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Chef Carlos Raba on Good Energy, Mexican Spaghetti and the Road to Clavel

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017 1:30pm

Carlos Raba, Chef and Co-Owner of Clavel, has quite an interesting story. And it’s one I wasn’t expecting at all. Read More →


Crab & Oyster Celebration – Eat Downtown Oct 16-25!

0 Written by: | Thursday, Oct 15, 2015 12:17pm

15-217 DTP Dine 500 x 600
Here in Maryland, we are lucky to have such amazing culinary resources – in particular, seafood shines. For many, oysters and crabs are a favorite – me included. I could eat honestly eat oysters everyday – raw, roasted, stew and more – I’m in. And, crabs? Well, steamed crabs are my birthday. They are my parents’ backyard – one of my most meaningful and most vivid food memories. I don’t make crab cakes at home very often…because when you live in Baltimore, there are so many places that do them well. One thing I’ve never done? Gone crabbing. I think I need to correct that…  Read More →

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Chewing The Fat With Brigitte Bledsoe of Miss Shirley’s Cafe

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Chef Brigitte Bledsoe of Miss Shirley’s Cafe was supposed to be in school.

But, no. She was busy working at Ocean Pride in Lutherville. And that’s where it all started. Born and raised in Towson, Bledsoe attended Dulaney High School and Essex Community College (now known as CCBC) and then, she got bitten by the chef bug. Read More →

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Maryland Crab & Oyster Celebration – October 16-25

0 Written by: | Thursday, Oct 01, 2015 1:03pm

tir na nog cava1

Downtown Partnership of Baltimore announces the Maryland Crab and Oyster Celebration – a dining event featuring two of Maryland’s favorite culinary delights – crabs and oysters. It takes place at several restaurants around the city from October 16-25.   Read More →

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Chewing The Fat With Ben Lefenfeld of La Cuchara

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 15, 2015 2:14pm

ben lefenfeld
Chef Ben Lefenfeld of La Cuchara is a really low-key guy. When you first meet him, he seems quiet, somewhat serious, his mind is always working. You can see it – he’s thinking about how he can be better, be more creative and make the La Cuchara experience even better.  Read More →

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Craft Beer Growth Continues in Baltimore With Waverly Brewing Company

0 Written by: | Thursday, Sep 10, 2015 1:41pm


beer and pizza

I’ve realized in the last few years of writing about food, I’m only really truly snobby about two things: beer and pizza. And, Baltimore has plenty of excellent options for both. Soon, we’ll have one more in my ever-expanding smorgasbord of a neighborhood, Hampden. God, I love my hood.

A few of my friends are involved with a new craft brewery opening soon in the Hampden/Woodberry area this fall. Waverly Brewing Company is led by Brewmaster Roy Fisher, a longtime beer brewer here in Baltimore. His team gave me a little sneak peek tour of the space, which includes a tasting room, gallery-lounge space and, of course, brewing room. It is located near the corner of Union Avenue and Clipper Mill Road, just a stone’s throw from the also amazing Union Craft Brewing.

For food options, Waverly will be working with a small number of caterers (folks they know personally) who will set up shop outside. Not food trucks per se, but creative casual fare to go with the beers on tap inside.

Read More →

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Chewing The Fat With Chef Ted Allen: Dining Out For Life, Zuni Café Roast Chicken and His Birthday Meal

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 12:30pm

One of my favorite Julia Child quotes: “Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” That’s me and cooking. (I also consider tinkering with cocktails to be cooking…) People who are passionate about what they do really excite me. They inspire me. One such person? Ted Allen. And, recently, I had the chance to talk with him about something he is extremely passionate about – the fight against hunger. Read More →


Maritime Magic At The Living Classrooms Foundation

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Sep 08, 2015 11:00am

MM circle copy
One of Baltimore’s biggest, most popular parties of the year is just weeks away, Living Classroom‘s Maritime Magic. Living Classrooms is a nonprofit organization that strengthens communities and inspires young people through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as “living classrooms.” Read More →

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Chewing The Fat With Hugh Acheson on Instagram, Top Chef and Life In The South

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015 3:34pm


Hugh Acheson is my favorite Instagrammer. Okay, I love @f*ckjerry (a lot) but Hugh is my favorite food person. See, I didn’t call him “famous person” or “foodie” (I still can’t handle that word…) Certainly, in the food world, he’s pretty well known. As many Top Chef fans know, he has often been a judge on the show and his comments are the best comments. They’re usually entertaining, super dry and best of all, on point. And even when he’s giving a critique, he’s not a jerk. Read More →

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Fork & Cork Dinner Series with Wit & Wisdom, AGGIO and Fleet Street Kitchen

0 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 13, 2015 10:48am


Pairing wine can sometimes be lost on me. I have a few friends who work in the wine business and when I’m with them, obviously, I am not in charge of the wine. I follow, they lead – and I like it. But all the while, I’m paying attention, learning (sometimes taking notes, photos of the plate and the wine bottle, etc…which helps my visual mind.) Then, when I go out with friends, I’m not feeling so lost when they hand me the wine list. If I’m at a place with a sommelier, I leave it to them. That is their job. And when a really great sommelier chooses a glass of wine for me, I get it. I totally get it. Read More →

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