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Ray Rice Holds Second News Conference, Apologizes to Wife

1 Written by: | Friday, Aug 01, 2014 9:19am

Ray Rice

“Last time I didn’t publicly apologize to my wife, and I realized that hit home with a lot of people,” Ravens running back Ray Rice said in a press conference on Thursday. Rice is referring of course to statements he gave in May regarding an incident in an Atlantic City casino elevator that left his then fiancee Janay Palmer unconscious.

In that stilted and awkward press conference, Rice gave the impression that he hadn’t fully considered the seriousness of his actions. Neither did it seem that he recognized that his wife, and not he, was the victim in all of this. Read More →

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Bengies Drive-In Loses Appeal

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 01, 2014 8:31am

Bengies Drive-In

In a June 2012 trial, a jury awarded D.Edward Vogel, owner of Bengies Drive-In, an $838,000 verdict against a nearby Royal Farms to build an 800-foot long fence to block the light. That verdict was set aside a few months later by a Baltimore circuit judge. Vogel then took his case to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, which has just issued a decision: no fence for you.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Judge Andrea M. Leahy found that evidence presented to the jury “did not support a private nuisance action,” and the jury never should have found in his favor. From the sidelines the whole thing seems rather odd. If one of the two possible decisions the jury could have made was just plain wrong, then why entrust a jury with this to begin with? I wonder if the original judge, when giving his instructions to the jury, made a happy face when discussing a pro-RoFo verdict and a frowny face when discussing the pro-Bengies one. Read More →

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Are Credit Cards Really the Biggest Issue for Md. Taxis?

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 11:02am

Md. taxis

In 2008, I needed a cab ride to the airport. I had just moved to Baltimore, so I asked my friends which taxi company they would recommend. They all had the same answer: none of them. “Whichever one you call, there’s a 50-50 chance they’ll actually pick you up,” one friend told me. That ballpark figure was borne out pretty well by my subsequent experiences.

When it comes to hailing a cab — in the few places in Baltimore where that is a possibility — I’ve found fares to be so inconsistent, I’ve occasionally negotiated the price before setting foot in the vehicle.

The Maryland Public Service Commission recently ordered that all taxis in the state must have working credit card machines by the end of the year. But according to James Briggs at Baltimore Business Journal, that’s not all it will take to bring Maryland cabs up to snuff. Read More →

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100-Year-Old’s U.S. Citizenship Is Bad for O’Malley

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 9:54am

U.S. citizenship

Germantown resident Donatila Leticia Munoz Orantes came to live in the U.S. in the eighties, but because she only speaks Spanish she had to wait a long time for U.S. citizenship. She was finally naturalized on June 26, her 100th birthday. And with that, Gov. Martin O’Malley’s chances of becoming president in 2016 just shrunk slightly. I wonder if he felt a disturbance in the force.

Munoz Orantes said — through her daughter who interpreted — that out of all the benefits of citizenship she is most excited to exercise her right to vote. It’s a right she plans to use in 2016 to vote for “that Clinton woman.” Read More →

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Supporters of Israel and Palestine Clash at Penn Station

1 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 31, 2014 9:13am

Israel and Palestine

The IsraelGaza conflict that began July 8 and has claimed the lives of 1,376 Palestinians (as of today, mostly civilians) and 59 Israelis (as of yesterday, mostly soldiers) came home to Baltimore when opposing groups of protesters clashed outside Penn Station on Wednesday night.

According to WJZ, the two sides started out separated by 10 feet of fencing and began shouting at each other within minutes, and a police presence formed.  Read More →

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Baltimore-Designed Haystack App Starts Trouble in Boston

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014 9:57am


A Baltimore-designed parking app that brokers the sale of parking spaces merely incentivizes the exchange of useful information has been making waves way up I-95.

When Haystack debuted in Baltimore in May, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was tentatively supportive, even posing for a picture at the launch party. Our parking authority is waiting to see how the app works out before passing judgment. Haystack got quite a different reception in Boston, where it launched a couple weeks ago. Mayor Marty Walsh released multiple press releases condemning the app and vowed to “take appropriate measures to prohibit” it.

The app works like this. Let’s say you are parked downtown. A few minutes before you plan to vacate your spot, you notify Haystack users who are cruising for parking in the area. If a driver wants your spot, she pays $3 to reserve it. You get $2.25. Haystack takes 75 cents. Further, let’s say you’re not planning to leave your spot for a while, but you’d move for the right price. You can set a “make me move” amount up to $15. But the really incredible thing is that somehow this does not add up to the private sale of public property, according to Haystack CEP Eric Meyer. Read More →

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A Local Loan – Direct Mortgage Loans

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 12:00pm

direct mortgage loans

The Direct Mortgage Loans Sweet16 Pledge compresses the process to just 16 days. The appraisal management firm is local – not nationally-based like most banks and credit unions. The in-house processing and underwriting keeps things moving at top speed for you and your buyer.

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Should the City Sell Four Parking Garages to Fund Rec Centers?

1 Written by: | Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 8:29am

parking garages

When Maryland voters first decided to allow slots parlors in the state in 2008, a common argument went something like this: Come on, it’s not like they’re full-blown casinos. When we were asked to turn those slots parlors into full-blown casinos, the argument was: We might as well, we’ve already got slots parlors. So it makes sense to be skeptical when the government asks to do something just this once, for real, I swear.

Right now, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is looking to unload four out of 17 city-owned parking garages to drum up a quick $60 million. It’s money that would be used for more rec center projects like the recently opened Morrell Park Community Center. Those are things we sorely need, it seems. But should we skin the sheep instead of just continuing to shear it? Each of those parking garages brings the city $400,000 a year. Read More →

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Baltimore Opens First New Recreation Center in a Decade

0 Written by: | Monday, Jul 28, 2014 9:44am

Today is an historic day. It marks the opening of Morrell Park Community Center, the first recreation center in Baltimore to be built from the ground up in ten years. It’s also the first recreation center to open in the city since Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake closed four over the past two years.

The new recreation center is 17,000 square feet and will be a resource for adults as well as young children, as part of Rawlings-Blake’s plan to serve more people with fewer but better-equipped centers. Read More →

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Housekeeping: Our Policy on Sponsored Posts

0 Written by: | Friday, Jul 25, 2014 4:42pm

Everyday we print sponsored posts.  They are content that small business owners pay for to let you know about their businesses. While the term is an invention of the Internet age, the concept has been in practice for awhile. In the old print model there was a quid quo pro: advertisers would buy an expensive glossy ad and in return the ad team would prevail upon the editorial team to cover the advertisers.  It is a little more sneaky, we think, than letting readers know straight up that a story is paid for — that is, sponsored — by the advertiser. We like it better this way.

Still, we have been criticized for not marking posts more clearly as “sponsored.” Readers have commented that they have felt duped into reading what is paid advertising.

To make it clear, here is our policy going forward: We tag posts as sponsored at the top and, in the case of a column, indicated in italics at the end of the story if it is sponsored.

We ask you, dear reader, to please not disregard content merely because it is sponsored.  Our regular contributors are experts in their fields and knowledgable about the subjects they address. We collaborate with our advertisers to make sure covered topics are of interest to our readers.

Sponsored posts are the best ways for advertisers to get the word out about their businesses, and publishing them is one of the ways we pay the bills at the Baltimore Fishbowl. They are a necessity of the new era.  We will do our best to integrate them into our editorial content in a way that is satisfying to both the reader and the advertiser.  As allows, feel free to be candid with your thoughts about how we can improve.

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