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Why Don't Women Major in Computer Science?

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After Newtown: Baltimore Poet Ann Eichler Kolakowski Remembers

1 Written by: | Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 11:30am


We turn off the news and drive

through Baltimore Cemetery
to search for your ancestors,
but all I see are angels
on crumbling marble:

think of the cost
of each small body
for the unseen—

names once carved
in relief


I learned to read
in Mrs. Bailey’s classroom—
letters assembled
into meaning,
took wings.


Think: how great
the wages of sin—

no, not sin. No
explanation for this.
The clay of language fails
to mold a proper
for our grief.

After Newtown

Ann Eichler Kolakowski recently completed the M.A. in Writing Program at the Johns Hopkins University. Her first book of poems, Persistence, which chronicles the story of the lost mill town of Warren, Maryland, will be published by David Robert Books in 2014. (She took the photograph.)

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  • faye rivkin

    Ms. Kolakowski – You know how much I adore your poetry! I’m so happy when others get to experience it as well. Love this piece.


Hey Kids: Don't Shoot!


Why Don't Women Major in Computer Science?

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