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Lanvin, Phillip Lim, Dior For Next to Nothing at Love Me Two Times

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Andrea, owner of Love Me Two Times, is back from Paris! She has brought some Parisian flavor home to Baltimore! This week Balenciaga shoes, Dior dresses, Louis Vuitton coats, and a sea of vintage designer bags! Take a good look at this Philip Lim motorcycle jacket! Hot! Andrea wants you to have the first peek! Where does she find this stuff?! And most importantly, how does she sell it for next to nothing?  Take a gander through her store: the hippest and funkiest high-end consignment fashion that Baltimore has to offer! And did I mention her prices are insane?!! Here’s what Andrea has to say: Read More →

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Christmas in July

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I have taken to eating every meal I can out in our garden.  This morning the chairs and benches were too wet, so I sat on a dry brick step at the top of a covered porch.  By lunchtime everything was dry, so I sat in a wooden chair to eat and look around.

With all of the rain this year the oakleaf hydrangeas, planted last year, have taken off.


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That Nature Show

That Nature Show: Want to ID That Bird in The Tree? There’s an app for That

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red shouldered hawk

The red shouldered hawk.

This column, That Nature Show, is about the nature right under your nose: in our backyards, playgrounds and parks! Stop and look around, you’ll be amazed at what surrounds you.

I wish I could bake. My grandmother could bake. She could also sew. Have I told you about she sewed my prom dress in a weekend? It was a fetching pink chiffon off-the-shoulder number. I don’t want to date myself, but back then, the movie Pretty In Pink was of the moment.

I don’t have a lot in common with my grandmother being myself a defroster of food and a purchaser of clothes, but what I have inherited is her twitcher-ness. A “twitcher” is unkind British slang for a birdwatcher, but I fondly remember my grandmother staring out the kitchen window looking all goggle-eyed at a nesting nuthatch, so I say, Twitchers Unite. Let’s talk binoculars.  Let’s talk squirrel-proof feeders. Read More →

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Classic Rock Cover Band – Tall in the Saddle – to Steal Your Heart Sunday at Ladew Gardens

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July 27: Tall in the Saddle at Ladew Gardens

Tall in the Saddle formed in 1977 and remains one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premiere classic rock bands. The band’s roots lie in Southern California rock featuring the Eagles, Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt. Listen for other popular tunes from Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. All eight members are seasoned professionals featuring tight harmonies and excellent musicianship.

Photo via Tall in the Saddle

Tall in the Saddle’s repertoire is posted here.

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Md. Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Theft of 20,000 Pieces of Mail

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20,000 Pieces of Mail Stolen from Catonsville

Photo by J Gallagher via Flickr

Jeffrey Shipley of Millersville, the postal worker accused of stealing mail by the bagful, pleaded guilty Thursday to the theft of “more than 20,000 pieces of mail in Catonsville over a nine-year period.” Shipley faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It’s not an explanation, but the self-published horror writer had previously written the following on his (now offline) website:

“Growing up, I was certain that I’d be an artist. I was good, but I didn’t apply my talent. Eventually I found myself with two children whom I adored, and a job I despised. My creative nature was left unfulfilled.”

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Win a Gift From Liza Byrd Boutique

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Love shopping at Liza Byrd?  Show us some of your favorite finds and be entered to win a gift from Liza Byrd Boutique!f7241823-0ff8-48d0-a055-836699f7930d

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Ray Rice’s Two-Game Suspension Is “A Joke,” “A Disgrace”

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A few months ago, a security camera caught Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator. It appeared to be a clear case of domestic abuse, which the Rices didn’t deny. Shortly after the video went viral, Ray Rice offered a press conference apology that attempted to turn the event into a heartwarming learning moment that made him into a better man. (Most people weren’t buying it.) Read More →

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A Story of Betrayal

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broken egg heart

A devoted mom’s inexplicable behavior leaves her family and her friends wondering what went wrong, and how to react.

“My mom saw your mom in the grocery store,” my daughter announced to a neighborhood friend, a girl about her age whose family ours has known for years. The comment seemed innocuous enough.

Without hesitation, the girl retorted: “Did your mom say hi to her? Because nobody says hi to my mom anymore.”

The words carried in them the stinging truth, as only the young can deliver. For days afterward, they buzzed in my head like a fly I wanted to swat away but couldn’t. In those few, choice words, the young girl had summed up a side of the story that no one had bothered to tell.

But first, the other side of the story. Read More →

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Man Arrested in Balto. After Commenting on Facebook Mugshot

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Roger Ray Ireland's Facebook mugshot

Roger Ray Ireland

On Wednesday, Anne Arundel County police posted a mugshot of Roger Ray Ireland, 28, wanted for violating his probation, to Facebook. Ireland promptly commented on the photo to declare, among other things, “Yall will never catch me.” He was caught 24 hours later.

Ireland was arrested in the course of a vehicle stop just above the Anne Arundel county line in South Baltimore early Thursday afternoon. He was taken into custody without incident. Read More →

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Johns Hopkins Researchers Explore Gene Linked to Schizophrenia

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Not so long ago, if a person suffered from schizophrenia, mental health professionals pinned all the blame on his or her mother. So-called “refrigerator mothers” didn’t have a warm relationship with their children, the theory went, and thus caused their children severe mental distress that expressed itself as schizophrenia.
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