the student, “I will kill you in here!” and slammed her against the lockers, apparently holding onto the student’s hair. Read More →

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Mexican Restaurant La Tolteca to Come to Canton

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La Tolteca

The Chori Pollo Nachos, Photo by Carisa C. via Yelp.

Come February, Canton will get a new Mexican dining option, as Bel Air’s La Tolteca will be opening a location at the former Horse With No Name space at 2324 Boston Street.

(By the way, I never went to Horse With No Name, but let me tell you, they had the best mission statement in the business, dedicated to   “the creation of Meta-Shared Experiences” that “have perceived value.” You could seriously read the whole website and have no idea it was a bar.) Read More →

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Ebola Scare at Port of Baltimore, Nurse Who Has Disease Transferred to Md. Hospital

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Nina Pham (photo via ABC News)

Nina Pham (photo via ABC News)

A nurse who contracted Ebola while treating a patient in Texas, will be moved to a Maryland hospital. Nina Pham is being transferred to a section of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) facility in Bethesda, according to a news release. Meanwhile, dock work stopped this morning at the Port of Baltimore after an Ebola scare.

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