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Follow Doctor’s Orders: The Danger of Skipping A Dose

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Non-Adherence to Prescribed Drugs Comes with Staggering Costs

Funny thing about medication, it will not work unless you take it.  For many of us, that simple task just seems to slip through the cracks. In fact, medication non-adherence–not taking medications as prescribed—is one of America’s costliest health problems.

Nearly half of the annual prescriptions dispensed in the United States are not taken as prescribed. Total cost estimates for non-adherence range from $100 to $300 billion each year for additional doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital admissions and additional medicines. The reasons for non-adherence are as varied as patients themselves. Among them are the cost of medication, concern about side effects, forgetfulness with taking or refilling medications and doubts about whether a medication is needed. Read More →

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The Gynecologist Who Secretly Filmed Patients Just Cost Hopkins $190 Million

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Last year, a former employee tipped Baltimore Police off to the fact that Johns Hopkins gynecologist Nikita Levy was secretly filming patients. An investigation quickly turned up more than 1,300 videos and images; as many as 9,000 patients may have been affected in one way or another. Before he could be prosecuted, Levy killed himself – leaving the hospital to bear the brunt of the victims’ anger (and lawsuits).
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Baltimore Youth Track Club Qualifies for U.S. Junior Olympics

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HTL Track Club Qualifies for Junior Olympics

The HTL  Club

Baltimore’s HTL Club began with Vaughn Davis coaching seven Baltimore youths in football skills. Last summer he switched their training to track and field, and a year later the group has qualified for the USA Track & Field National Junior Olympics by placing in three events in the regional competition. The team of 13- and 14-year-olds earned third place in the 400-meter dash, fifth place in the 4×100 relay, and third place in the 4×400 relay. Read More →

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Johns Hopkins Plummets to Third Place in Best Hospital Rankings

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There are 5,723 registered hospitals in the United States, according to the American Hospital Association. Being better than 5,721 of them is pretty impressive–but for Johns Hopkins Hospital, which was ranked by U.S. News as the top hospital in the country for more than two decades, third place is basically synonymous with “LOSER.”
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Be Careful With Those Jetpacks, Everyone

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Photo via Relentless Watersports

Photo via Relentless Watersports

Our very own Robert O’Brien has been detailing the increasingly silly regulations that are popping up in Ocean City–no swearing, no laser pointers, etc. But increased regulation of jet packs? That actually does sound like a good idea.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital Installs a Very Unusual Vending Machine

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014 10:25am

Photo via the JHU Hub

Photo via the JHU Hub

Vending machines sell way more than just candy these days. There are vending machines that sell electronics and make-up and even live crabs (that one’s in China). But the new machine installed at Johns Hopkins Hospital is certainly one-of-a-kind.
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Johns Hopkins Miracle Baby Shows Signs of HIV After All

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Last year, Johns Hopkins physician Deborah Persaud made headlines all over the world when she announced that her team had effectively cured a newborn baby of HIV with an aggressive dose of post-birth antiretroviral drugs. The news was huge, and Persaud was named one of Time’s 10 most important people of 2013.
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Smallpox Discovered in Maryland Storage Room. Oops.

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Smallpox is a disease so virulent and deadly that it’s only allowed to be kept in two places on the entire planet, both of them regularly inspected by the World Health Organization. So when an FDA scientist found 16 vials containing the disease in a storage room in Bethesda, everyone was pretty surprised.
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Hampden Farmers Market Keeps it Delicious, Local & Healthy

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from Lou Catelli of Genco Pura, LTD:

Chef Bernard of The Corner BYOB, and Lou Catelli of Genco Pura LTD, are proud to sponsor and announce the first ever Hampden Farmers’ Market. Beginning Saturday May 17th, and running every Saturday until Thanksgiving, local farmers and vendors will be set up on Elm Avenue at 36th Street in the heart of glorious Hampden. The Hampden Farmers’ market will have an amazing selection of locally grown produce, meats and cheeses, eggs and dairy, breads and baked goods, and locally brewed coffee drinks. The hours of operation will be 9am until 1pm.

Additionally, The Corner BYOB will be offering a special brunch for shoppers of the Hampden Farmers’ Market. Bring anything that you buy from any of the vendors, and Chef Bernard will use those ingredients in the dishes prepared for you.

Remember while you are in Hampden, make sure to check out our perfect selection of shops, services, bars, and restaurants, all locally owned and operated.

Hampden Farmers’ Market TENTATIVE list of vendors:

Two Boots Farm
Stoney Ridge Farm
Sheep Hill Farm

Pluma Feliz Farms
Purple Sol Farm

The Corner Spore, aka The Mushroom Guy

Mobtown Meat snacks
Tanner’s Pickles
The Charmery
Spro Coffee
The Modest Florist
Cafe Hon
Stone Mill Bakery

with more vendors added weekly

Hampden 2

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Which Are Maryland’s Cleanest Beaches?

0 Written by: | Friday, Jun 27, 2014 10:30am

Photo by Barbara Gallagher via Delaware Way

Photo by Barbara Gallagher via Delaware Way

Every year, the Natural Resources Defense Council looks at beaches across the United States, measuring whether their water quality is safe for swimmers. Maryland beaches usually measure up… okay, with about 6 percent of water samples exceeding the NRDC’s limits for, um, acceptable contamination. (Want to know more about what “contamination” consists of? No, you don’t. But if you really do, check out the full report here.)

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