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Welcome the New Year with Up to 50% Off – Starting Today at Liza Byrd

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Beautiful Selection of Tops & Tunics for any Occasion at Liza Byrd Boutique

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Sprezzatura Offers the Finest of the Season, with Help Finding the Perfect ‘Something’

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Find your last minute holiday decor and gift ideas at Sprezzatura, located in Greenspring Valley at Stevenson Village. Sprezzatura strives to make the holiday rush a little less hectic, with a charming shop, helpful and knowledgable staff, complimentary gift wrapping, and free home delivery.
Enjoy stress-free holiday shopping in a pastoral setting that offers easy parking and a friendly, village environment.
See the Sprezzatura “look book” below for a view of some of the great gifts in the store.  Happy Holidays!

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Last Minute Holiday Home Decor Ideas from Sprezzatura

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magnolia wreath

Sprezzatura’s festive magnolia wreaths are a great addition to any window, door or above the fireplace.

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Liza Byrd’s New Selection of Tops and Tunics

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Proprietor: Meet The Liza Behind Liza Byrd Boutique

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Known for well-made, brightly-patterned clothes and distinctive ruffled blouses, Liza Byrd Boutique is a favorite among Baltimore’s preppiest residents. For nearly two decades, the boutique’s owner Liza Jarrett has honed her design skills and keen eye for color and pattern. Today, she has a loyal following in Baltimore and beyond.

Here, Jarrett dishes on the story behind the shop, what her weeks are like, and which products she loves as gifts:

BFB: How did you get started at Liza Byrd? What made you open the shop?

Liza Jarrett: My business started 18 years ago and has evolved from a small furniture and hand painted home accessory business to a ladies and girls ready to wear line with a unique twist.

I had been a buyer for Merry Go Round stores – I bought dresses for 1,200 stores. We had an in-house design team, so that’s where I got the foundation for clothing and what I do with design.

BFB: You have multiple locations and also show your products at a lot of shows. What is a typical week like for you?

LJ: My weeks are spent running from place to place. I meet with my seamstress twice a week and manage my Richmond  location, shipping new inventory twice a week. I am in and out at the shop in Stevenson Village and the weeks when I am on the road participating in trunk show events are spent loading merchandise, setting up show location and sales at the events on the road.

Additionally behind the scenes, I am continually working on our overseas production, keeping up with marketing and planning next season’s out of town shows.

BFB: Why did you choose Stevenson Village as a location?

LJ: I chose Stevenson because it is convenient to get to, lots of parking and a wonderful shopping environment without the hassles of mall locations.

MI 2014 Day 1-060BFB: What is your favorite thing in the shop right now?

 LJ: Our ruffle collar tops. They are such a statement piece and available in two silhouettes.

BFB: What is your go-to holiday gift recommendation?

 LJ: Our pompon cardis in three colors–a great shape and flattering on many shapes and sizes.

BFB: How do you choose what to carry in the shop?

 LJ: The clothes we carry are our designs with inspiration coming from anything and everything.

For accessories and other gift items, we select affordable and whimsical items that complement our lively patterns and whimsical fashions.

 Liza Byrd is located in Stevenson Village, at 10435 Stevenson Road in Stevenson, MD. For more information, visit


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Stuff Her Stocking Event this Friday at Liza Byrd Boutique in Stevenson Village

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Shop Local.  Shop Unique.  Shop Tasteful this Friday at Liza Byrd Boutique.  Avoid the mall rush and off-the-rack boredom and enjoy your shopping experience with Liza Byrd.  Offering quality, unique classics to impress all styles, Liza Byrd will be a one-stop-shop for many on your list.  And if you can’t satisfy everyone on your list at Liza Byrd, you’re sure to do so at our fellow shops at Stevenson Village!

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Avoid the Holiday Madness at Liza Byrd Boutique

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This Sunday, Join Krieger Schecter Day School for the 4th Annual Schechter STEAM Showcase

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2014 KSDS STEAM Showcase

Join us for the 4th Annual Schechter STEAM Showcase on Sunday, November 16 from 9 – 11 am. Engage your curiosity as community members teach fun, interactive, and age-appropriate projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Get creative and put your imagination to work as we participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Kids ages 4-11 are invited and must be accompanied by an adult.  UPDATE:  Pre-registration is closed, however walk-ins are welcome.  Hope to see you there!

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New Arrivals and Many Shades of Grey at Liza Byrd Boutique

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Many shades of grey in store, online and at our trunk shows.

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