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Yahoo! Travel Pits Baltimore Against D.C.

0 Written by: | Thursday, Sep 11, 2014 9:27am

Yahoo! Travel

Via Yahoo! Travel

Yahoo! Travel has published an article and readers’ poll “to determine once and for all” how Baltimore and Washington, D.C., stack up against each other as travel destinations. Well, it will be nice to finally have that settled!

Of course, the article’s click-intensive premise is a little silly, but it did give me a couple ideas of what to do the next time I’m in D.C., and it’s always interesting to see your own city summed up in one these things.

I’m not sure whether I’d agree without reservation that “traffic in the city’s core is almost never too tough to take.” But maybe I’m spoiled. Certainly, it’s nothing compared to D.C.’s pentagram-shaped traffic hellscape. Read More →

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MICA Named 10th ‘Most Hipster’ Campus in US

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014 8:47am

MICA, 10th most hipster campus in US

I am so glad Baltimore magazine brought this list of “The 10 Most Hipster Campuses 2014″ to my attention. I may have otherwise never had a chance to read these opening sentences: “Hipsters appreciate more than rocking flannel and chugging Pabst Blue Ribbon. They also appreciate skinny jeans, bands you never heard of and, above all, a place of higher learning where they’re able to find like-minded individuals.”

Remember, people, hipsters are not just about the flannel and Pabst! They’re also way, way about the jeans! (It’d have to be about more than flannel and PBR, or else most of my Northern New York redneck relatives — whom I adore — would qualify.) Read More →

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House of the Day: Contemporary Townhouse In Great Station North Location, Garage Parking

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 12, 2014 4:24pm

$257,000 123 Lafayette Avenue East, Greenmount West 3 bedroom(s), 3 bathroom(s) 123 Lafayette Avenue East 123 Lafayette Avenue East 123 Lafayette Avenue East Read More →

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MICA to Launch Film MFA Program at MICA-Hopkins Film Center

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 06, 2014 1:09pm

MICA will launch its M.F.A. in filmmaking in the fall 2015 in the future home of the MICA and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) film center at 10 E. North Avenue. The center, located in Station North, represents the colleges’ commitment to offer nationally competitive filmmaking programming by combining complementary strengths. Read More →

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Despite Yesterday’s Arrest, Anti-Zionist Activist Norman Finkelstein to Lecture in Station North Tonight

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014 3:00pm

Norman Finkelstein – Lecture tonight / 7:30pm / Red Emma’s

Tonight at 7:30, Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse will host Jewish anti-Zionist and activist Norman G. Finkelstein for a free lecture and discussion of Middle East politics.

In light of the fact that yesterday Finkelstein and a few dozen anti-Israel protestors were arrested in front of the United Nations in New York City for civil disobedience, Red Emma’s, which expected the event to garner plenty of attention on its own, is expecting a much more substantial turnout. According to Red Emma’s worker-owner Cullen Nawolkowsky, Finkelstein has been released, and will speak tonight despite yesterday’s detention.

Photo via The Nation

Photo via The Nation

Since earning his doctorate in politics in 1988 from Princeton University, Finkelstein has taught at 5 Universities and published nine books addressing Middle East politics, specifically criticizing the Israeli occupation of Gaza (This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion, 2011) Read More →

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Free Yoga Thursdays in Station North All Summer

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 3:00pm

Photo via Corey Reidy

Photo via Corey Reidy

Yoga is one thing that always seems like it should be free. Mostly because there is no equipment or iron apparatus required; the only thing necessary to bend, stretch, and meditate are our incredible, adaptable bodies. So, why not take your sun salutation into the sun at the heart of Baltimore! Charm City yogi, Corey Reidy and the T. Rowe Price Foundation have teamed to bring you Free Yoga for any skill level at 5:30pm every Thursday this summer at the Y Not Lot in Station North. Read More →

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Exhibit of the Week: GUTSY – Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism

0 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 3:00pm

Quinn Palmer/ Saint Bibiana/ Photo via Quinn Palmer

Saint Bibiana /Quinn Palmer/ Photo via Quinn Palmer


GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism

Gallery CA

440 E Oliver St
Baltimore, MD 21202

July 18 – August 8

Aiming to challenge traditional notions of feminism and highlight the pliable perimeters of feminism today, the exhibition GUTSY at Gallery CA on Oliver Street showcases 22 female artists who handle feminist issues, themes, and/or aesthetics. The show features artists working in a variety of mediums including, but not limited to, paint, wood sculpture, digital video, fashion, and paper maché. Don’t miss GUTSY. Read More →

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Baltimore Party-Rap Duo AK Slaughter Are Playing Their Final Show

0 Written by: | Saturday, Jul 19, 2014 1:31pm

AK Slaughter

Aran Keating and Emily Slaughter

After 3 EPs, a mixtape, several compilation appearances, and eight years of joyous, barn-burning live shows, Baltimore hip-hop duo AK Slaughter are breaking up. Lucky for us, they’re ending their run with a final EP, It’s Not You… It’s Us, and a farewell show at Metro Gallery in Station North on Aug. 1.

AK Slaughter distinguished themselves in the Baltimore rap scene and beyond with AK’s old-school-inspired, sample-heavy beats and live DJing as well as Emily Slaughter’s extreeeemely laid back delivery. Sure, you’ll be able to spin those records forever, but their upbeat live shows, full of that sense of spontaneous creation that is the lifeblood of hip-hop, are coming to an end!

Final show details: Read More →

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10 Must-See Exhibits This Weekend at ArtScape

0 Written by: | Friday, Jul 18, 2014 3:00pm


Photo via ArtScape/ Don’t miss the Art Car Parade Saturday morning on the Charles St Bridge

10. Gallery CA

440 East Oliver Street

“GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism”

Artscape Weekend Gallery Hours: July 18 – 20, 12 – 4 pm
Regular Gallery Hours: Monday thru Friday 12 – 4 pm

“GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism,” seeks to highlight the work of 21 female artists and artists dealing with feminist issues, themes, and aesthetics.  The show is presented by The Feminist Art Project – Baltimore, which recognizes the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on visual arts and culture.  As part of TFAP-B’s mission to support female artists and local organizations working to support women, 20 percent of each work of art that is sold will go to Power Inside, a human rights and harm reduction organization that serves women and girls who are survivors of gender-based violence and oppression.

(from Artscape Website)

Read More →

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Exhibit of the Week – Bald Ego: New Work by Killian Barnes, Rachel Lowing, and Alexander Shaw

1 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 17, 2014 3:00pm

Bald Ego

Acrylic on canvas/Photo via Killian Barnes


New Work by Killian Barnes, Rachel Lowing, & Alexander Shaw

July 11-18

The Annex 2E @ 419 east Oliver St.

“Society is obsessed with whether technology will enlighten us, destroy everything, or enslave us,” wrote Baltimore artist Killian Barnes in an email earlier this week. “I like to think that I can encapsulate that anxiety in painting.” In the group exhibition “Bald Ego,” Barnes’s paintings are currently on view along with the sculptures of Rachel Lowing (Michigan) and paintings of Alexander Shaw (New York) at the Annex 2e, a gallery and living space on Oliver Street. Lowing and Barnes are both responsible for setting up the show. Read More →

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