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Further Proof That Football Causes Brain Damage

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015 9:04am

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At this point, what insane holdouts still refuse to believe that football– a game in which gigantic men repeatedly slam into each other as hard as they can–causes brain damage? If you know any such people, point them towards this new research out of Johns Hopkins, which provides evidence (again) that repeated head injuries in football players poses a serious neurological risk. Read More →

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City Living Doesn’t Cause Asthma, JHU Docs Say

0 Written by: | Friday, Jan 23, 2015 10:20am


For years, people have been talking about how living in the city makes people more likely to develop asthma. The idea makes sense: Kids growing up in urban areas are probably more likely to be exposed to pollutants, indoor cigarette smoke, and other asthma triggers. But when a group of researchers at Johns Hopkins decided to explore that claim, they ended up finding something very different from what they expected to. Read More →

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What’s New With 2 Health Nuts & A Kale-Brussel Sprout Hybrid Superfood? What!

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jan 22, 2015 10:00am


from our friends – 2 Health Nuts

Lot’s happening for the “2 Health Nuts;” yes, while we have been quiet on Facebook its only because we are “behind the scenes” gearing up for a FABULOUS couple of months. Looking for a sneak peek? Hmm, while our lips are sealed for right now, here is a little showcase of what we have been testing out in the kitchen…this is our “throwback” to this past week!

– Hummus, hummus, and more hummus! Trying out some new varieties (by curiosity and request). These have been in quite the demand…let us know if you want to get in on the action. Read More →

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Hopkins Researchers Are Working on a Whole New Way to Fight Cancer

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 9:13am

New Way to Fight Cancer

Pancreatic cancer cells, via Wikimedia Commons.

What if there was a way to fight cancer without declaring all-out war on the cancer cells (and typically destroying your hair and white blood cells in the process)? Yeah, sounds good to me, too. Read More →

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Drastic Times Call For Plastic Measures

0 Written by: | Friday, Jan 16, 2015 12:00pm

recycling photosThis column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks!  Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

I’ve been a mild environmentalist, the kind of person who at parties wears regular cowhide shoes and steers the conversation gently to the plight of the sea otters in California. That is, I was a mild environmentalist —  until this week.

Read More →

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Baltimore Health Commissioner on Why She Left the ER

0 Written by: | Friday, Jan 16, 2015 10:03am

Baltimore's new health commissioner

Dr. Leana Wen

We already knew that Baltimore’s new health commissioner, Dr. Leana Wen, is a TED Talk sensation and advocate for patients, but yesterday she gave a closer look at why she left the Emergency Room to head Baltimore’s health department in an essay at NPR. Read More →

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Inner Harbor Ice Skating Extended to February

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015 4:34pm

(photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership)

(photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership)

The McKeldin Square ice skating rink was meant to be a holiday affair. But since everything else is still frozen anyway, it’s staying open until mid-February. Read More →

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Grandfather Tries out for Orioles

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015 11:25am


Mark Hendrickson is a grandfather. He’s also trying his hardest to play for the Orioles (again). Read More →

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The 2 Health Nuts Take it Beyond “Yes” and “No” “Approved” Foods and Fantasy Fitness

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015 4:30pm

2 Health Nuts stretch and strengthen in stripes...and with pretty Orla Kelly mats.

2 Health Nuts stretch and strengthen in stripes…and with pretty Orla Kelly mats.

from our friends the 2 Health Nuts~

Still thinking about your “New Year’s Resolution?” Are you finding it hard to take the first step towards changing your behaviors & making that mindset switch?

Let the “2 Health Nuts” assist and guide you on your journey towards a sustainable and realistic change. IDEA Fitness Journal recently published an article on weight loss and happiness. “People often begin a weight loss journey with high hopes that once they reach their goal, their quality of life will improve.” Recent studies are now suggesting this is not the “golden ticket” to a happier, healthier life.

This research is exactly in line with what we, the 2 Health Nuts, advocate and educate our clients on every day. In the article, IDEA asked North Carolina fitness director, Leslie Ann Quillen, her thoughts. Her response: “promote, and focus, on quality of life improvements in ways that do not involve the scale.” Oh Leslie, we are right there with you!

Our Behavioral Change and Mindset Coaching goes deep…we mean really deep. Beyond “yes” and “no” “approved” foods, or how long you should be working out, we want to find out about YOU. Everyone is different; sure, the skeleton of our program may be the same for participants, but that’s just it, a simple outline to follow. The content and literature we educate on will vary for each client. No two programs will look the same. They are unique, just like you.

We are three weeks away from our February 1st start. There is plenty of time to still register! If we still have not gotten your attention, here are some tips that Leslie offers, and one’s that we will really GO DEEP with throughout the program. Remember, there are lots of ways to register – multiple links through Facebook or feel free to email/message us for more details.

1. Act as if you are already there. It is that simple – “get up every day and act as if you are living in your ideal body, at your desired body composition, and do the things that lean, fit individuals do.”

2. Non-scale victories are the BEST. Our self-worth & success should not be defined by the numbers on a battery operated machine. While we know it is hard, we need to look beyond this and focus on the benefits of healthy living (big-picture Health Nuts). What does this look like? Well, it can be many things…you define. Track progress by means of before and after pictures; master a challenging strength or yoga move; run your first race; strive to make fat-loss friendly meals 5 or 6 days per week.

3. No more negative self-talk…‪#‎begrateful‬ Sure, we all have our vices; “I wish I looked like Jennifer Aniston” or “If only I could have 6-pack abs, I would be so much happier.” Yes, we have all been there, or are still there, but where is this getting us? Instead, focus on being grateful for what you do have and are able to do! “I may not have 6-pack abs but I can hold my plank position, with perfect form, for 1 minute.”


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Hopkins Postdoc Makes Forbes “30 Under 30″ List

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jan 13, 2015 9:59am


Last week, we wrote about Baltimore artist Gaia making the Forbes “30 Under 30″ list. He wasn’t the only local to make the cut, however. Read More →

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