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Scott Plank Funds New School Gym for Teachers

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 28, 2015 11:04am

francisscottScott Plank and his wife, Dana DiCarlo, funded a new center to make sure teachers at one Locust Point school get their phys ed. The Teacher Wellness Center at Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School draws on a model that thinks of the educators as well as the students, according to a release posted at Read More →

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Big-Picture Thinking Makes You Happier, Hopkins Research Shows

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If you want to be satisfied with your life, don’t focus on those niggling details–think about the big picture. That may be old advice, but it’s now been scientifically validated thanks to recent research out of Johns Hopkins. Read More →

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Is Your Kid’s School Using Toxic Cleaning Products?

0 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 27, 2015 11:20am

Maryland’s “school green cleaning” law requires schools to buy less toxic cleaning supplies.

Many families are switching to less toxic cleaning products to improve indoor air quality and cut exposure to some nasty and untested chemical. Is your child’s school using toxic cleaners?  The answer is most likely. The good news is that with help from the Maryland Environmental Health Network (MdEHN), a recent Maryland ‘school green cleaning’ law is coming to fruition. Though it may seem simple to pass a law and swap out some cleaners, it’s not that easy. The devil’s in the details.

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Biking Gear Gets Sassy: A Q&A with SASSYCYCLIST’s Rebecca Redett

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 10:00am


SASSYCYCLIST’s Rebecca Redett

There’s no question about it: bicycling is good for your health and it can be a whole lot of fun. But historically, it has not been the sport with the best-looking outfits. Read More →

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Ice Bucket Challenge Led to ALS Breakthrough at Hopkins

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 21, 2015 10:47am

ice bucket challenge

Remember those heady days back in the summer of 2014 when everyone was dumping buckets of ice water over their heads to support ALS research? The Ice Bucket Challenge was taken up by everyone from ex-presidents to football stars; the ALS Association received an additional $100 million in donations thanks to the challenge. But the challenge also faced critics, who argued that the viral movement was more about, well, virality than actually making any substantial change. Those critics may be feeling a little silly now that a Johns Hopkins team says that those donations were crucial to helping them make a breakthrough in understanding the terminal disease. Read More →

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Baltimore Start -Up SASSY CYCLIST: Unique Cycling Jerseys for Women

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SASSYCYCLIST, maker of colorful, stylish, and comfortable cycling jerseys for women, is now on Kickstarter.
New startup SASSYCYCLIST announced that it is raising funds via Kickstarter to produce its debut collection of cycling jerseys for women. The company aims to raise $12,000 on Kickstarter to bring its first full line of jerseys- with a focus on a lush colors, comfort, and a feminine, flattering fit- to market.

The company was started ~1 year ago by Mt. Washington resident and native Baltimorean, Rebecca Redett, after realizing that fashionable, sophisticated, and nicely-fitting bicycle clothing for women wasn’t readily available. Traditional cycling gear tends to look masculine and mimic competitive race wear with a great deal of lettering and logos aplenty. Frustrated by the lack of great cyclewear for women, SASSYCYCLIST designed a high-quality line of American-made apparel to fill this niche.

While maintaining the important attributes of performance wear– such as wicking, quick-dry, and antimicrobial properties– SASSYCYCLIST is a fashion-forward brand with a
jersey design better suited to the average female form. They feature lush florals, beautiful colorways, and quirky geometrics on a soft brushed jersey polyester spandex blend fabric that is neither clingy or restrictive.

Many female bike riders, especially those in the 35+ year demographic, don’t always think of themselves as athletes per se and aren’t drawn to the racing look. As owner Rebecca Redett notes, “The departure from the typical racing design will help SASSYCYCLIST establish a unique, recognizable brand and provide the company a competitive advantage. I believe women will be drawn to a stylish, true-to-size, and comfortable jersey.”

Besides the design and production of exceptional cycling jerseys, SASSYCYCLIST aims to encourage women to start or continue riding as a form of recreation, exercise, transportation, group bonding, and/or as way to appreciate and discover our surroundings. Beyond the obvious potential monetary benefit for the company with increasing female ridership and subsequent spending, it’s important to promote cycling for the health of women, our communities, and our planet.


For more info, or to contribute to the campaign, click here.

SASSYCYCLIST, LLC was set up in Baltimore in 2014. The company is owned by Rebecca Redett, a former nurse-midwife who rediscovered, along with several friends, the great fun of bicycling. And the not-so-great apparel. We set out to change that and we’ve done it! Sample jerseys were well-received at Women Bike (March 2014) and The Annual Bike Summit in Annapolis, Maryland (March 2014). Currently, SASSYCYCLIST is a sponsor of the 2015 Annual Tour Du Port in Baltimore (9/27) and will have jerseys for sale there.

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17 Teaspoons of Sugar in Soda! Are We Just Buying Diabetes?

2 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 20, 2015 11:07am

Business Health Services created this easy-to-read comparison of sugar contained in soda. Note: Kids daily allowance of sugar is 4 teaspoons!

Business Health Services created this easy-to-read comparison of sugar contained in soda. Note: Kids daily allowance of sugar is 4 teaspoons!

I took a sip of water, looked up and thought, “Holy cow. Everyone should see this.”

The ‘Think Before You Drink’ poster, produced by Baltimore’s-own Business Health Services, was posted above the drinking fountain at my daughter’s school. My eyes went straight to the 20-oz. orange Fanta bottle containing 17.6 teaspoons of sugar. That’s four times a child’s daily sugar allowance. I know that sodas are basically liquid candy, but having the metric unit of sugar grams converted to teaspoons was eye opening. Read More →

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Gov. Hogan’s Cancer “95 Percent Gone”

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015 12:17pm


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has had quite a rollercoaster of a year. First, he won a race with the odds stacked against him; then just a few months into his first term, doctors told him that he had an aggressive form of cancer and his body was riddled with 60 tumors. Now, in his first face-to-face interview since he revealed his diagnosis earlier this summer, Hogan told the Washington Post that the cancer was effectively “dead.” Read More →

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Ben Carson Experimented on Fetal Tissue

0 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 10:25am

Ben Carson jokes about bakers poisoning gay couples' wedding cakes

In the wake of the recent Planned Parenthood scandal (in which hidden-camera videos captured a medical director at the organization speaking about donating fetal tissue, which is a long-standing and legal practice), Republican presidential candidate/Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson called medical experiments using fetal tissue “disturbing.” But as a science writer Jen Gunter uncovered this week, Carson himself has conducted experiments using fetal brain tissue while at Johns Hopkins. Read More →

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First Organic Park in Baltimore: Canton Waterfront Park

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015 2:29pm

Looking out on the harbor from Canton Waterfront Park.

Looking out on the harbor from Canton Waterfront Park.

catch of the day fish (2)These days, Canton Waterfront Park is known as the place where First Thursdays is held. This weekend, it will officially get another distinction as the city’s first organic park. Read More →

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