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There’s Nothing Weird About Stacy Keibler ‘Eating’ Her Placenta

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Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the pregnancy of Stacy Keibler, the Baltimore-raised actress and former pro wrestler, you may have noticed a mild explosion of articles on the Internet yesterday about her decision to “eat” her placenta following the birth of her daughter. Perez Hilton’s headline was particularly poetic: “Stacy Keibler Is Gonna Gobble Up Her Baby’s Placenta After Giving Birth and There’s Nothing We Could Do to Stop Her!” (C’mon, Perez, don’t give up! There’s still time!)

Okay. So what are you picturing? The placenta thrown into a cast-iron frying pan with some butter and shallots? Or maybe, per Perez Hilton, you’re figuring Keibler will just tear into it raw in a post-partum frenzy.

What Keibler has actually said she plans to do is have the placenta dried, pulverized, and put into capsules like these: Read More →

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The Bethesda Smallpox Snafu Was Worse Than We Thought

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As it turns out, a laboratory storage room in Bethesda, Md., was found to contain more than just the 16 vials of smallpox (when only two places on the planet are allowed to store the disease). The storage container held another 300 vials of viruses like dengue fever and influenza, and the Center for Disease Control can’t figure out how it even got there.

Last month, the CDC accidentally exposed several scientists to live anthrax. It’s so bad even CDC director Thomas Frieden is saying they’ve got an “an insufficient culture of safety.” Though of course, that’s an understatement. Read More →

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Farmstead Shack Now Open in Canton

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Farmstead Shack 3

The new fast-casual (and delicious) Farmstead Shack is now open in Canton.

Former Dogwood Cafe Chef Galen Sampson is at the helm here, as well as at the larger (and affordable!) full restaurant, Farmstead Grill. At Farmstead Shack, you can grab ‘n go (or sit awhile) from from 7:30am to dusk. On the menu: breakfast biscuits, house-made dogs and brats, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and beer and wine. Soon they will add snowballs, happy hours, lawn parties and more. Did you say LAWN parties? Are they like field parties from high school? Okay, probably not.  Read More →

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You Need $88,275 to Be Happy in Maryland

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As Groucho Marx said, “Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.” But as Puff Daddy also said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” So which is it?

According to Princeton researchers, who asked nearly half a million Americans to evaluate their happiness and reveal their salaries, having more money does make you happier… up to a point. And that point, according to their research, was $75,000. Beyond that annual salary, more money added negligible happy points.
Read More →

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Be Careful With Those Jetpacks, Everyone

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Photo via Relentless Watersports

Photo via Relentless Watersports

Our very own Robert O’Brien has been detailing the increasingly silly regulations that are popping up in Ocean City–no swearing, no laser pointers, etc. But increased regulation of jet packs? That actually does sound like a good idea.

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Black Olive Co-Owner Woody Harrelson to Host Charity Dinner at His Newly Purchased Inn

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 12:30pm

Woody Harrelson

Remember when we told you a few months ago that Woody Harrelson is now a co-owner of the Inn at the Black Olive?  At the time, we fantasized about hanging out with the guy, and now’s our — and your — chance! He and his co-owner are having a dinner on July 27  to benefit Great Kids’ Farm. See the details, below! – The Eds.

From Citybizlist – At The Inn at the Black Olive, corporate social responsibility comes in a “benefit corporation model” — where putting people before profits feels good, is earth friendly — and tastes great. On July 27 at 6:00pm, the eco-friendly, all-suite, Inner-Harbor view property with ultra-organic menus will be the site of a charity event dinner to benefit Great Kids Farm. It’s a chance to enjoy inventive and healthful fresh food and wine, and support entrepreneurship with a social mission. Read More →

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Fashion Gods Smile Down On Local Designer’s Handbag Line

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Roland Park Country School 2010 alum and recent NYU graduate Sydney Rogers’s star is on the rise.  The young designer’s handbag line, which she launched with a fellow NYU grad just last year, is all the rage with upcoming mentions in Marie Claire, In Style (and a few others… it’s “top secret” though, according to her FB page). Now she’s been singled out for her SYRO tote by Project Runway judge and fashionista Nina Garcia in her column. Read More →

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Hampdenfest 2014 Is Canceled, and It’s All Sailabration’s Fault

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The Toilet Bowl Race at Hampdenfest 2013. Photo by Russ Bradshaw, via hampdenfest.blogspot.com

Hampdenfest is my favorite annual Baltimore shindig. It’s community-minded. It’s big without being overwhelming. And its late-summer date means festival-goers are less prone to getting scorched in the sun. That’s why it is such a shame that Hampdenfest’s 2014 event has been abruptly canceled. Read More →

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Ocean City Has Seriously Banned Laser Pointers

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laser pointers

I told you they’d come for our laser pointers!

I love keeping up with Ocean City’s efforts to crack down on vice on the beach. Recently, we’ve seen the resort town implement an unenforceable “ban” on boardwalk profanity (a campaign they say is going quite well) and decide to make the “vast majority of the beach” smoke-free in 2015. They’ve also cracked down on underage drinking during beach week. In the frenzy, I somehow missed the Town Council’s passage of a ban on the sale and possession of laser pointers back in May.

On its face, it seems like a pretty frivolous ban (at least to me), but apparently it’s no joke. According to WBAL, Ocean City Police had received 975 reports of “laser pointer abuse” in the last three years. The laser pointers were being aimed at helicopter pilots, bus drivers, and tram operators. Read More →

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Should Baltimore County Schools Close for Muslim Holidays?

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For at least 10 years now, Muslims in Baltimore County have been pushing for public schools to close for two major Islamic holidays: Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr. The long-stalled effort, championed most vocally by Dr. Bash Pharoan, was recently re-ignited when county school board member Michael Collins suggested that, seeing as Yom Kippur and Eid al-Adha both fall on Sept. 23 in 2015, the Muslim holiday could be noted in the academic calendar.

According to the Baltimore Sun, this seemingly harmless suggestion sparked a “short, heated debate.” In the end, the board decided not to mention Eid al-Adha in the 2015-2016 calendar and sent the issue to its policy committee. Read More →

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