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Recovered Drug Addict and Former Basketball Star Chris Herren Leaves Big Impression on Local Students

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Have you ever asked yourself the question, if I were a kid, would I look up to me?

This is the challenge former basketball star, Chris Herren, launched to nearly 700 adults and teens at a community event during his recent visit to Baltimore.  Over the course of three days, Herren visited six schools, speaking to nearly 3,500 middle and high school students about his harrowing descent into drug addiction.  His goal.  “If, out of the 1,000 students I spoke to [today], I reach just one, I have made a difference.”

If the student and faculty responses are any indication, he did just that. Read More →

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Calvert School: Fostering Exuberance for Learning

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WELCOME TO CALVERT SCHOOL! For over a century, Calvert School’s legacy of academic excellence has been the hallmark of a Calvert education. Each student receives outstanding academic instruction in all areas of learning: from writing and science to math and fine arts. A strong emphasis is also placed on moral integrity and character development. These values are integral parts of a student’s daily life at Calvert. During their Calvert years, students will embark on a journey defined by complementary values – tradition and innovation, rigor and warmth, responsibility and creativity, and exuberance and curiosity. Our graduates excel not only as scholars but as citizens of the greater community. We look forward to welcoming your family to Calvert as you embark on the exciting journey of choosing a school for your child.

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Towson Enlists Goat Landscapers to Devour Weeds

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In Cleveland, they use sheep to trim the grass on their vacant lots. At Towson University, it’s goats that are helping keep weeds in check.

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What College Means to the CEO of Enoch Pratt Free Library

0 Written by: | Friday, Nov 21, 2014 11:11am

In support of Baltimore City Public Schools and College Awareness Month in November, CollegeBound has launched a new series of online videos featuring prominent Baltimoreans talking about “what college means to me.” Through the end of the year, they’ll release weekly videos promoting college awareness among Baltimore City students. Guests include Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, City Schools CEO Dr. Gregory Thornton, Enoch Pratt CEO Dr. Carla Hayden, MECU CFO Adrian Johnson, and many more. So stay tuned, and please share (especially with any K-12 students!). See previous videos in the series here.


Hopkins Researchers Find Ancient Horse Ancestor

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Image via Elaine Kasmer

Image via Elaine Kasmer

Though they look very different today, horses and rhinos share a common ancestry.

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Don’t Miss Holly Fest, This Weekend!

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holly fest 2014 flyer (1)

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McDonogh School Offers a Look at Kindergarten and First Grade

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Baltimore Fishbowl Flyer

McDonogh School is a community that finds joy in work, in play, in discovery, and in the realization of personal potential. Strong, mutually respectful relationships inspire a passion for teaching and learning, a dedication to personal integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Embracing diversity of background, culture, and thought, the school builds upon its founder’s original mission to provide life-altering opportunities and to develop in students the will “to do the greatest possible amount of good.”


Mayor SRB Talks to Johns Hopkins “Wire” Class

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Back when he was mayor, Martin O’Malley was decidedly not a fan of The Wire.

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Mt. Vernon Teen Starts Legwarmer Business, Meets the President

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Lily DeBell meets the president

President Barack Obama greets from left: Jesse Horine, Lily DeBell, and Ambar Romero.(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Lily DeBell, 14, has been knitting for five years. Recently, she parlayed her skill into an Etsy shop that sells legwarmers, a $25,000 entrepreneurship prize, and an invitation to the White House. Read More →

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Visit Friends School Of Baltimore Nov. 20 for Latte and Learn

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Friends School provides students with a balanced education that instills the habits of mind as well as skills and knowledge necessary in a 21st century education.

Please visit our campus! You will see students who love learning and are open-minded, reflective and compassionate. As an alum and a parent, I cannot think of a better environment for your child.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Karen Dates Dunmore ’82
Director of Admission, Financial Aid and Outreach


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