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Fishing for Answers: CEO of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle Shares His Vision for Change

0 Written by: | Monday, Oct 12, 2015 1:00pm

This is the third interview in a series with Baltimore change makers, old and new, working in the trenches and behind the scenes for a better Baltimore.  By talking to baby boomers who have been fighting for social change since the 60s and millennials working to improve lives now, we hope to understand more about the big challenges in Baltimore, and how best to address them, from different perspectives. – The Eds.

adam-jackson1Adam Jackson’s ambitions for Baltimore were shaped by his years as a top debater at Towson University. As he researched, analyzed and argued about how to best serve economically challenged neighborhoods, he discovered something he found troubling: None of his fellow debaters had firsthand experience with the problems they were trying to solve. Read More →

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