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A Brief Guide to the Hearings in the Freddie Gray Trial

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015 3:30pm

Since the death of Freddie Gray, Sandtown-WInchester has been getting national media attention.

Freddie Gray

The case of Freddie Gray’s death in police custody is set to come back into focus, as court proceedings get underway on Sept 2. Activists and police are outlining plans for where they will be deployed on the street. Thanks in part to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, here’s a look at what’s happening in Judge Barry Williams’ courtroom. Read More →

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“Why Not ‘Peace Room?'” — Differing Approaches to Curbing Baltimore Violence

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015 9:47am

Violence has spiked in Baltimore in the months following the death of Freddie Gray.

Violence has spiked in Baltimore in the months following the death of Freddie Gray.

Violence in Baltimore returns to the national conversation with an Associated Press article that highlights different reactions to the city’s elevated homicide rate. Read More →

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Wes Moore, Nick Mosby Contemplating Mayoral Campaigns

1 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015 9:00am


Wes Moore

The 2016 mayoral race in Baltimore was at first shaping to be a contest between Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and her predecessor, Sheila Dixon. Since then, we’ve seen two 27-year-olds jump in. This week, a pair of local leaders in their 30s are considering jumping in, which could further uproot the race for the city’s top office. Read More →

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O’Malley’s Discount Furniture: Why Hogan Moved into a “Largely Unfurnished” Government House

2 Written by: | Monday, Aug 31, 2015 11:33am


Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is being scrutinized by the state ethics board for some furniture purchases at the same time that he struggles to gain a footing in the Democratic presidential primary. Read More →

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Carson Is Now Polling Second Only to Trump

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 28, 2015 9:12am


The most recent poll coming from Quinnipiac University ranks retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson second behind Donald Trump and five percentage points ahead of Jeb Bush in the Republican presidential primary. Read More →

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City Wants High-Speed Internet to Be “Ubiquitous and Affordable”

0 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 27, 2015 9:36am


Baltimore just hired its first broadband coordinator to do for the city what Verizon won’t. Read More →

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What Does Larry Hogan See in Chris Christie?

2 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 27, 2015 9:29am


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has declared his favorite for the 2016 presidential race–and, to be honest, his choice is a little odd. Read More →

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Do ‘Oil Bomb Trains‘ Chug By Your B’More Home or Business?

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 12:21pm

Maryland may soon learn which train routes fracked oil trains use to transport oil to Axeon's Fairfield terminal.

Which train track do those oil trains use?

Though North Dakota’s fracking oil fields are 2,000 miles away, fracking is literally in your backyard. Railcars containing highly flammable fracked crude oil have been traveling into Baltimore City for two years. A judge recently ruled that the public will finally gain access to the reporting that details where the oil trains travel.

Looking at the Baltimore rail map above, regardless of which tracks are used, oil trains are weaving through critical business and residential areas. ForestEthics estimates 165,000 Baltimoreans live within a one-mile oil train blast zone. It’s vital to know that the oil being shipped into Baltimore is more flammable, and that there’ve been 14 crude oil train accidents in two years. Even though we’ll know the routes, it’s unclear that even if a fire event occurred, we could do anything except run.  Question: Who thought allowing flammable oil trains to rumble through a densely populated city was a good idea?
Read More →

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Under Armour Seeks to Transform the University of Maryland

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 10:17am


Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank graduated from the University of Maryland not too many years ago–and now that Plank is at the helm of the world’s second-largest athletic apparel company, he’s found new ways to give back to his alma mater. Read More →

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Flying Dog Wants to Make More Beer

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 4:59pm

flying-dog-raging-bitchThere may be a lot more Flying Dog beer in the world in the near future, and the brewery could benefit from a big tax break in its hometown of Frederick. Read More →


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