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Ellicott City Teen Heads to Olympic Swim Trials

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Ellicott City’s Jake Lamparella, 19, is one of 100 swimmers fighting it out for two open spots on Team USA. Read More →

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Baltimore High School Valedictorians Take it to the Top

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016 11:56am

Lauren Sands, valedictorian at Notre Dame Prep.

Lauren Sands had the highest GPA at Notre Dame Prep.

What do an aspiring biologist, computer scientist, gender/sexuality theorist and engineer have in common?

They all had the highest grade point average in their graduating class.

For four recent graduates of Baltimore-area high schools, achieving the distinction was no simple feat, but all felt driven to push themselves toward it.

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Maryland County Considers Banning Bad Grades

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Prince George’s County is considering enacting a policy that would make it so high school students never get a grade below 50 percent, among other changes that are aimed at addressing inequity among students. Read More →

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Looking for a Safe, Loving, Authentic Preschool Experience for Your Child? Explore Roland Park Country School

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planting edited

Looking for a safe, loving, authentic preschool experience for your child?

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Baltimore’s Open Works Is Building a Mobile Makerspace

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Open Works is a Baltimore non-profit with a noble mission: “to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible and affordable.” But the group found there is a drawback to pairing “centralized makerspaces and decentralized audiences.”

In a blog post at Make:, Open Works’ Will Holman describes the difficulty of getting students at resource- and time-strapped schools access to their lab. So now they’re partnering with the Neighborhood Design Center to transform a Ford Transit 150 into a mobile makerspace:

It has about 4′ 6″ of stand-up room, and a cargo area that can fit a little bit more than a full-size sheet of plywood. Standard features include plentiful tie-downs, LED interior lights, and rear doors that swing past 180 degrees. We are having the dealer add in a fold-up cargo ramp (originally configured for wheelchairs), vinyl graphics, security “hockey pucks” on the doors (for additional padlocks), and a security wall between the cab and the cargo area.

The van will be equipped with a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a CNC — a machine which uses a computer to precisely control tools. The vehicle will fit nine modular plywood work stations on wheels which can be easily brought into classrooms or used outdoors.

Read more about the work-in-progress at Make:.



High School Graduates on What Baltimore Means to Them

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Photo via Etsy

Photo via Etsy

For Jonah Haas, a recent graduate of Friends School of Baltimore, there is a lot of pride in being a Baltimorean.

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Gilman Class of 2016 Honored at 119th Founders Day

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Thomas Scholarship Recipients_MG_6432

Each year the leading scholar from each Middle and Upper School grade is awarded a William S. Thomas Scholarship Prize. This year’s Upper School recipients, pictured from left, are: Matthew Z. Mu ‘18, James Clayton Hebert ‘17, Luigi Nicholas Mangione ’16 (valedictorian), and William Carrington Dowling ‘19. Photo Credit: Steve McDaniel

The 112-member Class of 2016 faced stormy weather on Sunday, June 5, for the Founders Day exercises that marked the end of their time as Gilman students. The threat of thunderstorms led to a decision to move the exercises indoors, which, despite the swelter inside the Redmond C.S. Finney Arena, provided wise as rain pelted the ceiling about 40 minutes into the ceremony. The nimble move seems apt for the Class of 2016, characterized by its valedictorian, Luigi Nicholas Mangione, as inventive, with “incredible courage to explore the unknown and try new things.” Read More →


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Transformative Groundbreaking Ceremony at Greenspring Montessori School

0 Written by: | Friday, Jun 10, 2016 4:00pm


Greenspring Montessori School hosted a ceremonial Groundbreaking on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 for a building project to renovate nearly 30,000 square feet and construct 7,500 square feet of additional classroom space on its historic seven-acre campus. Read More →

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Watch an Unpronounceable Hopkins Acronym Turned into Comedy Gold

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jun 09, 2016 10:29am


To be honest, I’ve never known how I was supposed to pronounce Jhpiego, the international Hopkins-affiliated non-profit providing a range of health services, but I’ve never been asked to say it out loud. Read More →

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Local Universities Are Changing Policy on Freshman Year Grades

2 Written by: | Wednesday, Jun 08, 2016 9:45am


For years now, first-year undergraduate students haven’t had to worry too much about their grades during their first semester at college. That’s because the university followed a policy known as “covered grades,” which keeps first-semester grades out of GPA calculations and off student transcripts. By essentially making first semester pass/fail, advocates of covered grades say, students can find their footing during the difficult first few months of college, without stressing out too much about their specific test scores. Read More →

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