Reskinning a downtown skyscraper, Ivy Hotel Wins Award, Starbucks Coming to 10 Light Street, McKeldin Plaza design on display

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Rendering 225 Ca;vert St

Rendering of 225 North Calvert, a former bank building that is being converted into apartments.

Architects know there is more than one way to skin a skyscraper. One of the most unusual reskinning exercises is taking place right now in downtown Baltimore, where a former banking center from the 1960s is being converted to apartments.

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Baltimore Sun Parent Company on the Verge of Being Sold

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Baltimore Sun Buys Two Metro Area Papers

The Baltimore Sun’s parent company, the publisher formerly known as Tribune Publishing, fended off a takeover bid earlier this year. This time around, though, it looks like they’re likely to succumb. Read More →

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Another Cruise Ship Crash in Baltimore

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Image via WJZ

Image via WJZ

Cruise ships are such behemoths that you have to be very careful when you’re parking–er, sorry, docking–them. There’s really no such thing as a “love tap” when it comes to cruise ships. Read More →


Hot Plate: Hope Floats Fundraiser for Ellicott City, Center Cut Doughnuts at The Charmery, JFX Block Party

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Doughnut and ice cream goodness from The Charmery and Center Cut Doughnuts (photo courtesy of The Charmery)

Doughnut and ice cream goodness from The Charmery and Center Cut Doughnuts (photo courtesy of The Charmery)

Summer comes to an unofficial close this week, so it’s time to enjoy the last few days before Labor Day. Fortunately, Baltimore’s restaurants are obliging, with events – taking place both indoors and out – and announcements that will help you go out on a high note.

Here’s what’s happening in and around Baltimore this week: Read More →



Meth Found in Baltimore’s Waterways

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These national news stories about Baltimore these past few months are really not making us look good. Read More →


Babies Reap Benefits of Maryland’s Many Gold Medals

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via Anne Arundel Medical Center

The next generation of athletes will always have role models to look back on when they consider Maryland athletes’ impressive gold medal run at the Rio Olympics. But there are also some more tangible rewards. Read More →



Maryland Waterways Contain Lots of Fecal Matter, Report Finds

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streamMaryland rivers and streams have excess levels of excrement, a new report finds. Read More →



Tha Flower Factory, Changing A Vacant Lot One Sunflower At A Time

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“I smile every time I pass your space. Sunflowers are happiness.”

Posted on Tha Flower Factory’s Facebook wall, this message sums up Walker Marsh’s flower garden in Broadway East. Tha Flower Factory is also the latest example of Baltimore’s improving public, private, and nonprofit collaboration that’s creating a better city. And, yes, it’s Tha, not the. As Marsh explains, “it’s a nod to the culture that I grew up in. I wanted to have fun and challenge peoples’ perspectives.” Read More →


A Public Sneak Peek, and 5 Other Fresh Happenings at This Year’s Maryland State Fair

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maryland-state-fair-e1345724683337catch of the day fish (2)The Maryland State Fairgrounds are set to come alive once again in Timonium this weekend, and packed it will stay for 11 fun-filled days. For those who like to be first, the fair is offering an early look this year.  Read More →


Dog Walk

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crime scene

While walking her dogs with her daughter, writer Lindsay Fleming feels compelled to reveal the scary recent murder in Roland Park.

We left the house to walk the dog at about nine.  The shadows were long, the trees and shrubbery heavy with summer growth, the waxing moon not yet high in the sky. Many of the houses were dark, with neighbors away enjoying the last few days of summer vacation.  As we walked along the park, past the house that will always be “the murder house” to me, where the grandparents had been bludgeoned to death by their grandson, I told her. Read More →


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Dog Walk

Written by Lindsay Fleming

Thursday, Aug 25, 2016 3:54pm


Baltimore, You're Being Secretly Surveilled

Written by Rachel Monroe

Monday, Aug 29, 2016 1:40pm

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