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New Yorker Writer Hung Out at North Ave. McDonald’s to Get Sources for His Story on Jail Corruption

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If you read Jeffrey Toobin’s New Yorker article on the Baltimore jail scandal (which you should! it’s fascinating!), you may have wondered how he got so many people to open up about what it’s like inside the Baltimore City Detention Center. It turns out it wasn’t that hard at all: He went to McDonald’s.
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Cyclist Videotapes His Assault by Teenagers in Station North

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The attack occurred two blocks North of the Guilford Bike Boulevard. Photo by Payton Chung, via Flickr.

The attack occurred two blocks North of the Guilford Bike Boulevard. Photo by Payton Chung, via Flickr.

Michael Bowman was riding his bicycle on the Guilford Bike Boulevard in Station North on Saturday when he was attacked by a group of teenagers. He happened to be recording video at the time, and he uploaded footage of the incident — which cuts out as the kids appear to gang up on him and begin attacking him in earnest — to YouTube.

In the video description he said the attack left him with “damage” to his thumb after the youths “stomped it.” He said he “took punches” but didn’t end up with any marks. After the camera cut out Bowman yelled for help, which brought residents onto the street, and “a distant siren scared [the attackers] off.”

This incident is eerily similar to a spate of attacks that occurred on Guilford Avenue last April. In one instance, the intended victim was able to pedal away from his attackers. In another, the cyclist sustained “a few scrapes and a black eye” before residents came to his aid and the attackers fled. Read More →

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2014 Maryland Film Festival Announces First 10 Films in Lineup

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Ping Pong Summer (Tully, 2014)

Ping Pong Summer (Tully, 2014)

Though it’s only just started to feel like spring, the Maryland Film Festival is just around the corner. The five-day 2014 installment begins May 7, and the festival has made its first announcement of 10 films to be screened this year. Like always, the selections are a diverse mix of thought-provoking documentaries and adventurous, poignant fiction with casts and crews that run the gamut of name recognition. It even includes the Maryland-centric Ping Pong Summer, “a sweet and hilarious love letter to summers spent in Ocean City,” but it’s a period piece so there may be scenes that feature swearing on the boardwalk.

Here they are, descriptions per the MFF blog:

Club Sandwich (Fernando Eimbcke) Poignant drama, gentle comedy, and a hint of transgression mix brilliantly as we observe the coming of age of a 15-year-old teen vacationing with his single mother in a sleepy Mexican beachfront resort. From the director of Lake Tahoe and Duck Season.

Fight Church (Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel) Christianity and the world of Mixed Martial Arts collide in this thought-provoking and expectation-challenging documentary from Academy Award Winner Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel. Read More →

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‘Ancient Party’ Documents 10 Years of Collaborative Writing in Baltimore

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From 2000-2010, a group of Baltimore writers met irregularly to play experimental and surrealist writing games, creating a fat stack of bizarre, funny, and surprising collaborative work.

Poet Megan McShea, who usually hosted the writing group, edited together the best pieces from the 10-year project, or as Rupert Wondolowski would have it, “jiggl[ed] the ink until gold nuggets rose to the surface.” The result is Ancient Party, a book collecting the work of 20 underground Baltimore artists, including the dearly departed Chris Toll and Blaster Al Ackerman.

To celebrate the release, McShea is throwing a party at the Windup Space this Sunday. There will be readings from the book and their “first bar-based writing group, if you fancy a taste.” Read More →

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House of the Day: Historic Warehouse, 13,000 Sq. Ft. In Station North

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401 Oliver Street, Greenmount West
1 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
401 Oliver Street
401 Oliver Street
401 Oliver Street
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St. Patrick’s Day at Liam Flynn’s

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Liam Flynns

catch of the day fish (2)Like all good Irish folks, those guys over at Liam Flynn’s Ale House have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all weekend. Heck, maybe even all week. Whether you’re already corned-beef-and-cabbaged-up-to-here or haven’t yet gotten around to pouring yourself a pint of something green, today’s the official day when we’re really supposed to go all out. After all, traditionally those pesky Lent restrictions are lifted on this day. So whatever vice or luxury you may be giving up for the month is fair game for this glorious 24 hours. Quick! Get thee to some red meat and alcohol! And while you’re at it, help Liam Flynn’s celebrate the opening of their fully operational kitchen. Read More →

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The Golden Spike at Baltimore Annex Theater

0 Written by: | Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 1:24pm

The Golden Spike

catch of the day fish (2)First, the bad news: Baltimore’s beloved Annex Theater was flooded recently, and a good deal of their equipment—that is lights, curtains, you know, the things that help make a theater a theater—was lost to flood damage. But since then, they’ve scrambled pretty hard to get things back up and running in time for the debut of R.M. O’Brien’s new play, The Golden Spike, which runs (come hell or high water, as they say) through March 2nd. Read More →

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Closing Reception for ‘The Work of a Moment’ with Sculptor Christina McCleary This Friday

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Gawker Says Hampden Is the Williamsburg of Baltimore

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Hampden's Baby New Year Bob Hosler flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right)

Hampden’s Baby New Year Bob Hosler flanked by Margaret Baird (left) and Kathy Flann (right)

Maybe this just goes to show that trying to determine the most Williamsburg-ish neighborhood in every major city in the United States is a meaningless exercise, or maybe it goes to show that I am way off on what I think of as “Williamsburg-ish.”

Because why not, Gawker conducted a readers poll to decide which neighborhood in a given city is its “Williamsburg” and which its “Bushwick.” Apparently, our Williamsburg (Brooklyn’s soon-to-be-former hip artist enclave) is Hampden, and our Bushwick (Brooklyn’s current hip artist enclave) is Station North. Read More →

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House Of The Day: Fixer-Upper Townhouse In MICA-Land, Station North

0 Written by: | Monday, Jan 06, 2014 4:00pm

1512 Holbrook Street, Oliver
3 bedroom(s), 1 bathroom(s)
1512 Holbrook Street
1512 Holbrook Street
1512 Holbrook Street Read More →

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