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Baltimore County Bike Race This Weekend Around Prettyboy Reservoir

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No wonder its named the Prettyboy

No wonder it’s named the Prettyboy

If you love biking, you may want to participate this weekend in a new race this Sunday, August 24 (first rider starts at 9 a.m.).

The race will be a time trial (individual start) bicycle race around the Prettyboy Reservoir watershed area. The event is sponsored by local bicycle racing team, Joe’s Bike Shop Racing. “It is our hope to bring bike racing back to Baltimore County. This is the first official road race in Baltimore in over a decade,” writes race organizer and promoter Sam Hoffberger in an email.

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Kid Tested, Mother Approved: Local Aerial Adventures for Children Get Thumbs Up from Youths

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Kids are natural monkeys. They love to climb.

Entrepreneur Matt Baker, who owns Terrapin Adventures in Savage, has tapped into the natural desire of kids to go to the tree tops with a new high-wire act: a ropes course just for kids called the Terrapin Explorers Kids Course. It’s designed specifically for children ages 5-9. Parents rejoice!  Put away the iPads, pack the kids in the car and go.

The course features two levels, balance challenges, a 20-foot rock wall,  and two zip lines. It’s a rope- and steel-cable playground in the sky.  The object, over the course of about an hour, is to climb over, balance, scramble up, and zing down zip lines all the while yelling, “Whooop! Watch this, Ma!” as my son did last Saturday. It’s a blast. Read More →

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Why Baltimore Hasn’t Sought to Ban Parking App Haystack

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Even as the Baltimore-designed parking app Haystack is being effectively banned in Boston, the service — which allows users to claim soon-to-be-vacated public parking spaces for a fee — has failed to provoke the same reaction back home. Apparently, that’s because city officials don’t expect the app to survive long enough to become a problem.

Baltimore City Councilman Jim Kraft told the Baltimore Business Journal that “we think it’s going to die an actual death, so at this point we’re letting it go. If it becomes more of a problem we’ll deal with it.” Read More →

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Elder Care Expert Lisa Vogel Gives Tips on Making the Most of Visits to Your Favorite Oldster

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adult-grandmother-granddaughter-having-teaMake the most of visits with your elderly loved ones

It’s been too long, and you know you need to schedule your next visit soon.  Still, you dread sitting for several hours hearing the litany of complaints:  “Therapy is not helping.  My arthritis just keeps getting worse. You all have your own lives, I understand no one has time for me.”

But what is your favorite senior citizen really saying?  Research tells us that the elderly, in general, are low on optimism.  But as you listen to comments about poor appetites and sleepless nights, go deeper and put yourself in their shoes. Read More →

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Summer Vacation, 2014: Buddhists of Boulder

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“Do you want to meet Chris?” asked Emma after dinner our first night in Boulder, Colorado. “He’s working at a restaurant on the Pearl Street mall.”

“Umm….” said Chris uncertainly when she called him to check. “Isn’t kind of soon for me to meet your family?”

“It’s not my real family,” Emma assured him, in case he was picturing Bubbe and Zeyde from Pikesville, Mamaleh and Aunt Monica in tow. “It’s my ex-stepmother and my fourteen-year-old half-sister.”

While it’s hard to know exactly what the ex-stepmother relationship should consist of seven years post-breakup, I miss Emma and her brother Sam, and making a visit with their little sister seemed like a good idea. I tried to get their grandmother (my ex-mother-in-law) to come too, but she eluded me with some crap about being almost 90 and recently recovered from a bout with colon cancer.

Emma, 26, just got her masters from Naropa. She is a Buddhist-Jewish chaplain, a Bujew, as they say. Sam, 23, graduated from the University of Colorado in Environmental Studies. Since Boulder is America’s number one city for both Buddhism and the environment, neither seems inclined to leave. 

It’s also the capital of microbreweries, recycling, gluten-free cuisine, hiking, biking, clean air and legal marijuana. “Nestled between the mountains and reality,” its tourist board proclaims.   Read More →

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Meet Baltimore’s First Female Bricklayer

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 10:06am

Photo via NPR/by Olivia Fite

Photo via NPR/by Olivia Fite

Bricklaying is a predominantly male profession; that was even more true 40 years ago, when Baltimorean Barbara Moore got her start. “It was kind of rough at first ’cause, you know, a lot of the older guys didn’t think I should be there and I was taking a job from a man,” Moore said in an NPR StoryCorps interview with her daughter, Olivia Fite. “But I believed that I could do that job.”

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Raising a Child Will Cost You More than $300k–College Not Included

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Here’s an idea: When we give teenagers the pregnancy talk, along with discussions of birth control and responsibility, we should hand out a copy of the USDA’s annual “Cost of Raising a Child” report. Because, frankly, it’s terrifying. Parents of kids born in 2013 will spend an average of $245,340 (or $304.480 adjusted for inflation) on that child from birth to age 18–and no, that doesn’t include college costs.

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Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week

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Hello my name is Shorty and I am excited for my new journey with my forever family to begin ! I am a sassy older man so it sometimes takes me a minute to check you out. But once I warm up to you, I really enjoy being picked up. Just wait !! You are in for a real fun time with me –I dance and spin for treats! I also enjoy small stuffed and squeaky toys, especially tennis balls!! I am looking forward to meeting my new family so stop on out at the shelter and let’s meet. Read More →


Got a Question About Space? Ask the Baltimore Astronaut

0 Written by: | Monday, Aug 18, 2014 10:25am


Baltimore native and current International Space Station resident Reid Wiseman is the first astronaut celebrity of the social media age. From his home 200 miles above Earth, Wiseman has been tweeting up a storm, sharing dramatic photos of cities (including Baltimore), and even posting the first-ever Vine from space.

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Report Blames 26th St. on Unqualified Maintenance Crews

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Maintenance crews weren't qualified to inspect 26th street

Neither the city of Baltimore nor CSX will take credit for the dramatic collapse of a block of E. 26th Street that sent cars, asphalt, and street lamps onto railroad tracks below, preferring instead to blame the weather. A report released Sunday seems to place the fault with both, finding that the City Department of Transportation and CSX responded inadequately to residents’ complaints. Read More →

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