Wee Chic Little Characters Search

Wee Chic Little Characters Search

How Old is That Bentley? Ex-Congresswoman and Port Champion Turns 90

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Helen Bentley

Helen Bentley

How old is Helen Delich Bentley, the crotchety ex-congresswoman who could swear like the longshoremen she covered for years at the Port of Baltimore, now named in her honor? Read More →

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Only A Few Days Left Vote for Your Favorite Wee Chic Little Characters Ad

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Only a few days left to vote!  Voting campaign will end 5pm 7/28 and results will be tallied that evening.  Stay tuned as the winning ad will appear in the September issue of Baltimore Magazine when the fall campaign will launch.

The Little Characters Campaign is over, and now comes the best part: Choosing your favorite ad for Wee Chic Boutique to kick off their fall children’s clothing campaign. Do you see anyone you know?  30 local kids were selected in the 2013 program. We need your help! Please take a look at the adorable ads below & vote for your favorite.


Ad #1  (Vote below if this one speaks to you)

Ad #1

Ad #2  (Vote below if this one is your fav)

Ad #2

Ad #3  (Vote below if this one moves you to shop for children…NOW)

Ad #3

Ad #4  (Vote below if this one if you think it’s the cutest)

Ad #4

Ad #5  (Vote below if this one is the one you’ve been waiting for)

Ad #5


Note:  1 vote per Cookie per day. 


We have to give credit, where credit is due:

Styling: Bridget Quinn Stickline of Wee Chic

Art Direction: Bridget Quinn Stickline of Wee Chic & Laura Black of Laura Black Photography

Photography: Laura Black Photography

Site: The Palisades of Towson Luxury Apartments

Ad design: MLC Designs

Hair: Brian Oliver

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Getting Into Character With the Little Characters Photo Shoot

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If you were in Towson last Sunday, you may have seen the parade of cuties on their way to the final photo shoot  for Wee Chic’s Little Characters search.  Throughout the spring, proud Baltimore parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts, uncles — you name it — have been sending in pictures of their little darlings for consideration to be one of the featured models in Wee Chic’s 2013 ad campaign.   Over the last few weeks, panelists Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, editor at Baltimore Bride, anguished over who would make the final cut.  The finalists were announced last week.

The shoot took place  at The Palisades of Towson, luxury apartments right near Towosn University. Families took over the building’s cyber cafe, club room and one of the stylish apartments to set the stage to show off Wee Chic’s  fall fashions.  Photographer Laura Black expertly captured the essence of the little characters, from six months to 12 years old, making use of a balloon forest, bouncy couch, and, of course, a clean floor (the perfect place to stretch out after juice time).

Baltimore Fishbowl was on the scene to shoot the shoot. See our candids below, and congratulations to all the Little Characters.

All photos by McCabe Jamrosz.






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Introducing 2013’s Little Characters!

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Well, we’re sad that what seemed like an endless stream of adorable pictures of local kids looking their best has now come to an end. But it was bound to happen. This year’s Little Characters search has concluded. And while we’ll now have to go back to searching YouTube and our own family albums for our daily dose of adorability, we’re pleased to announce the selected kids this year, and to introduce a few of them to the Baltimore Fishbowl community. While there’s no way we could possibly catch up with all of them (trying to sit down and get serious with that many tiny people this late in the school year would be a Herculean task) we did manage to snag some mini-interviews with some of the kids selected for this year’s Little Characters campaign. It wasn’t easy getting to the bottom of such hot button issues as why cheetahs are the best animal and the proper way to eat ramen noodles; but serious journalism requires serious work. And we’re proud to give you the full report below. Read More →

Wee Chic Little Characters Search

Little Characters Search: The Final Full Gallery of Fresh Faces

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Charlotte, 10Mo, Catonsville

Charlotte, 10 mo., Catonsville

The time for submitting terrific tykes to Wee Chic’s Little Characters Search ended last week. View the final gallery and see which tot is your favorite.

