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Johns Hopkins Admissions: More Competitive Than Ever

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Johns Hopkins University

This year, 24,717 hopeful high school seniors sent in applications to Johns Hopkins to become part of the Class of 2019. And only 3,065 got the good news they wanted to hear. Read More →

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Johns Hopkins Adding CVS, Upperclass Apartments on St. Paul St.

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3200 St. Paul St. (rendering)

3200 St. Paul St. (rendering)

A new development is coming to Charles Village that’s hoping to offer something for students and residents, alike. The building at 3200 St. Paul St. will be anchored by a 10,5000-ft. CVS, the developers said Thursday before donning shovels to throw the first dirt. Read More →

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Johns Hopkins Robo Challenge for Middle & H.S. Students

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MazeWith Chappie in theaters and A.I. on everyone’s lips from Stephen Hawking’s to Elon Musk’s and Google talking about self-driving cars by 2016 —  robots are in the news. Read More →

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Curative or Curse: Medicating for ADHD

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A local mom shares her journey of putting her adolescent son on medication to treat attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

As I sat erect on the worn sofa in the doctor’s office, facing the pediatric psychologist, the tension in the room was palpable.

My sixth grade son was in the midst of undergoing an extensive psychoeducational evaluation, a fancy term that involves upward of eight or more hours of testing intended to uncover learning disorders. I hoped the tests would shed light on why he worked at a slower pace than many of his classmates, and why it was so hard for him to memorize definitions and organize his thoughts to write clearly—why, in essence, school was a struggle for him at the competitive, academically rigorous Baltimore private school he attended. Read More →

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If Anything We Should Use More Snow Days, Says Harvard Prof

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Snow City

Well this is interesting. After a snow-day-filled school year that has school districts across the state scrambling to make up lost time and/or requesting waivers for going over the limit, a professor at Harvard has authored a study that suggests they shouldn’t worry about it. In fact, if anything, they should be erring on the side of too many snow days rather than too few. Read More →

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JHU Robo Challenge Help Session for Middle & H.S. Students

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Maryland Students Use Twitter to Cheat on State Tests

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As long as teachers have been giving tests, students have been cheating. And as technology evolves, so do the cheaters’ methods. Read More →

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Melo Trimble Leveled Three Times in Terps’ Loss to West Virginia

0 Written by: | Monday, Mar 23, 2015 7:45am

Melo Trimble

Melo Trimble playing in the 2014 McDonald’s All-American Boys Game. Photo by TonyTheTiger.

Maryland’s 69-59 loss to the West Virginia Mountaineers in the NCAA tournament Sunday came with emotional pain for Terps fans and some physical pain for freshman point guard Melo Trimble. Trimble hit the floor three times during the game. Read More →


UMBC Coach Gets Caught Up in Threat Scandal

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Earlier this week, five UMBC lacrosse players were suspended after violent statements they’d made about their younger teammates were made public. Now the team’s coach is facing scrutiny as well. Read More →

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University of Maryland Wins Bizarro NCAA Celebrity Bracket

2 Written by: | Wednesday, Mar 18, 2015 10:12am

University of Maryland alumnus Larry David.

University of Maryland alumnus Larry David.

It doesn’t have anything to do with basketball, but’s 17,000-word essay detailing an imaginary bracket pitting NCAA tournament schools’ most famous alumni against one another embodies “madness” pretty well. And, hey, Maryland wins! Read More →

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