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Is Flu Medicine Worth It?

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As anyone who’s suffered through it can tell you, getting the flu — the real influenza flu, not just some fly-by-night bug — is miserable. If you’ve got a compromised immune system, it can even be deadly. That’s one reason individuals (and governments!) have invested in anti-flu medicines like Tamiflu and Relenza. But there’s just one catch: According to recent research by a University of Maryland doctor, these anti-flu treatments don’t really work. Read More →

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The New “Old Age” – How Old Are You Really?

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Age is just a number...

Age is just a number…

How old are you?  Loaded question, right?  But the bigger question for many people these days:  How  how old do you feel? The definitions of “old” and “elderly” are shifting, and there is almost a backlash against the terms in both social and scientific circles. When National Public Radio ran a story some time ago about a 71-year-old midwife that they described as “elderly,” readers were irate. Among the comments,  “She’s 71 and delivering babies…There’s nothing elderly about her.” Read More →

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Maryland Man Caught Rabies From an Organ Transplant

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rabies raccoon

Last year, a Maryland man got a kidney transplant, which must have seemed like a blessing in disguise at the time. Well, it wasn’t; the man contracted rabies from his new organ a year after the transplant, and died not long afterwards. This is the second time on record in the United States that an organ donor has infected a recipient with rabies through an organ transplant.
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When is a Risky Space Mission Too Dangerous To Attempt?

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If you saw Gravity, you have an idea of what a disaster in space might feel like to an astronaut: terrifying, alienating, and utterly overwhelming. But as NASA ponders the future of its space program, which will probably include high-risk missions and long-duration flights (like, oh, say, a trip to Mars!?), how can they determine when a risky mission is too dangerous? To help answer that tricky ethical question, they turned to an Institute of Medicine committee, chaired by  Johns Hopkins bioethics professor Jeffrey Kahn.
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Marylanders at High Risk of Zombie Attack

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Image via Estately

Image via Estately

We report on a lot of rankings here at the Baltimore Fishbowl. Some of them are encouraging (Baltimore is one of the most gay-friendly cities in the country!) and some are confusing (Baltimore is one of the best cities for singles– really?), so we try to keep a healthy level of skepticism. But this ranking of states most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse seems not only scientifically rigorous, but also very important. And, unfortunately, we lose.
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Moving the Goal Posts: Catching Up with Molly Shattuck

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Molly Shattuck has grabbed the attention of Baltimoreans ever since becoming – at the age of 38 with three young children – a Baltimore Ravens’ cheerleader, the oldest in NFL history.

We watched her appear on the reality television show “Secret Millionaire” in 2008, as she and her mother, Joan, lived for a week on “welfare wages” and passed out checks totaling $1 million to needy residents of a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Three years later, she released an exercise video and started a website called Vibrant Living, showcasing a healthy-lifestyle approach that she lives and advocates.  Now, the recently separated wife of former Constellation Energy CEO Mayo Shattuck has written Vibrant Living, the book. (Available at and Read More →

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MidAtlantic Day Trips: Cookies are the Goal on the B&A Trail

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B&A Map
From Mid-Atlantic Day Trips - The recent warm weather in Maryland enticed me to try out my new bike. Since I hadn’t ridden a bike for 20 years, we decided to start with small goals: a comfortable 2.5 mile ride to — get this, a coffee shop along the scenic Baltimore & Annapolis Trail purported to sell the most delicious breakfast harvest cookies (sounds healthy, doesn’t it?) — and back.We started at convenient parking at Earleigh Heights (mile marker 7.0). The ranger’s station is located in a quaint old Victorian building that was built in 1889 as a store, post office, and, you guessed it, train station. It was run as a store until 1943, and then was a private residence. The county obtained the property in 1988 and restored the building in 1990.The B&A Trail runs for just over 13 miles between Glen Burnie and Annapolis, following the old Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad. Managed by Anne Arundel County Department of Parks and Recreation, the trail is associated with the Rails to Trails Conservancy (RTC), a national organization advocating for transforming abandoned railroad rights of way into public trails. In fact, you can still see evidence of the old railroad along the trail. There are switch boxes, sections of track, and the railroad station at Earleigh Heights, which serves as the ranger’s station. Read More →

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This Week in Research: Cancer Moves in 3D

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Image of cancer cells moving through a 3D collagen matrix by by Johns Hopkins Univeristy graduate student Anjil Giri

Image of cancer cells moving through a 3D collagen matrix by by Johns Hopkins Univeristy graduate student Anjil Giri

Cancer cells are mysterious little guys that can wreak a lot of havoc. One way to fight against them is to understand them better — know your enemy and all that, right? — which is why this new research out of Johns Hopkins is exciting.

For a long time, biologists assumed cancer moved through the body in a slow, staggering kind of way, a behavior they poetically dubbed “random walk.” But one group of Johns Hopkins researchers started to wonder whether the cancer cells’ random movement wasn’t so random after all. Whereas most cancer studies are done using flat lab dishes, this group decided to use sophisticated mathematical modeling to examine how the cells would move through a 3D environment. And they found that they “follow more direct, almost straight-line trajectories,” according to professor Denis Wirtz.
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Things Johns Hopkins is Really Good At

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As you may have heard, the Johns Hopkins Hospital has been ranked number one in the nation for 22 of the past 23 years. And that’s great. But the school would also like you to remember that it’s not just good at one thing–it’s good at many, many things. Read More →

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Rotunda Massage Presents Restore Your Radiance – A Health Coaching Series for Women

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Edited from press release:


Rotunda Massage and Cortney Chaite Coaching presents Restore Your Radiance, a health coaching series for women beginning April 1, 2014 for ten weeks. The sessions will take place at the Rotunda Conference Center in Roland Park.

Local health, nutrition and lifestyle coaches, Jane Marinelli and Cortney Chaite have designed a program to help women create lasting dietary and life changes, increase energy, reduce stress and eliminate food cravings. “We are limiting group size to ensure that each participant receives personal guidance, knowledge and coaching,” explains Jane Marinelli. “Group interaction and support is an integral part of of the program, along with personal attention to the individual needs of each.

Cortney Chaite is a weight loss and passion-finding coach for women who wish to reach their goals for health, weight loss, and self-actualization. As a Certified Health Coach graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Cortney regularly presents workshops and lectures on living a healthy, passionate and balanced life.

Jane Marinelli, MS, LMT is a a Maryland State Licensed, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and group facilitator of wellness programs. Additionally, Jane is a Certified Health Coach graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

For information or to register, go to or contact Jane Marinelli at or Cortney Chaite at The Rotunda Conference Center is located at 711 W. 40th Street – Baltimore, MD 21211. For information by phone call 443.386.2054 or visit and


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