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Check Out This Fancy Residential Skyscraper Proposed for the Inner Harbor

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Baltimore’s skyline may get a little bit of a tweak in the near future. 414 Light Street, across from the Inner Harbor, was formerly a McCormick & Co. manufacturing plant and lately just a parking lot. But if Questar Properties moves forward with its development plans, it will become a luxury residential tower unlike Baltimore has yet seen.

The newly unveiled design for the building received preliminary approval from Baltimore’s Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel. It will be 43-stories, and at 485 feet, the city’s fourth-tallest building. According to Baltimore Business Journal, the architecture firm responsible for the design intends the tower’s “sail-like” top and blue glass walls to evoke the Inner Harbor’s “maritime history.” Read More →

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The Banjo in Baltimore and Beyond at the BMI

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Banjo BMI

catch of the day fish (2)There was a time, not so long ago, when the banjo was the frequent butt of jokes. Much like the accordion or bagpipes, the banjo has been much maligned for its loud, distinctive sound, and the fact that it seems endemic to musical genres not in our usual rotation, anyway. But times change, and everything old is new again. That is to say, the banjo has come back in recent years, and in a big way, too. The instrument’s resonant twang can now be heard in some of the most popular bands going. And with the recent loss of folk legend (and iconic banjo picker) Pete Seeger, our national embrace of the banjo may be actually here to stay. So April 1st, head down to the Baltimore Museum of Industry to brush up on the banjo’s surprising influence on Baltimore’s history—or is it the other way around? Read More →

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New Listing! Open Today 12-2pm & 5-7pm. Premiere Harbor View Pier Townhouse.

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Baltimore Book Festival Relocates to Inner Harbor for 2014

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2014's festival will take place outside of George's shadow.

2014′s festival will take place outside of George’s shadow.

It’s not necessarily a permanent move, but the Baltimore Book Festival will be relocating its 2014 event from its long-time Monument Park locale to the Inner Harbor, at either West Shore Park or Bicentennial Plaza. The change comes suddenly, as festival organizers were only recently made aware of how the current restoration of the Washington Monument would impact BBF’s tent space.

Tracy Baskerville, a spokeswoman for Baltimore Office of Promotion& the Arts, described the move as temporary to the Baltimore Business Journal. But City Paper‘s coverage of the move made a return to Mt. Vernon sound less than certain. BOPA’s festivals director Kathleen Horning told City Paper, “If we can go back to Mount Vernon, that’s definitely on the table.” If? On the table? Read More →

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FEATURED LISTING: Must See Harborview Pier Home with Harbor and City Views

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Wednesday, March 19th

12pm – 2pm and 5pm – 7pm

614 Ponte Villas North, Inner Harbor
3 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
3,369 square feet
614 Ponte Villas North
614 Ponte Villas North Read More →

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Top Chef Star Bryan Voltaggio Announces Opening of First Baltimore Restaurant This Spring

0 Written by: | Monday, Feb 17, 2014 11:04am

Photo of DC's Aggio via Urban Daddy

Photo of DC’s Aggio via Urban Daddy

For years now, anyone wanting to enjoy the food of Bryan Voltaggio, Frederick’s celebrity chef/former Top Chef finalist, had to drive to either Frederick or DC to do so. But not for long.
Read More →

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Would You Ride a Water Taxi in Winter?

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For some, the Inner Harbor’s Water Taxi boats are an icon of summer in Baltimore, but owner Michael McDaniel wants to convince Baltimoreans to get out on the water year round.

And to drum up business in the off-season he’s offering a pretty wicked deal. For the standard fee of a $7 to $12 roundtrip, you can order up a boat to pick you up and take you to any one of the 17 Harbor Connector stops. McDaniel says you may wait as little as five minutes. Read More →

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Move Over Bronies, an Even More Far-Out Gathering Is Coming to Baltimore

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I know that BronyCon gave us the voyeuristic delight of watching teens and twenty-somethings obsess over what is ostensibly a children’s show, but the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, which takes over the Baltimore Convention Center starting Jan. 15, is actually more far out.

The “largest mathematics meeting in the world” will gather many of the planet’s greatest abstract thinkers for an absolutely epic brain-fest. The conference is full up on talks with titles delightfully mystifying to the uninitiated, such as “The Finite Steinhaus Problem,” “The Complexity of Transcendence Bases in Computable Ordered Fields,” and “Noetherian Properties on Generalized Power Series Rings.” Read More →

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Baltimore’s Most Notorious Dine & Dasher Arrested Again

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Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer

Andrew Palmer, known for occasionally doing very dramatic things to skip out on the check at local eateries, has struck again! This time the 46-year-old dine and dasher attempted to blow off a $50 tab at the Inner Harbor’s Kona Grill on New Year’s Day.

According to police, he made as if he was headed to the bank to withdraw money for his bill. Which bank? He told police he didn’t know. Could he produce a bank card? No, he could not. So into police custody he went. Read More →


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Christmas Village Comes to Baltimore

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Christmas Village

catch of the day fish (2)Sometimes, when institutions start out in other cities (you know, New York or D.C., for example) we don’t take too kindly when they finally decide that—just maybe—Baltimore might be a cool enough place to set up shop as well. We like our traditions and our businesses home-grown, thank you very much. But every so often, we can’t actually play it that cool. Because sometimes, something comes our way and all we can do is start jumping up and down with excitement and screaming the word “hurray!” over and over again, before regaining our composure and pretending that outburst never happened. Today’s “OHMYGODHURRAYHURRAY” addition to town? The Christmas Village. Read More →

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