Johns Hopkins Names New Provost

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016 9:19am


The newest provost at Johns Hopkins is an expert in both business and engineering, who comes to Baltimore via the University of Chicago. Read More →

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UMd. Police Officer Suspended for Pepper Spray Incident

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An internal review by the University of Maryland police determined that an officer didn’t follow guidelines when he deployed pepper spray at a predominantly black graduation party in May. Read More →

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New Baltimore Schools Executive Defends His Continued Activism

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DeRay Mckesson is a prominent Black Lives Matter activist. He’s also the interim human capital officer for Baltimore City schools. “Some” “critics” have a problem with that. Read More →


Longtime Educator Will Head Henderson-Hopkins School

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Tracy Foster has been principal of DC’s Randle Highlands Elementary School for the past 5 years; starting next year, she’ll be executive director of the Henderson-Hopkins School in East Baltimore. Read More →

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Johns Hopkins President Gets 5-Year Extension

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 07, 2016 1:20pm

ron_daniels_0Summer is when some teams decide to go looking for new players, but Johns Hopkins is sticking with its current leader for another five years. Read More →

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Roland Park School to Get New Clay Tile Roof, Not ‘Luxury Designer Shingles’

2 Written by: | Thursday, Jun 30, 2016 5:35pm

photo by Ed Gunts

photo by Ed Gunts

Baltimore City Public Schools has reversed its earlier position and decided to put a new clay tile roof on the Roland Park Elementary/Middle School (RPEMS), to replace one damaged in the 29-inch January snowstorm. Read More →

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DeRay Mckesson Gets a Job (Not Mayor) in Baltimore

4 Written by: | Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016 9:09am


DeRay Mckesson‘s bid to become Baltimore’s next mayor may have failed, but the Black Lives Matter activist will have a new job working for the city next year. Read More →


Scholarly Journal Analyzes Stalled Progress in Baltimore City Schools

0 Written by: | Monday, Jun 27, 2016 3:53pm

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Baltimore City Public Schools System Headquarters. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

A recent article in ‘Education Next,’ a journal on school reform published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance at the Harvard Kennedy School, reports that progress in the Baltimore City Schools has stalled. The root of the problem? The authors point to a central office that failed to support school leaders’ new autonomy. See the article, below, “Incomplete Reform in Baltimore: A shift in authority to school leaders falls short, to get the full picture. – The Eds.

By Betheny Gross and Ashley Jochim

Five years ago, Baltimore City Public Schools seemed on the brink of a breakthrough. The district had been freed from mayoral control after more than a century, and a high-energy superintendent was leading bold moves to de-emphasize central administration, give schools greater autonomy, and engage families in a revitalized portfolio of educational choice.

A new school funding formula matched resources to student needs, and chronically low-performing, under-enrolled schools were closed. Citywide, enrollment had begun to stabilize after four decades of steep decline, as more families opted to enroll their children in district schools, including newly expanding charters. Suspensions were down, the graduation rate was up, and more students were proficient at grade-level work in math and reading. A new teacher evaluation system set common standards for excellence across the city.

Read More →

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Ellicott City Teen Heads to Olympic Swim Trials

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Ellicott City’s Jake Lamparella, 19, is one of 100 swimmers fighting it out for two open spots on Team USA. Read More →

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Baltimore High School Valedictorians Take it to the Top

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016 11:56am

Lauren Sands, valedictorian at Notre Dame Prep.

Lauren Sands had the highest GPA at Notre Dame Prep.

What do an aspiring biologist, computer scientist, gender/sexuality theorist and engineer have in common?

They all had the highest grade point average in their graduating class.

For four recent graduates of Baltimore-area high schools, achieving the distinction was no simple feat, but all felt driven to push themselves toward it.

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