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Johns Hopkins, MICA Receive $5M Grant to Turn Parkway Theatre into Film Center

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Rendering of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Film Center (Ziger/Snead Architects)

Rendering of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Film Ctr. (Ziger/Snead Architects)

Thanks to a $5 million grant, an historic Station North theatre is on its way to being reborn as one of Baltimore’s film palaces. Read More →

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Baltimore Design School Open House: For Students Interested in Architecture, Graphic and Fashion Design

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BDS_2014 Open House Flyer
Read More →

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Load of Fun Erased from Station North History

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Load of Fun

Load of Fun, 2012. Via Load of Fun Arts Facebook page.

For anyone who worked at, frequented, or even regularly walked past Load of Fun in Staton North, Friday’s Sun article “Motor House to Offer Space for Artists in Station North” was pretty eerie. The article spoke of an historic building at 120 W. North Ave., which opened as a Ford dealership in 1914, became “Lombardo Office Equipment [sic]” in the ’70s, and is “now soon to become an arts center in the Station North neighborhood” called Motor House.

Funny thing, it actually was something of an arts center, called Load of Fun, from 2005 to 2012. The building housed performances and gallery shows, as well as several studio spaces. And it’s not like it didn’t leave an impression. In fact, its presence helped to kickstart North Avenue’s current cultural renaissance, a big part of the Station North “transformation [he's] been watching for the past few years.” Read More →

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Baltimore Design School Open House: For Students Interested in Architecture, Graphic Design and Fashion Design

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BDS_2014 Open House Flyerfrom the BDS website:

Designing Baltimore, One Student at a Time

Baltimore Design School is a public middle-high school that focuses on design.  In the high school, students will learn the basics of Fashion Design, Architecture, and Graphic Design. In the fall of 2011 the school started with grades 6 and 7, adding a new 6th grade each year, so that by 2016, the school will be a full 6-12 school

The Baltimore Design School believes that all students, with good instruction and practice, can learn art and design skills and achieve high standards in their academic programs. We value student interests in drawing, making things, fashion ideas, creative problem-solving, three-dimensional abilities, planning and building, and communicating visually through graphics. We love students who see problems that need new solutions, who envision possibilities, and imagine a better world.

We believe our graduates will be leading designers and architects of the future who see design as a way of thinking, problem-solving, and living a productive and rewarding life.


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BOMBING Comedy Night with Ben and Stav

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catch of the day fish (2)Do you ever find yourself at a party, regaling friends with a hilarious anecdote or two, and suddenly you start thinking, “whoa, maybe I could do this, like, in front of people.” That is the first baby step (we’re assuming) one takes on their way to actually doing stand-up comedy. And though public speaking remains one of, if not the top fear of most people around the world, there’s still something appealing, or at least intriguing about just getting up on a stage and trying to make a bunch of strangers laugh. And thanks to Ben O’Brien and Stavros Halkias, you can get your chance monthly at The Crown. Read More →


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Yahoo! Travel Pits Baltimore Against D.C.

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Yahoo! Travel

Via Yahoo! Travel

Yahoo! Travel has published an article and readers’ poll “to determine once and for all” how Baltimore and Washington, D.C., stack up against each other as travel destinations. Well, it will be nice to finally have that settled!

Of course, the article’s click-intensive premise is a little silly, but it did give me a couple ideas of what to do the next time I’m in D.C., and it’s always interesting to see your own city summed up in one these things.

I’m not sure whether I’d agree without reservation that “traffic in the city’s core is almost never too tough to take.” But maybe I’m spoiled. Certainly, it’s nothing compared to D.C.’s pentagram-shaped traffic hellscape. Read More →

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MICA Named 10th ‘Most Hipster’ Campus in US

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MICA, 10th most hipster campus in US

I am so glad Baltimore magazine brought this list of “The 10 Most Hipster Campuses 2014″ to my attention. I may have otherwise never had a chance to read these opening sentences: “Hipsters appreciate more than rocking flannel and chugging Pabst Blue Ribbon. They also appreciate skinny jeans, bands you never heard of and, above all, a place of higher learning where they’re able to find like-minded individuals.”

Remember, people, hipsters are not just about the flannel and Pabst! They’re also way, way about the jeans! (It’d have to be about more than flannel and PBR, or else most of my Northern New York redneck relatives — whom I adore — would qualify.) Read More →

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House of the Day: Contemporary Townhouse In Great Station North Location, Garage Parking

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$257,000 123 Lafayette Avenue East, Greenmount West 3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s) 123 Lafayette Avenue East 123 Lafayette Avenue East 123 Lafayette Avenue East Read More →

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MICA to Launch Film MFA Program at MICA-Hopkins Film Center

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MICA will launch its M.F.A. in filmmaking in the fall 2015 in the future home of the MICA and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) film center at 10 E. North Avenue. The center, located in Station North, represents the colleges’ commitment to offer nationally competitive filmmaking programming by combining complementary strengths. Read More →

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Despite Yesterday’s Arrest, Anti-Zionist Activist Norman Finkelstein to Lecture in Station North Tonight

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Norman Finkelstein – Lecture tonight / 7:30pm / Red Emma’s

Tonight at 7:30, Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse will host Jewish anti-Zionist and activist Norman G. Finkelstein for a free lecture and discussion of Middle East politics.

In light of the fact that yesterday Finkelstein and a few dozen anti-Israel protestors were arrested in front of the United Nations in New York City for civil disobedience, Red Emma’s, which expected the event to garner plenty of attention on its own, is expecting a much more substantial turnout. According to Red Emma’s worker-owner Cullen Nawolkowsky, Finkelstein has been released, and will speak tonight despite yesterday’s detention.

Photo via The Nation

Photo via The Nation

Since earning his doctorate in politics in 1988 from Princeton University, Finkelstein has taught at 5 Universities and published nine books addressing Middle East politics, specifically criticizing the Israeli occupation of Gaza (This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion, 2011) Read More →

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