Join the 5K Run for Ovarian Cancer, September 21

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Whether You’re a Buyer or a Seller, Think Whit Harvey Group. Experience Matters.

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Horseshoe Casino, Reviewed: Bets and Bars, Without the Free Drinks

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As that little skirmish on the first weekend indicated, a fighting stance belies the glitz of the Horseshoe Casino’s coming-out party.

The highway-side billboards for the Maryland Live! Casino in Arundel Mills advertise “Over $10 billion in payouts and counting,” a reminder that the two-year-old gaming complex was there first, and could be easily accessed on the way home.

At a time when Atlantic City casinos are folding and Horseshoe corporate parent Caeser’s has fewer chips to bet, the appeal of a competitor outside the gates is more necessary evil than welcome opportunity for brand synergy.

As such, the Horseshoe’s farriers have taken great pains to make sure wipe from the memory banks and any thought of the neighbor to the south. In fact, from the moment visitors walk safely under cover from the massive parking garage into the casino itself, a neverending stream of bright lights and loud noises wipe away all thoughts of the outside world. The bar doesn’t even close, so there’s no reason to leave.

That first moment entering the casino doesn’t seem designed to appeal to the old school riverboat gambler. Rather, the flash of fluorescent lights seems to be seeking the same disorienting burst of energy that makes children light up when they walk into Chuck-E-Cheese, or wherever the kids go to get silly with their parents’ money these days. At the Horseshoe entrance, however, there is a security guard checking IDs, and the lights shimmering above strive for a bit more elegance.


Elegant lights shine from above.

Striving for elegance at the Horseshoe Casino

The entrance spits patrons forth into a maze of slot machines and tables that form the main event for most casino-goers. After taking a couple of laps around the first floor, it became immediately clear that all of the shining, buzzing machines were the main attraction. The gambling takes up most of the center, with the exception of the 24-hour bar. Read More →

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Thousands of Ravens Fans Replace Their Ray Rice Jerseys

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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Which player's jersey would you pick as a replacement?

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Which player’s jersey would you pick as a replacement?

NFL replica jerseys can cost as much as $300. So it’s only fair that the Baltimore Ravens set up an exchange for fans who no longer want to wear their Ray Rice jerseys after he was ignominiously cut from the team for assaulting his then-fiancee.

This morning, “[t]housands of Ravens fans” showed up at M&T Bank Stadium to turn in their Rice jerseys for replica jerseys of the players of their choice. One 19-year-old fan, interviewed by the Baltimore Sun, was planning to get a Justin Tucker jersey in exchange. A skinny kicker who sings opera? Hopefully he won’t be committing any unconscionable acts any time soon. Read More →

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Open House Sunday at 716 Weil Mandel Way – Beautiful Cockeysville Listing

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Sunday, Sept 21st 12:30 – 2:30pm



Beautiful property with built-in pool and gorgeous views.  To see more, click here.

Rare combination of convenience, privacy and versatility! First floor Master suite approx.1000 sq ft; custom built ins, architectural details. Gracious brick 4-5 BR w/3.5 BA; 6+ private acres. Custom designed BIlliard Room; 3000 sq ft lower level ready for your design. Wrap deck overlooking country side; landscaped patio and in-ground pool; private and serene setting.

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That Nature Show: Where Does Your Sewage Go?

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This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you. 

When my kids, now 7 and 9  were little, there was a children’s book that got famous called Everybody Poops. Here’s the movie version.  

I thought my potty training days were over, but here’s the deal: right now, as I write this, there are about five guys in my basement with what looks like giant dental equipment dealing with what I foolishly thought was simply a clogged shower drain, but turns out is a massive problem going from my house to the main sewer line in the ground several yards into the backyard and needing the assistance of a backhoe and a jackhammer. Something about tree roots, and terra-cotta,  also something about over-zealous use of toilet paper. When I heard this I turned to my children grimly, and said, “Have you been balling up the Charmin?”

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Trouble in Tom Clancy Land

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Tom Clancy’s lawyer and Tom Clancy’s widow are in the middle of a very big legal fight. If this were a Tom Clancy novel, there would be some sort of international political intrigue at the heart of it, but it’s real life, so it seems mostly to be about boring old money.

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HuffPo Lavishes More Praise on Baltimore

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Photo via HuffPo

Photo via HuffPo

It was a mere four months ago that the Huffington Post decided Baltimore was a great place to visit. I guess they felt as though people didn’t get the message, because they’re at it again, with a list of “10 reasons why Baltimore should be your next weekend getaway.”

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Let’s All Move to Europa

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Rendering of Jupiter as seen from Europa via NASA

Rendering of Jupiter as seen from Europa via NASA

Mars, shmars: Johns Hopkins’s Applied Physics Laboratory wants to know about Jupiter. And the thing they’re finding are turning out to be quite interesting indeed.

The APL researchers and other astronomers have been puzzled by something that happens on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, for years. They had clear evidence that the moon’s icy crust was expanding, but they couldn’t explain how or why.

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Friday morning headlines: Orioles alums say this year’s group reminds them of former champions; Recent Towson changes to parking policies revised; Sports Authority employee survives after robber’s gun malfunctions; and more

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Orioles alums say this year’s group reminds them of former champions- Baltimore Sun

Recent Towson changes to parking policies revised- Baltimore Sun

Towson Bike Beltway officially open to riders- Baltimore Sun

New owner to turn Sparrows Point into ‘transportation, manufacturing and logistics’ campus- Baltimore Business Journal

Sports Authority employee escapes injury after robber’s gun malfunctions- ABC 2 News

Lead poisoning remains a concern for Maryland children- ABC 2 News

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