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Fodor’s Ranks Baltimore Among World’s 15 Best Waterfront Cities

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Fodor's Travel

Photo by John Keith via

Fodor’s Travel recently included Baltimore among their picks for the 15 best waterfront cities in the world. The city was honored alongside the likes of Venice and Amsterdam!

The Fodor’s writeup focuses on the Inner Harbor, natch, and recommends travelers visit the aquarium and the science center before watching the sunset while eating a crab cake at The Rusty Scupper. Artscape also gets a shout-out. Read More →

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This November, Sharpen Your Skates and Head to McKeldin Plaza

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McKeldin Plaza

McKeldin Plaza, ca. 2011. Photo by Casey McKeel, via Occupy Bmore

We may not get a fishable, swimmable harbor until 2020 (if then!), but we get an ice skate-able one by November. That is to say, Waterfront Partnership Inc. just got the go-ahead to install an ice skating rink at McKeldin Plaza for Baltimore’s cold season.

Waterfront Partnership are currently gathering sponsorships to pay for it. (T. Rowe Price just promised $250,000, so looks like they’re good.) If the money works out, the rink would measure 60 feet by 120 feet and operate from November to February. Read More →

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Independence Day Fireworks Right Downtown

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jul 01, 2014 1:51pm


catch of the day fish (2)With Baltimore’s prime location between Washington D.C. (our nation’s capital, you know) and Philadelphia (where this whole “independent nation” thing got started) we’ve got plenty of options for places to see some of the most spectacular, no-holds-barred fireworks displays for July 4th. And since this year our country’s birthday falls on a Friday—it’s sure to be an extra-celebratory night no matter where you go. But for us, we like to keep it simple and close to home. Baltimore is a city that knows how to throw a good party, after all. And nothing makes viewing fireworks better than the backdrop of our gorgeous bay. Read More →

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Canton Man Kayaks, Swims to Rescue Puppy from Harbor

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Canton Man Kayaks

Matt Corasanti of Canton may enjoy kayaking in the harbor after work, but I’ll bet he’s not typically very eager to swim in its notoriously polluted waters. But sometimes there’s a puppy that needs your help.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Corasanti was just wrapping up his evening kayaking session when he was approached by a “frantic” man whose dog had fallen into the water.

Corasanti, who quickly re-kayaked, paddled his way toward the puppy. But when he found he couldn’t reach the dog, he did something every Baltimorean hopes he will never be forced to do: take a dip in the harbor.

Corasanti, doing his best “not to get any water in [his] eyes or mouth” swam to dog and and handed him off to his owner who reached down from the dock.

The first thing Corasanti did when he got home? Took a shower. Let’s hope the puppy got a bath.


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Baltimore Beach Volleyball at Rash Field

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Baltimore Beach

catch of the day fish (2)Nothing says summer fun like the sight of bronzed figures leaping around in the sand, sending volleyballs over the net. In fact, many of us have shown up to our summer day at the beach with friends and family only to look over at those happy volleyball players some yards over, thinking, “did they bring that net with them? Do they do this all the time? Were they planted here by the chamber of commerce or something to enhance the beach’s image?” Well, we may not ever have the answers to those exact questions, but we can definitely get closer to them (or to actually being those jubilant, bronzed volleyball players) thanks to Baltimore Beach Volleyball down at the Inner Harbor. Read More →

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Check out the 2013 Ferdlands Sauvignon Blanc at Bin 604

0 Written by: | Friday, Jun 13, 2014 2:00pm

porch-pounders-ad-JUNE Ever heard of a Porch Pounder? It’s the label wine industry people give to wines that go down easily, won’t break the bank and always deliver. It’s a crowd pleaser. Open one at the end of a long week, and you’re sure to start off the weekend in a good place. We’ve partnered with Bin 604 to bring to you the Porch Pounder of the Month and a few other wine suggestions. The staff at Bin 604 regularly tastes over one-hundred wines every week, so you can count on the selections to be ones you’ll want to pound on the porch…or anywhere at all!

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Pabu and Lamill to Close at the End of the Week

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Pabu at Four Seasons Baltimore. Photo via

If you’re a fan of celebrity chef Michael Mina’s Four Seasons eateries Pabu and Lamill, you better get down to the Inner Harbor pay your respects. They’re both closing on June 14. Pabu, a Japanese “izakaya” casual-dining concept, will be replaced by something completely different, while the Lamill space will still be a coffee shop when it reopens.

Sincere Twitter laments from fans of both spots make one wonder why the apparently beloved eateries are getting the ax. The only thing the Harbor East Development Group would say about the decision was that “the culinary scene is a dynamic one and we need to evolve with it in order to best serve our guests.” Read More →

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World Oceans Day Festival at the National Aquarium This Weekend

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jun 05, 2014 3:35pm

The ocean is pretty cool, right? A ridiculously nice thought on a hot June day. Did you know that about 50-80% of earth’s living things are found in the depths of the ocean? In fact, 90% of the ocean has yet to be explored by humans.

This weekend June 7 & 8, the National Aquarium is celebrating World Oceans Day with a FREE weekend-long festival on the Waterfront Plaza and Pierside Terrace– 10am- 3pm. Read More →

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Bring the Kids to the Charm City Carousel

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Carousel for Kids

catch of the day fish (2)Few images evoke such nostalgia and delight as an old fashioned carousel. It’s the ride that no one needs to be afraid of, and that anyone, of any age can enjoy. And all the better if it’s located in the heart of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. A visit to the carousel can make for a gorgeous afternoon activity with the kids and an excuse to take in some sun down at the waterfront—whether you’re riding your own painted mare or standing on the sidelines waving at your little ones. Read More →

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Watch Baltimore’s Trash-Removing Water Wheel in Action

0 Written by: | Monday, May 19, 2014 11:16am

Last week’s rain storm provided Baltimore with its first chance to show off the Inner Harbor’s new trash-removing water wheel in action. As the video above shows, the wheel pulled in all sorts of trash–everything from water bottles to logs to a car tire–which it then automatically sent to a floating dumpster.
Read More →

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