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NFL Taps Former Gilman Coach, Former Colt Joe Ehrmann to Help End Domestic Violence

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Joe Ehrmann – In an effort to educate NFL owners and players on the issues of domestic violence, commissioner Roger Goodell has turned to former Baltimore Colt Joe Ehrmann. Read More →


Police Seek Man Who Has Too Many Wives

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Deshawn W. Felipa (Balt. Co. Police)

Deshawn W. Felipa (Balt. Co. Police)

Hoes in different area codes is one thing, but Ludacris never advised marriage. Baltimore County police are looking for a man who has wives across Maryland, but stood up a judge. Read More →

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Maglev’s Moment? Campaign for High-Speed Train from Baltimore-DC Picks up Steam

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The backers of a train that would ping commuters from D.C. to Baltimore in a mere 15 minutes already floated their plans in Baltimore earlier this fall. This week, the bullet train boosters showed the national business media types the train in Japan. But given the hard realities of building such a massive project, are we all being taken for a ride? Read More →

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Nina Pham Cured of Ebola at Md. Hospital

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Nina Pham (via NBC News)

Nina Pham (via NBC News)

Nina Pham, the first nurse who contracted Ebola while caring for a patient in Dallas, was released from a NIH hospital in Maryland on Friday, and declared Ebola-free. Read More →

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Cheap, Direct Flights from Baltimore to Iceland Start in 2015

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Iceland is famous for Bjork and hot springs and gorgeous mountain vistas. And as of early next year, it’ll be one simple plane ride away. That’s because low-cost airline WOW, based in Iceland, has chosen BWI to be one of two airports offering direct flights to Reykjavik.

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Princeton University Former Admissions Officer Talks College Admission and Financial Aid in Baltimore, Nov. 14

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Revised CollegeMatchPlus ad


We Wrongly Released a Murder Suspect, but We Got Him Back!

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Wrongly released murder suspect Rodriguez Purnell back in custody

It’s not yet clear exactly how Rodriguez Purnell, charged with murder, was mistakenly released from custody, beyond the Department of Corrections admitting to a “lapse in release procedures.”

But lucky for them, Purnell didn’t go very far. In fact, authorities found him Thursday evening “just blocks away from the scene of the murder he’s charged in, which is just feet from his last known home address.” Particularly lucky considering the suspect was gone two full days before anyone at the prison knew he was missing. Read More →

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White Marsh Outlet Mall Approved Despite Neighbors’ Qualms

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White Marsh Outlet Mall

Thank goodness someone is finally developing White Marsh. Via

Traffic, flooding, stormwater runoff, crime, overcrowded schools. If those don’t exactly sound like White Marsh problems (except for traffic), just wait until Paragon Outlets builds a new 500,000 square-foot outlet mall and residential complex at the junction of I-95 and Route 43. At least, that’s what the locals are saying.

Every one of those concerns and more was brought up during an eight-day administrative hearing on the development project. And yet, despite potentially hurling White Marsh into the Third World*, Baltimore County Administrative Judge John E. Beverungen approved the projects plans, with a few conditions. They’ve got to follow updated stormwater-control protocol, and the main sign can only be so high, “so” being 75 feet. Read More →


Baltimore Suffers Second Sewage Leak in Three Weeks

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second sewage leak

Gwynns Falls (

If you thought it was bad when 17,553 gallons of raw sewage flowed into Gwynns Falls over the course of eight days, with the city finally fixing it Oct. 2), then take a look at this. But you may want to plug your nose. A new leak sent 36,000 gallons of sewage into Maiden’s Choice Run, a Gwynns Falls tributary, in just three hours on Thursday. At least this time we heard about it a lot sooner! Read More →


Interactive Map Sizes Up Ravens Nation

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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.25.00 PMA new map from Twitter’s data crunchers shows the size of Ravens Nation. That’s right Baltimore. On Sundays, the Aleutian Islands are with you.  Read More →

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