Yep, That Was Mike Tyson in That Baltimore-Area Super Bowl Commercial

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Not every viewer was lucky enough to see the Mike Tyson ad during last weekend’s Super Bowl game. Read More →

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SNL’s Kate McKinnon Trying Her Best Baltimore Accent with Sturdy Barbie

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via NBC

via NBC

Larry David and Bernie Sanders got all the attention on the weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, but it wasn’t complete without a Barbie from Baltimore. On Weekend Update, Kate McKinnon played “Sturdy Barbie,” who didn’t quite make the cut when Mattel rebooted the age-old doll collection. Read More →


Aquarium, Enoch Pratt Free Library Team Up for Reading

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National Aquarium Pier 4We’ve seen slogans and, more recently, big book donations from outside Baltimore urging kids to keep reading. On Monday, two of the city’s big institutions booked their support. Read More →


If You Use Your Phone, You’re OK Being Surveilled Maryland AG Says

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Maryland’s use of Stingray cellphone tracking technology caused quite a bit of controversy when it became public knowledge last year. But Brian E. Frosh, Maryland’s attorney general, thinks the drama is overblown. Read More →

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Harford County Students Can’t Take Field Trips to “Unsafe” Baltimore

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6-30 002_thumb

Harford County students will miss out on visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters, the National Aquarium, the birthplace and grave of Edgar Allan Poe, and Fort McHenry, among many other Baltimore-area attractions. That’s because Harford County administrators have banned all field trips to Baltimore City locations for the indefinite future, citing safety concerns. Read More →


BSO President Paul Meecham Takes a New Job in Utah

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Paul Meecham

Paul Meecham

Paul Meecham’s role doesn’t involve taking the podium at the Meyerhoff, but as President and CEO he keeps the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra running and makes the business decisions. This week, Meecham announced he is departing for Utah. Read More →

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Teen Lingerie Entrepreneur Delivers Message of Empowerment to Local Girls

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Megan and Mary Margaret Grassell

Yellowberry Founder Megan Grassell and her sister Mary Margaret Grassell

Imagine you are eleven years old and your mom is taking you to the mall to purchase your first bra.  As you enter the lingerie section, you are confronted with rack after rack of lacy and racy undergarments befitting the runway of a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. 

It is exactly the scenario that inspired Megan Grassell, the CEO and Founder of Yellowberry who speaks today to inspire local girls, to create a bra that “fits your body, not the one you are supposed to have.” Read More →


Is Maryland Assault Weapons Ban in Trouble?

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After the Newtown shooting left 26 people dead — 20 of them small children — the state of Maryland passed a ban on semiautomatic high-capacity assault weapons. Now that gun-control law is in trouble. Read More →


Serial is Back on Adnan Syed’s Case

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Serial producer Sarah Koenig

Serial producer Sarah Koenig on the Colbert Report

The case made famous by Serial is once again the focus of the team behind the podcast. Read More →


Live Baltimore Responds to Washington Post ‘Tripping’ Blog

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pratt-street-redevelopment-baltimoreThe Washington Post’s Tripping blog became the latest to rile up Baltimoreans over a perceived slight coming from that other city with a Beltway to the south this week. The headline, “Come to Baltimore, where the housing is cheap — and life is too,” tells a lot of the story. Read More →

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If You Use Your Phone, You’re OK Being Surveilled Maryland AG Says

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SNL’s Kate McKinnon Trying Her Best Baltimore Accent with Sturdy Barbie

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