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Waterfront Wellness Expands Harbor Fitness Classes to Weeknights

1 Written by: | Monday, May 18, 2015 1:32pm

Waterfront Wellness 2catch of the day fish (2)Eating and drinking are plenty reason head for the harbor, but one summer offering provides a chance to burn it off by the water, as well. Read More →

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McKeldin Plaza Plans Would Replace Brutalist Fountain with Water Curtain

0 Written by: | Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:30pm

McKeldin Plaza

McKeldin Plaza, c. 2011. Photo by Casey McKeel, via Occupy Bmore

In McKeldin Plaza, Brutalism may give way to the era of the Water Curtain. Read More →

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Summer Socials Offer Free Friday Music on the Waterfront

0 Written by: | Monday, May 11, 2015 2:12pm

waterfrontpartOn a summer Friday afternoon, mysterious frequencies tell our brains to head straight for the water’s edge. Fortunately, the Waterfront Partnership is offering a gathering point, complete with live music. Read More →

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Baltimore’s Water Wheel Sets a New Record

5 Written by: | Wednesday, Apr 22, 2015 9:51am

Before/after Harbor photo via @MrTrashWheel

Before/after Harbor photo via @MrTrashWheel

Baltimore’s much-admired water wheel, which traps trash in the Inner Harbor, captured 19 tons (TONS!!!) of trash and debris this Monday. That’s enough garbage to fill 6.5 dumpsters– the most it’s ever captured in one day. Read More →

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More Mega-Yachts Could Be Coming to Inner Harbor This Summer

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015 4:04pm

boattpainBaltimore is rich and redeveloping. But if you really want to bring the high rollers to town, yachts have to be part of the equation. And since we’re getting them anyway, let’s make sure they’re at least the size of rapper yachts. So, legislators in Annapolis rushed to craft an “emergency” bill that will make it easier for mega-yachts to dock in the harbor — starting this summer. Read More →

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Now THAT Is an Impressive Lacrosse Feat

1 Written by: | Friday, Mar 13, 2015 9:31am

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.30.13 PM

You know how George Washington was reported to have thrown a silver dollar across the Potomac River? This is kind of like that. Except with a lacrosse ball instead of a silver dollar. And it really happened. Read More →


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Shake Shack Is Opening an Inner Harbor Location Next Week

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015 3:22pm

shake-shack-bmore.0.0The anticipation and liquor license wrangling has been building for weeks now. On Monday, Shake Shack will open its Inner Harbor location. Read More →

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We May Start Burning the Trash from the Water Wheel

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Feb 04, 2015 7:45am

A new agreement between Baltimore City and the Waterfront Partnership could change the fate of the trash collected by Inner Harbor Water Wheel. Read More →

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Developers Having Visions of Inner Harbor Arena

1 Written by: | Friday, Jan 16, 2015 2:45pm

(rendering via Cordish Company)

(rendering via Cordish Company)

RoFo Arena could have some competition on the waterfront. As Baltimore Business Journal first reported, the Cordish Company has plans to build a new arena at Inner Harbor, and they have a rendering with spotlights to prove it.  Read More →

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Inner Harbor Ice Skating Extended to February

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015 4:34pm

(photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership)

(photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership)

The McKeldin Square ice skating rink was meant to be a holiday affair. But since everything else is still frozen anyway, it’s staying open until mid-February. Read More →

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