Just How Hot Will Baltimore Summers Be in 2100?

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Baltimore summers

I’ve got some bad news for anyone living in Baltimore in the year 2100. The summers are going to be hot. Sure, we sort of already knew that, but there’s a new interactive map at Climate Central that can tell us just how hot. Currently, Baltimore summers see an average high temperature of 86.9 degrees Farenheit. Assuming no major changes are made to combat climate change, by 2100 that will climb to 96.7 degrees. To put that in perspective, the map tells me that’s the current summer average high temperature for Pharr, Texas. In case you’ve never heard of Pharr, let me tell you, it’s way down at the bottom!

In fact, Climate Central says that most of the summer temperatures in the 1,001 cities it analyzed will resemble those currently enjoyed by cities in Texas and Florida.

“In some cases, summers will warm so dramatically that their best comparison is to cities in the Middle East. Take Las Vegas, for example. Summer highs there are projected to average a scorching 111°F, which is what summer temperatures are like today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And at 114°F°, living in Phoenix will feel like summering in sweltering Kuwait City.”


Check out the map below:


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Baltimore-Designed Haystack App Starts Trouble in Boston

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A Baltimore-designed parking app that brokers the sale of parking spaces merely incentivizes the exchange of useful information has been making waves way up I-95.

When Haystack debuted in Baltimore in May, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was tentatively supportive, even posing for a picture at the launch party. Our parking authority is waiting to see how the app works out before passing judgment. Haystack got quite a different reception in Boston, where it launched a couple weeks ago. Mayor Marty Walsh released multiple press releases condemning the app and vowed to “take appropriate measures to prohibit” it.

The app works like this. Let’s say you are parked downtown. A few minutes before you plan to vacate your spot, you notify Haystack users who are cruising for parking in the area. If a driver wants your spot, she pays $3 to reserve it. You get $2.25. Haystack takes 75 cents. Further, let’s say you’re not planning to leave your spot for a while, but you’d move for the right price. You can set a “make me move” amount up to $15. But the really incredible thing is that somehow this does not add up to the private sale of public property, according to Haystack CEP Eric Meyer. Read More →


Flooding Is Turning Into a Serious Problem for Baltimore

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Floods cause road closure, water damage, and the kind of erosion that can destroy a block’s worth of cars in a few seconds. And lucky us, Baltimore is near the top of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report listing cities facing frequent “nuisance floods.”
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Charges Possible Today for Grave-Desecrating Browns Fan

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Cleveland Browns fan

The Cleveland Browns fan who staged a stupid and disgusting revenge urination at the gravesite of former Ravens owner Art Modell has been identified. Baltimore County police have not released his name and haven’t said how exactly they tracked him down. Perhaps they looked for the one guy who owns Ed Reed and Lyle Alzado jerseys. (If you haven’t seen the guy’s stupid video, know that just before he pees down his pant leg using a homemade catheter, there is a not-all-that-mindblowing costume change.) Read More →

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Canton Residents Take Security Into Their Own Hands

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Although violent crime is down across the city, Canton has been the site of numerous break-ins/robberies/thefts in recent months. Many residents are concerned, but fancy security systems are quite pricey. So what’s an anxious Cantonite to do? Why, join the Canton Neighbors Security Camera Group, of course.
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What Your Baltimore Zip Code Says About You

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Mt. Washington residents are likely to have an active relationship with their financial advisors, while Hampdenites probably read Vanity Fair and like to go backpacking. Sound reasonable? Those demographic descriptions come right from market research company Nielsen, which does a lot more than just determine how many people watched a particular TV show. As part of their market-research system, they’ve sorted Americans into 66 demographic categories, from “Bohemian Mix” to “New Money” to “Power Couples.”

The ratings are based on data like consumer spending, household composition, and median age. But they also get way more personal, describing hobbies and lifestyle choices and even music preferences. We looked up a bunch of Baltimore-area zip codes to see if their system makes sense; find yours below, and let us know if it rings true!

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Housekeeping: Our Policy on Sponsored Posts

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Everyday we print sponsored posts.  They are content that small business owners pay for to let you know about their businesses. While the term is an invention of the Internet age, the concept has been in practice for awhile. In the old print model there was a quid quo pro: advertisers would buy an expensive glossy ad and in return the ad team would prevail upon the editorial team to cover the advertisers.  It is a little more sneaky, we think, than letting readers know straight up that a story is paid for — that is, sponsored — by the advertiser. We like it better this way.

Still, we have been criticized for not marking posts more clearly as “sponsored.” Readers have commented that they have felt duped into reading what is paid advertising.

To make it clear, here is our policy going forward: We tag posts as sponsored at the top and, in the case of a column, indicated in italics at the end of the story if it is sponsored.

We ask you, dear reader, to please not disregard content merely because it is sponsored.  Our regular contributors are experts in their fields and knowledgable about the subjects they address. We collaborate with our advertisers to make sure covered topics are of interest to our readers.

Sponsored posts are the best ways for advertisers to get the word out about their businesses, and publishing them is one of the ways we pay the bills at the Baltimore Fishbowl. They are a necessity of the new era.  We will do our best to integrate them into our editorial content in a way that is satisfying to both the reader and the advertiser.  As allows, feel free to be candid with your thoughts about how we can improve.

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Md. Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Theft of 20,000 Pieces of Mail

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20,000 Pieces of Mail Stolen from Catonsville

Photo by J Gallagher via Flickr

Jeffrey Shipley of Millersville, the postal worker accused of stealing mail by the bagful, pleaded guilty Thursday to the theft of “more than 20,000 pieces of mail in Catonsville over a nine-year period.” Shipley faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It’s not an explanation, but the self-published horror writer had previously written the following on his (now offline) website:

“Growing up, I was certain that I’d be an artist. I was good, but I didn’t apply my talent. Eventually I found myself with two children whom I adored, and a job I despised. My creative nature was left unfulfilled.”

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Ray Rice’s Two-Game Suspension Is “A Joke,” “A Disgrace”

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A few months ago, a security camera caught Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator. It appeared to be a clear case of domestic abuse, which the Rices didn’t deny. Shortly after the video went viral, Ray Rice offered a press conference apology that attempted to turn the event into a heartwarming learning moment that made him into a better man. (Most people weren’t buying it.) Read More →

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Man Arrested in Balto. After Commenting on Facebook Mugshot

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Roger Ray Ireland's Facebook mugshot

Roger Ray Ireland

On Wednesday, Anne Arundel County police posted a mugshot of Roger Ray Ireland, 28, wanted for violating his probation, to Facebook. Ireland promptly commented on the photo to declare, among other things, “Yall will never catch me.” He was caught 24 hours later.

Ireland was arrested in the course of a vehicle stop just above the Anne Arundel county line in South Baltimore early Thursday afternoon. He was taken into custody without incident. Read More →

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