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College Counseling 

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I am so grateful for the questionnaire that we were asked to complete by the private college counselors we have engaged to help us build John’s college list for applications. It asks questions like: “How would you describe your son’s or daughter’s personality and values?” and “What is his or her greatest achievement?”

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Innovative New Early College School Opens in Baltimore

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Bard College has a long history of educational innovation; now one of its most popular offerings, the early college program, is opening a brand-new school in Baltimore in the Fall of 2015. Read More →

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Hopkins Student Documents South Pacific’s Changing Geography

0 Written by: | Friday, Feb 27, 2015 11:01am

Justin Falcone

Justin Falcone

Inspired by post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin’s paradisaical images of indigenous life in the South Pacific, photographer and Johns Hopkins student Justin Falcone retraced Gauguin’s late-19th-century journey from Tahiti to Hawaii to document cultures threatened by catastrophic geographical changes. Read More →

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State Considers Cracking Down on College Hazing

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Victims of college hazing rituals testified before the state Senate on Thursday, on behalf of a bill that would increase the penalty for violent hazing in Maryland. State Sen. Jamie Raskin introduced the bill, which would raise the maximum fine from $500 to $5,000. Read More →


Most Marylanders Want to “Let Summer Be Summer”

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I wonder if these results have something to do with our winter fatigue. In any case, 72 percent of Marylanders favor waiting to start the school year until after Labor Day, the initiative Comptroller Peter Franchot calls “Let Summer Be Summer,” according to a Goucher College poll. Read More →

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Towson High Student Combats Islamophobia via CNN, Huffington Post

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Amara Majeed

Amara Majeed, via Majeed’s Twitter profile.

Towson High School senior and practicing Muslim Amara Majeed told the Baltimore Sun that, she “can’t watch the news without feeling criminalized and misinterpreted.” Read More →

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You Almost Missed the World’s Largest Snowball Fight

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Photo via @keepcalmkarie0n

Photo via @keepcalmkarie0n

Thousands of University of Maryland students ruthlessly attacked each other on Tuesday afternoon as the school administration just sat by and did nothing. Read More →

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Gilman Teacher Honored through Hopkins Fellowship Program

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Gilman sixth grader Vasili A. successfully nominated his fifth grade teacher Lisa Teeling for The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth’s Sarah D. Barder Fellowship Program.

Gilman sixth grader Vasili A. successfully nominated his fifth grade teacher Lisa Teeling for The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth’s Sarah D. Barder Fellowship Program.

Fifth grade teacher Lisa Teeling is on her way to San Francisco this week, thanks to the gratitude of a former student.

Over the summer, Gilman sixth grader Vasili A. nominated Teeling for The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth’s (CTY) Sarah D. Barder Fellowship Program, which is designed to honor and support great teachers for the work they do with talented students. CTY students in California, Maryland, and Nevada are invited to nominate outstanding teachers each year.

Vasili was new to Gilman last year and credits Teeling with helping make his transition “really easy and smooth.” His nomination letter began by saying, “I think Mrs. Teeling should win this award because she is so supportive, enthusiastic and fun that she made fifth grade an important year of learning and growing for me.” He went on to note her friendliness, flexibility, encouragement, and how she worked with him to improve his writing and organizational habits.

Vasili never told Mrs. Teeling that her name had been submitted. It was Christmas Eve when she received a letter notifying her of the nomination. “I was completely shocked,” she said. “His essay touched my heart. Vasili, and others like him, are what make teaching such a joy.”

The nominated teachers are then invited to apply to for the fellowship and up to 15 of the applicants are selected. Teeling found out in early January that she is one of just ten teachers chosen for this year’s program, which includes an all-expense-paid trip to the annual conference, held this year in San Francisco. In the years to follow, veteran teachers are invited to return to the conference, interact with new and returning fellows, and participate in a robust program of professional development centered on a theme.

Teeling says she’s looking forward to the networking aspect of the program, as well as the intense days of discussions and presentations. She is also honored by the way Vasili expressed his appreciation.

Vasili too, was pretty thrilled with the news. “I was incredibly excited, I was probably just as excited as she was,” he said. “She really deserves it. She just made fifth grade a lot of fun. I wasn’t just waiting for the bell to ring. It was a great year.”

Notably, Vasili has a successful track record with the Sarah D. Barder Fellowship. Last year, he nominated his teacher – Mrs. Emerson at Cathedral — and she was also selected for the program.

After five years in CTY, this summer will be Vasili’s final year in the program. And, yes, he plans to nominate another teacher. He’s still deciding on who it will be.

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Johns Hopkins Upgrades its Cafeteria Food

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Two year ago, the Daily Meal decided that Johns Hopkins had the 42nd best on-campus food in the country. Last year, the school had skyrocketed up the rankings to #2. But the university is not satisfied with being second best. Read More →

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The Weirdest Thing at Fashion Week Came from Baltimore

0 Written by: | Thursday, Feb 12, 2015 8:48am

Ebola suit

Cue the catwalk music, via

When Hampden wedding-gown designer Jill Andrews joined a bevy of doctors and engineers volunteering at Johns Hopkins to design an improved protective suit for Ebola fighters, we delighted at the unlikelihood. But now that that very suit is going to be displayed at New York Fashion Week, it makes almost too much sense. Read More →

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