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A College Reject Speaks Out

1 Written by: | Monday, Apr 15, 2013 11:30am

Suzy WeissNow that college acceptance and rejection letters have been digested, the time is right for a little levity and perspective on the subject of college admissions. High school senior Suzy Lee Weiss’s article, published in the Wall Street Journal last month, delivers just that.

In case you haven’t read her article, To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me, which has gone viral on the Internet, it’s worth a read—especially if you’re a college-bound student or the parent of one. 

Weiss’s tongue-in-cheek rant over her purported misgivings regarding what she should’ve done to get into the college of her choice include, but are not limited to, the following: starting a fake charity, raising awareness of Chapped-Lips-in-the-Winter-Syndrome, getting adopted by infamous Tiger Mom Amy Chua, and snagging an internship with a title like “Chairwoman of Coffee Logistics.”

The girl is funny. Whip smart funny. She sees through the charades that legions of students endure, often at the behest of their parents, in order to win a coveted spot in a prestigious college.  Baltimoreans should relate. There are certainly plenty of local parents who select the school for their children (by which I mean, in many instances, kindergarten) and the sport—squash, anyone?—that will look appealing to an Ivy league college admissions officer.

As for Weiss, she claims to be bitter about having been turned down by unnamed colleges of her choice, then in the next phrase calls herself “an underachieving selfish teenager making excuses for her own failures.”

Ms. Weiss presents herself as a self-assured (and obviously self-deprecating) young woman who has learned early in life how to play the game but has chosen not to. This may, of course, leave her continually frustrated in life. I envision her, down the road, being perpetually overlooked for key promotions because she fails to cozy up to the right members of senior management.For selfish reasons, I’m kind of hoping that’s the case.

If Weiss gets stuck while climbing up the corporate ladder because she doesn’t play by the rules, her frustration may continue to fuel her razor-sharp wit and, I hope, lead to more hilarious commentary from her.  To view Weiss’s interview with a Wall Street Journal reporter online, click here.


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  • Meg Heubeck

    As a teacher and as a person who got rejected from several colleges- I totally appreciate this approach to the process. It has gotten totally ridiculous but what is the answer?


Celebrate Baseball Season With Author Tom Dunkel and "Color Blind" at The Ivy,...


Django Tonight at Liam Flynn's

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