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Zika Virus and the Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Debate

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zika mosquitojpg

In light of the recent headlines about the mosquito-born Zika virus, the debate has been raging over genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes. Read More →

ICU Stays Are Linked to Depression in Johns Hopkins Study

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Nearly one in three patients released from the Intensive Care Unit could be diagnosed with clinical depression, a new Johns Hopkins study suggests. Read More →


What Pokemon Go Fever Reveals About Public Health

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Pokemon Go has swept the nation like, well, a kind of fast-spreading disease. If you’re a Johns Hopkins public health researcher, the game everyone’s going crazy for looks instead like “the makings of a social, or health, experiment on a global scale.” Read More →

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It’s easy to get active this Fall with Baltimore Social. Just Click. Play. Social.

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Temperatures might be cooling down soon, but social sports leagues will be heating up in September when Baltimore Social kicks off its Fall Leagues. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, or you want to meet new people, or you just need an excuse to get out of the house, Baltimore Social has something for you. Read More →

Connecting the Dots Between Michael Phelps and an Ancient Therapy

1 Written by: | Monday, Aug 08, 2016 3:49pm

michaelphelpsEven though he was back to his gold medal form in the pool on Sunday night, Michael Phelps looked like he was playing hurt. On his back and shoulders, which are pretty important for swimming, Phelps displayed what looked like giant circular welts. But, as elite athletes tend to do, Phelps invited this pain. Read More →

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Woodberry Wellness Has Expanded! Looking for Health and Wellness Practitioners

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Woodberry Wellness is excited to announce the expansion and renovation of the neighborhood wellness center.  Nestled in the Woodberry community, behind TV Hill off of 41st Street, Woodberry Wellness is home to a group of independent health and wellness practitioners.  The center has been remodeled to include three new treatment rooms, and we are looking for practitioners to add to our community.  The treatment rooms offer flexible space for massage therapists, acupuncture, bodyworker, psychotherapy, TRE and more.

Monthly rentals start at $125 which entitles you to the following:

Read More →

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Tonight! Teen Dodgeball Ages 11 – 17 at Towson Rockin’ Jump

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 05, 2016 4:30pm


Let’s face it-  there aren’t many options out there for teens to ‘hang out’ on a Friday night where they can get their jam AND their game on.  Tonight, kids 12 – 17 can come out of the heat and into the cool AC, where they can work up a sweat jumping, flipping, dunking and dodgeballing, all to the thumping bass of the DJ. Read More →



Prisons Are Bad News for Infectious Diseases, Hopkins Study Says

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Infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis are major problems in prisons worldwide, a Johns Hopkins study has found. Read More →

AcroYoga, Kizomba, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Massage and More at the Interfusion Festival

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Interfusion Festival is an annual celebration of the human spirit. The Festival connects a variety of arts and communities together for a unique melting pot experience. The Festival includes over 30 day workshops, 30 artists, and 2 nights of major shows and dance socials. Net proceeds are being donated to local communities, non-profits and the arts.

Beginners Welcome & No Partner Necessary. Read More →

Johns Hopkins’s Ebola Suit Gets Tested in Liberia

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Hampden wedding dress designer

An example of a current Ebola suit, via BBC

In 2014, Johns Hopkins brought together 60 experts of various fields (including a wedding dress designer) to design a better protective suit for doctors and nurses who treat Ebola patients. Read More →

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