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This Is Exactly the Wrong Message for the Baltimore Police to Be Giving Right Now

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The Baltimore Police Department recently announced that it would be installing new cameras capable of recording in all its police vans by an unspecified date. But maybe they should start by removing offensive signs first. Read More →


Former Baltimore DEA Agent Pleads Guilty to Extortion, Money Laundering

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The story of Silk Road, the once-thriving online drug marketplace, is insane, with more twists and turns than a windy mountain road. Perhaps the most unexpected–or the most predictable, if you’re cynical–was how some of the agents tasked with taking down Silk Road instead became enamored with the idea that they, too, could get rich quick. Read More →


Baltimore Police Vans Will Now Include Video Cameras

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Image via WCVB

Image via WCVB

On April 12, a young man named Freddie Gray was arrested and put into a police van. At some point during the drive to the police station, Gray fell into a coma and later died. What exactly happened in that van is an issue in major dispute, and will be at the heart of the upcoming trial of six Baltimore police officers. Read More →


Johns Hopkins Graduation Will Move Indoors

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It’s lovely to have your graduation ceremony outside–as long as the weather cooperates, the mosquitos stay away, and no one’s grandmother faints from standing in the sun too long. In fact, most local universities–from MICA to Morgan State–hold their commencements indoors. And as of next year, Johns Hopkins will join them. Read More →


Adnan Syed Petitions to Have Alibi Witness Testify in Serial Case

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It’s been 15 years since Baltimore teenager Adnan Syed was convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. After the wildly popular podcast program Serial revived interest in the case, Syed and his legal team have been filing court challenges in hopes of winning another trial. Read More →

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Medical Marijuana Inches Closer to Reality in Maryland

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Marylanders with anxiety, glaucoma, or chronic pain may be able to get medical marijuana as soon as next year, as the state slowly continues to work through all the obligatory bureaucratic red tape. Read More →

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More Food Trucks for East Baltimore

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If you’re in East Baltimore around lunchtime and you find yourself craving burgers, barbecue, or samosas, you’re in luck: There’s a new food truck hub in town. Read More →

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What Baltimore Emojis Should There Be?

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Among some people, emoji are rapidly replacing words as the preferred method of communication. To help broaden communication options, enterprising graphic designers in San Francisco have come up with a set of city-specific emoji: Read More →

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Baltimoreans Have Terrible Commutes

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The average Baltimore resident drove nearly 31 minutes to get to work this morning, according to an AP analysis of data recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s the sixth longest commute in the entire country. Read More →


We Are in the Middle of Baltimore’s Raniest June. Ever.

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It sure has been damp around here recently, hasn’t it? Between the rain clouds, slow summer drizzles, and dramatic tornado-warning thunderstorms, we’ve seen nearly 10 inches of rain so far this month–that’s almost three times the average of 3.46 inches of rain. Read More →

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Baltimoreans Have Terrible Commutes

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