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Dan Deacon is Going to Serve Up New Ice Cream Flavors at The Charmery

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Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon

catch of the day fish (2)Dan Deacon came back to Baltimore for a triumphant reunion with the music scene’s best exports at Windjammer last weekend. While he’s in town, the much-loved musician will also get back together with some of the best ice cream in town. Read More →

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Baltimore’s Indie Fiber Festival for Knitters, Crocheters, Spinners, and Weavers

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Baltimore’s Indie Fiber Festival for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers


PLY Party is a yearly gathering of local hand-dyers and spinners in tents at Lovelyarns in Hampden.  What started out as a small party to celebrate our first anniversary in 2007 has blossomed into a giant event!

As always, there will be refreshments, and the most  gorgeous selection of hand dyed and handspun yarns and fiber in Baltimore for this one day only.

Come by between noon and five to check out the amazing selection and creative atmosphere.

You can also register here!


​2015‘s ALL STAR Lineup so far:

Avalon Springs Farm

Blue Heron Yarns

Delicious by Lovelyarns

Flying Goat Farm

Full Circle Artworx

JUL accessories

Rajkovich Designs

Snallygaster Fibers

Threeravens​ Yarn & Fibers​

Wild Hare Fiber Studio

 Come Join Us!

Register here!

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Hampden Store Owner Uses Machete to Chase Off Robber

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yourchoiceWhen confronted with a robber, Your Choice Market owner “Gloria” relied on a simple fact: She had a bigger knife. Read More →


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Photographer Greg Dohler’s Surreal Sense of Place: At 13.5% Wine Bar Starting Tomorrow

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"Home" by Gregory Dohler

“Home” by Greg Dohler

Greg Dohler is that rarest humanoid: a nice guy who can hold down a full-time job, show up socially on time, and cook dinner, but also a guy gifted with superbly special creative vision he knows how to bring to life. You might also know him as the lanky blond drummer from Baltimore bands Helikopter (early ’90s) and, until recently, Small Apartments. Greg and his wife, Cindy France, are good friends of my husband–now they’re also mine–so I’ve had some patient time to sit on their black vintage couch, drink the classic cocktails Greg researches and mixes up, and listen to him think out loud. When Greg showed me his new photo montage work last year, I remember I was sitting on a step in his house in Ham Roll (where Hampden meets Roland Park). I wanted to convey how much I liked the work–because I did–but first I just wanted to fall into it, to belong to its luxuriously weird world. A child in a kerchief, from another age, rode a donkey; an old woman haunted a marshy landscape; a Baltimore rowhouse’s second story perched precariously at an eerie coastline. (See above the same photo I recall, “Home.”) “Wow,” I whispered dully. Every element worked together so organically–if surreally–I felt like I was inside the frame finding my legs on a new planet. I’ve seen surreal photo montage now and again, and it has never really been my cup of (bloody) tea, but Greg’s digitally blended work feels wholly other. There’s a destructive/redemptive quality to Dohler’s vision, a longing, a mourning, and yet a hopeful magic at play here. A comparison? Not easy. Kiki Smith’s gentle rendering of girl and beast in “Lying with the Wolf” pops to mind. But mostly I’m reminded how well Greg sees with his mind’s eye. (A bio side note that makes more sense to me than ever: Greg’s dad was the beloved low-budget sci-fi and horror film director Don Dohler. )

I talked to my friend about the genesis of his photo project and what he’s working on now. You can catch his latest work starting tomorrow and running through September 20th at 13.5% Wine Bar in Hampden–1117 W. 36th Street. To see more of Greg’s art visit his website. 

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House of Cards Films in Hampden

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Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 4.59.42 PMHampden became the latest Baltimore backdrop for House of Cards this week, as the Netflix show rode into the North Baltimore neighborhood for a shoot. Read More →

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Dylan’s Oyster Cellar to Open in Hampden

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Photo via Dylan's Oyster Bar Facebook page

Photo via Dylan’s Oyster Bar Facebook page

36th Street will be getting even tastier soon: Dylan’s Oyster Cellar, an oyster-and-cocktail joint, is scheduled to open in Hampden this fall. Read More →

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Sunday Afternoon Parade Bubbling Up in Hampden

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blowbubblescatch of the day fish (2)Long before Amazon same-day delivery, blowing bubbles was the original form of instant gratification. Not only do bubbles lift one’s mood upon creation, they also make people of every age happy. A group called the 100 Happy Days Project is looking to spread the smiles around the world — all at the same time. Read More →

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2 Rare Bikes Stolen in Burglary at Twenty20

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UPDATE:  According to Brian at Twenty20, the mountain bike was recovered, and the person who was caught with the bike is a potential lead to locating the other missing bike.  Stay tuned!  (4:45pm 5/18/15)

via Twenty20/Facebook

via Twenty20/Facebook

Bike burglars struck again in Hampden over the weekend. Early Sunday morning, Twenty20 Cycling Co. reported a pair of bikes were stolen from its shop on The Avenue. Read More →

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Cafe Cito in Hampden

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catch of the day fish (2)Cafe Cito has been open for a couple of months now, but it’s hard to keep up with every gastronomic addition to Hampden. Every new cafe or restaurant in the neighborhood brings so much to the table (no pun intended), and the bar just keeps getting raised. Maybe that’s why it took us a minute to discover how absolutely awesome Cafe Cito is. Admittedly, we spent a month or two thinking, “really, another cafe right here? Is it going to really be that different from everything else we’ve got?” The answer: yes. It is different, and it is very,very good.

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More Stores Announced for the New Rotunda

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Those recent signs of progress around The Rotunda were no joke: The long-awaited redevelopment is continuing at the Hampden mall, with several new tenants announced this week. Read More →

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