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Constellation Becomes NHL Sponsor in Green Power Play

0 Written by: | Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 4:41pm

capsHockey is often associated with black and blue, but a deal announced Thursday aimed at giving green a foothold on the ice. The NHL signed a deal that will make Baltimore-based Constellation Energy the “official energy provider”of the professional hockey league. Read More →

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What Baltimore Googled in 2014

0 Written by: | Thursday, Dec 18, 2014 9:30am


Our Google searches reveal more about us than we might expect. For example, in 2013, Americans were interested–very interested–in twerking.

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Gracious Receiving 101

2 Written by: | Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 12:00pm


What to do if we receive a Christmas present we hate? University of Baltimore MFA student Melinda Cianos gives it to us straight.

Okay, let’s review. This holiday season you are likely to receive, if you’re lucky and people like you, a nifty gift or two. Please do not forget the appropriate reaction to said gifts in order to avoid the severed relationships and tarnished reputation surely to follow you into the New Year if you do. Below: a few reminders to help you stay in good, gracious standing. Read More →

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Feel Guilty About Your Love for Serial? Here’s What to Do About It

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014 10:22am

As we’ve chronicled a number of times before, we’re huge fans of This American Life alumna Sarah Koenig’s new podcast Serial, which centers on the murder of a Baltimore high school student in 1999. But as it becomes increasingly impossible to ignore that the case involves real people with real feelings, it’s getting harder to enjoy Koenig’s storytelling without guilt pangs.

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Gold Cup Soccer Tourney to Return to Baltimore

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014 5:51pm

USM&T? (via Getty Images)

USM&T? (via Getty Images)

M&T Bank Stadium will once again play host to the rest of the world’s football in 2015. Read More →


Winter Fest Update: Initial Details on 2015 Folk & Bluegrass Fest, First Thursday, Book Fest

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014 4:17pm

Words With Strangers at Balt. Book Fest (Stephen Babcock)

Words With Strangers at Balt. Book Fest (Stephen Babcock)

It’s a chilly, rainy day in December, so outdoor fun probably isn’t on the immediate agenda. Unless, of course, you’re a local festival organizer who thinks about fair-weather events year-round. Three of our favorites have already announced details about their 2015 plans. Let’s check in: Read More →

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It’s Your Last Chance to See Maryland’s Wildest Christmas House

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Dec 16, 2014 10:07am


There are Christmas decorations and then there are Christmas decorations. The Daniels family has the second kind. Their home at 5034 Durham Road East is so wildly, effusively decorated that 500 cars an hour (!) pay it homage during the holiday season. Read More →

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There’s Now Room For Your Bike on Weekend MARC Trains

0 Written by: | Friday, Dec 12, 2014 5:10pm

photo via MTA

photos via MTA

Starting Saturday (Dec. 13), MARC Penn line passengers will be allowed to bring bikes on weekend trains. Read More →

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Stoking the Start-Up Spirit at Gilman School

1 Written by: | Friday, Dec 12, 2014 10:00am


Henrik Scheel, creator of The Start-Up Experience

With technological innovation on the rise, today’s youth face a career landscape vastly different from that of their parents, and different even from the generation just before them.  In fact, some of the jobs for which current students will compete do not yet exist.

So how do we prepare students for this ever-changing world? Read More →


E-Cigarette Forces Emergency Landing at BWI

0 Written by: | Thursday, Dec 11, 2014 3:37pm


Vaping may not be the same as smoking, but sneaking an e-cig in the bathroom can apparently cause the same kinds of issues as tobacco. Read More →

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