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Butterfly Entomology Workshop at Bazaar

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Entymology workshop

catch of the day fish (2)If you’ve popped into Bazaar in in Hampden, you know that some of their offerings are truly, well, bizarre. It’s a carefully curated oddities and curiosities shop. And that can mean everything from jewelry made from quail feet, to civil war era doctors’ tools, to all manner of preserved specimens peering out at you from jars of formaldehyde. We love Bazaar because it functions as a perfect blend of antique store, museum, and place-you-can-actually-find-cool-stuff. But they don’t just sell cool stuff– they also offer the opportunity to learn how to make your own. Like with their DIY taxidermy workshops, for example. Read More →

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34th Street Threatens a Lights-Free Christmas in Protest Against Crime

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Hampden’s 34th Street Christmas display is famous not only locally, but world-wide as well. For decades, the lights (and animatronic reindeer and Santa Claus in a Ravens jersey and sculptures made out of scrap metal) have brought joy (and traffic) to Hampden. But this year, the lights may go dark for the first time in 70 years.

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Vote for Your Favorite Locally Designed Mask this Month at Mud and Metal

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Second mask arrived my post from Indiana! Thanks Noah, this is amazing! Sterling, 23k gold leaf and a cubic zirconium... Beautiful

Second mask arrived my post from Indiana! Thanks Noah, this is amazing! Sterling, 23k gold leaf and a cubic zirconium… Beautiful



First mask! Thanks Hon Have you made yours yet?

First mask! Thanks Hon
Have you made yours yet?

Halloween Mask Competition

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Mud and Metal and Masks, Oh My!

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Halloween Mask Competition

Get those creative juices flowing and start your mask today!  Masks due to Mud and Metal by Sept. 28th, and we’ll see you all on Oct. 31st for the Halloween Fest, where this year’s winner will be announced.  Good luck! We hope you win.

Catch of the Day, Hampden

Acro Yoga Returns to Baltimore Yoga Village

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Acro Yoga

catch of the day fish (2)It’s always amazing to watch hardcore yoga practitioners do their thing. Like, balancing upside down on one toe with their hands twisted behind their should blades. They can do that kind of stuff. So it’s not such a stretch for the yoga world to extend into the kind of circusy, kind of dancy acrobatics world. Many yogis have been getting into acrobatics, since it combines the balance, strength, and flexibility developed in yoga with the trust and communication that come with partner work. Plus, of course, it looks cool. Read More →

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Featured Listing: Stylish Hampden Row Home Lives Up to its Potential

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1 – 3pm

612 33rd St E, Hampden

List Price:  $269,000

3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms


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Catch of the Day, Hampden

Halloween Mask Competition at Mud and Metal

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Halloween Mask Competition

catch of the day fish (2)Yes, we know. It’s not even October and already we’re talking Halloween. But we blame all the grocery stores already trotting out their pumpkin-shaped Peeps and ghost-themed breakfast cereals. We’re just keeping up with traffic. And there’s so much to love about Halloween that we think starting early can’t really hurt. After all, it’s a holiday with no gift shopping and no elaborate meals to prepare. Just decorating, getting into the fall spirit, and playing dress up. And thanks to Mud and Metal, we can also get our arts and crafts fix in, too. Read More →

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Get Your Game Face On, There’s a Mask Competition at Mud & Metal in Hampden

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Mask Flyer

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Millstone Cellars Cocktail Takeover at LeGarage

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Millstone Cellars

catch of the day fish (2)If that headline just blew your mind, it could be for one of two reasons. The first is that those are a lot of words that don’t necessarily retain any meaning when strung together in that way. The second is that if any of those things (Millstone Cellars or LeGarage, say) do mean anything to you, you know it’s time to get excited and mark your calendar. So here’s where we break it down. Millstone Cellars is our top fave local cider-maker. Are there others? Maybe. But these guys have it down. Everything they brew tastes like it’s from a fairytale, and yet is distinctly grownup. LeGarage is the hot new craft booze spot in Hampden, and also a purveyor of gourmet fries and other eats. And a cocktail takeover is just what it sounds like. Read More →

Catch of the Day, Hampden

HampdenFest comes to… Hampden

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catch of the day fish (2)It never fails. Every year, we see posters and billboards go up for HampdenFest and we’re like, “wait, didn’t that just happen?” This is followed a minute or two later by, “Oh no, wait. That was HonFest.” But what’s the difference? And why do we need two? Don’t both fests celebrate the totally quirky loveable weirdness that is Hampden? Sure, one has lots of scary ladies (and non-ladies) in sky-high, neon beehives and the other has toilet bowl races, but are these two things really appealing to very different demographics? We kinda doubt it.  Nevertheless, the more, the merrier, we say. Read More →

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