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Historic Trentham Mansion, Circa 1746, To Be Auctioned: Includes Ghost

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trentham frontOn June 26 at 11 a.m., the historic Trentham Mansion in Owings Mills will go on the auction block, ghost and all. The original stone house on this site was built in 1746 by the Rev. Thomas Craddock, the first rector of St. Thomas Church on Garrison Forest Road, who named it after a town in his native Staffordshire.  Its accompanying 170 acre estate (now down to .75 acres) was part of the dowry of Craddock’s wife, Catherine Risteau. The couple lived and ran a boys boarding school there for many years, until at the age of 83, Catherine Craddock was attacked with an ax and died in the house.

trentham sign

Nearly 200 years later, in the mid-1980s, the Trentham Mansion was beautifully restored by  Baltimore County preservationist Doug Carroll.  Having suffered a fire in the 1857, it had been rebuilt in 1860 and then fallen into disrepair. Carroll ran into some problems with the renovation, as he related in a 2006 Baltimore Sun article.

“At first we had a problem with our equipment disappearing and things being moved around. We determined it was a ghost, a poltergeist. The best candidate for the ghost was Catherine Craddock. She was killed by a vagrant who was living in the barn.”

So he did the obvious thing.

“I found a picture of her and hung it on the wall. I explained to her that if we didn’t finish the renovation, the house would have to be torn down, and then where would she be? I suggested to her that it was time to move on to another plane. We never had any more problems with our equipment.”

Anyway, the Trentham Mansion is now completely and beautifully restored. Its 8,400 square feet have most recently been used as a Wellness Center. An octagonal stone bath house dating from 1747 remains on the property, where there was once a natural spring believed to have health-inducing properties. Catherine Craddock’s ghost is rarely seen, and believed to relatively at peace.

trentham rear

Zoned for Residential/Office DR5.5, the Trentham Mansion is suitable for a buyer or small business seeking a unique property in the area. It last sold in 2006 for $535,000. Located at 135 Village Queen Drive, off Craddock Drive in Owings Mills, the property is being auctioned by Alex Cooper Auctioneers.

trentham bath house



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House of the Day: Country Home on 3 Acres

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313 Garrison Forest Road, Owings Mills
6 bedroom(s), 6 bathroom(s)
5,044 square feet
313 Garrison Forest Road
313 Garrison Forest Road
313 Garrison Forest Road Read More →

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Owings Mills Couple Starts a “Drone For Hire” Business

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Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore

Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore

For most people, drones don’t have great connotations. We associate them with bombs being dropped in foreign countries, or with sinister domestic surveillance programs. But a couple in Owings Mills has been putting small, unmanned aircraft to a different use — they’re using them to create art.
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BROKERS OPEN TODAY 12 ’til 2- Amazing House on Chattolanee Hill Rd

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Sorry for the late notice folks, but Whit decided to stick with the open house, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Here are some notes from the website:

Property Details

Completely renovated New England-style home tucked away on a private road in the Greenspring Valley. 5,114 sq.ft. of living space. Top-of-the-line kitchen. Gorgeous sunroom. Wonderful third floor play/exercise room. New slate roof, windows and copper gutters. Two-car garage. Fabulous in-ground pool with bluestone surround and poolhouse with changing rooms and bath. Beautiful landscaping with exterior lighting. 1.57 acres.









Click Here for a great post on Why We Love Old Houses, Part II, a second in a series by the Whit Harvey Group, where this lovely home is featured.


321 Chattolanee Hill Road
Owings Mills, MD 21117




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House of the Day: Nantucket Style House With Pool, In Country Setting

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11032 Park Heights Avenue, Owings Mills
5 bedroom(s), 5 bathroom(s)
11032 Park Heights Avenue
11032 Park Heights Avenue
11032 Park Heights Avenue
11032 Park Heights Avenue
11032 Park Heights Avenue Read More →

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Find Your Reason and Purpose at GFS

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089-05.17.13 GFS Lee_Bill McAllen

Joo Eun Lee’s experience as an international boarder from Korea sparked her love of leadership. In 8th grade, she was elected boarding president, and the list grew from there: Forum, residential life student leader, 11th grade boarding president and vice president of the school. She honed her self-confidence in the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) GFS/Johns Hopkins program and as a Jenkins Fellow. “At GFS, I found the courage to become the driver of my life, not a person who takes the backseat,” says Joo Eun ‘13, who is sharing her passion for leading at Smith College.


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GFS Students Make A Difference

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034-05.29.13 GFS Portraits_Bill McAllenMia Gordon ’18 felt the respect and warmth of the Garrison Forest community from her first days in the Preschool. Now, as Middle School honor board chair, she is making the community she loves even better. A veteran of student government, she’s learning that she can effect change. And as a three-season athlete, she’s discovering that the respect and encouragement on the court make all the difference off.


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Discover Your Voice at Garrison Forest School

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121-05.29.13 GFS Portraits_Bill McAllenYiliu Zhang ’14 can barely contain her enthusiasm for new experiences. A self-described “shy girl” before joining GFS as an international boarder, now she’s the first to voice her opinion in class and try something new. A Cum Laude member, she shares her passion for math by tutoring Middle School students. As a dorm leader, she loves to gather friends together. When she tried out for Varsity Golf, the team welcomed her, something she is doing as part of the orientation team: “I am becoming a stronger person at GFS because it’s an all-girls’ school. It’s so open and encouraging.”


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Garrison Forest School- Educating Thinkers for the Future

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Lauren Gillis, GFS WISE student, at work in an engineering lab at Johns Hopkins University.

It’s 2013, and everyone still wants to know why there are so few women in science. With women making huge strides in workplace equality in other fields, science and engineering still remain largely boys’ clubs. Earlier this month, the New York Times reported on a study done at Yale showing that science professors, when presented with job applications from two young scientists with the same qualifications (one male, the other female), they were significantly more likely to offer the man a job. And if they did hire the woman, her salary would, on average, start about $4,000 lower than the man’s. Oof. Disappointing. But surprising? Maybe not.

We know that girls are rarely encouraged to pursue math and science—and those that do may lose their natural inclination toward the field when they face the reality of how tough it can be for women in the professional realm. But now imagine a place where young women are actively encouraged to pursue their interest in these fields. And it’s not just in the classroom. Here, upper school students get in-depth, immersive (read: really exciting) mentorships that take them into actual research laboratories. At John Hopkins. Of course, this place does exist, and it’s at Garrison Forest School– which is continuing to grow their fabulous WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) program.

The WISE program at Garrison Forest has been in existence for nine years now. And by the end of this year, almost a third of Garrison Forest students now participate by the time they graduate. In fact, the mentorship program is so popular  that the school has introduced a new WISE program in Classics, with two students working on an epigraphy project last spring,  at the JHU Archaeological Museum. They spent a semester studying a Roman funerary, and culminated their research by presenting their findings at two public gatherings at the museum — including an academic symposium at which they were the only high school presenters. Read More →

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