We don’t envy panelists Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, editor at Baltimore Bride, who will make the final selection of the the Little Characters.  It’s too tough to choose just a few from the 600 plus candidates!

See the full gallery after the jump. Read More →

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Little Characters Search: Only Four Days Left!

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Carter, 5, Parkville

Carter, 5, Parkville

We hope you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had seeing all the sweet smiling faces submitted to Wee Chic’s Little Characters Search. It’s down to the wire now, with just a few days left before the period for submissions closes on April 7. It’s not too late! Click here to submit your little character.

View the complete gallery after the jump. Read More →

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Little Characters Search Gallery

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Michael, 4, Belair

Michael, 4, Bel Air

Take a peek at the pictures and see who would be your choice if you could cast a vote before the real  panelists — Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, Editor at Baltimore Bride — take over.

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Catching up with Past Little Characters

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The 2013 Little Characters Search is still on. And we’re still having a blast keeping up with the adorable photos that roll in each day. Some shots are so precious that they remain memorable well past the search itself. In 2011, Carolyn Barlow was selected for the Little Characters campaign– and when you look at the hilarious photo submitted by her mom, Jennifer, you can see why.

Baltimore Fishbowl: So Jennifer,  How was it to be part of Little Characters last year?  Did friends recognize Carolyn in the ads? What was your favorite part or moment of the experience?

Jennifer Barlow: It has been a blast working with Bridget and wearing fabulous clothes! I can’t take my daughter into the store anymore because she just thinks she can try on anything and everything!  The best part, of course, was having these pictures of my daughter at her photo shoot.  The shoot was so well run and quick!  The photographer did an amazing job working with the children.  Yes, many people did recognize Carolyn.  My favorite part was watching her ‘work’ the runway during the fashion show at Baltimore Country Club.  I just wanted to know: “where did she learn this stuff?”!!  I was blown away.

Carolyn: Favorite part: trying on the clothes!
BFB: Any words of advice for parents submitting photos of their children this year?

JB: Submit candid shots, silly shots

BFB: That certainly seems to have worked for Carolyn. What caused you to participate in the Little Characters search last year?

JB: My father really pushed me to enter Carolyn.  Glad I did!

BFB: Carolyn, what’s one of your favorite local places to go for a special treat or event that you would recommend to other kids and their parents?

CB: Dunkin Donuts and Ladew Gardens!!

The Wee Chic Little Characters Search continues through April 7th. For more information, and to submit a photo, visit www.weechic.com.

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Wee Chic’s 4th Annual Little Characters Search Starts Now!

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Christopher, Age 4, Baltimore

Christopher, Age 4, Baltimore

Remember back when photos required film, and that film came in limited roles? When your phone wasn’t also your camera? Well, today’s kids don’t.  Tots growing up today get way more time in front of the camera than those of us who grew up pre-digital.  My nephews have been mugging for photos ever since they popped out of the womb: a trip to the farmer’s market, a moderately good sand castle, an ice-cream cone all over the face are all now Kodak moments. And why not? You’ve got the phone, the kid, and all the digital memory you could ever want. So what’s it all boil down to? Kids today are far more practiced models than we ever were. Sure, you may have been just as adorable, but did the camera love you?

Wee Chic Boutique—Baltimore’s hippest children’s clothing store—has long been wise to this phenomenon. They know that Baltimore’s kids are super-cool, super-cute, and also great in front of the camera. Wee Chic (located in Green Spring Station in Lutherville) believes kids are never too young to enjoy great style and self expression, which could be one reason they’ve won Best of Baltimore awards three years in a row. But carrying such an amazing selection of kids clothing (featuring favorite designers such as Desiguel, Tooby Doo, Splendid, and Tea Collection) requires equally amazing kids to model the stuff. And so, Wee Chic is announcing its fourth annual Little Characters Search.

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