No One Knows What to Make of Ben Carson’s Weird Popeye’s Story

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SPLC removes Carson from their Extremist Files

Dr. Ben Carson

Earlier this week, Ben Carson made some comments about the mass shooting at an Oregon community college that raised some eyebrows, to put it politely. To CNN, Carson said that if he were face-to-face with a gunman, he’d “much rather go down fighting”; he also told a Sirius XM radio show an odd story about an instance when he was, in fact, confronted by a man with a weapon while living in Baltimore. Read More →

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It’s Hard to Eat or Sleep in Hospitals, Hopkins Research Says

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Fall Risk_2

When people are hospitalized, they’re in an incredibly vulnerable state from dealing with whatever injury or illness put them there in the first place. And everyone knows that good food and good sleep are crucial components of healing. So why is eating and sleeping so miserable in hospitals? Read More →

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Salmonella Outbreak Spreads to Maryland

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Cucumbers are the culprit in this latest salmonella outbreak, and now the outbreak may have spread to Maryland. Read More →

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Ocean City’s First Smoke Free Summer Was… Not Dramatic

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Ocean City to Institute Smoking Ban

After lots of back-and-forth, Ocean City decided to go smoke free this past summer. (Kind of.) So how did the beach’s first summer with smoking restrictions in place go? Read More →


Watch for a Rainbow Cloud Over Baltimore Tonight

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NASA is launching a test rocket from Virginia tonight. Ordinarily, that’s not something most Baltimoreans would pay attention to… but this is no ordinary test rocket. Read More →

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Baltimore Settles Two More Police Brutality Lawsuits

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Baltimore Police Homicide Division

Baltimore Police Homicide Division

Over the past four years, Baltimore City has spent nearly $13 million to settle police brutality lawsuits filed against city cops. This week, that tab got a little bigger, as the city paid a woman who was taken on a notorious “rough ride” $95,000 as well as $125,000 for a man who was shot in the arm and stomach by an officer who was trying to break up a rowdy crowd. Read More →

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Charm City Circulator Finally Extends Route to 33rd Street

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The Charm City Circulator

The Charm City Circulator

Charles Villagers, Johns Hopkinsites, and fans of Carma’s Cafe, rejoice: The Charm City Circulator now travels all the way up to 33rd Street. Read More →

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America’s Next Top… Poe Toaster?

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The Poe Toaster was one of Baltimore’s great traditions–in part thanks to its mystery. Just who was visiting Edgar Allan Poe’s grave every year on his birthday, leaving behind three roses and a bottle of cognac? We may never know, particularly since the Poe Toaster has been MIA since 2009. But now the Maryland Historical Society wants to bring the Poe Toaster back–albeit in a less mysterious manner. Read More →

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Newsweek Profiles Baltimore’s LGBT-Friendly Catholic Church

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Photo by Eric Kurszewski

Photo by Eric Kurszewski

Pope Francis has been more progressive on LGBT than any other pope so far–but if he wanted to really be inclusive, he could take some lessons from a Catholic church in Baltimore. Read More →

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Missing Container Ship Often Docked in Baltimore

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Photo via

Photo via

Hurricane Joaquin didn’t cause as much trouble as it might have in Baltimore, but it wreaked havoc elsewhere. El Faro, a cargo ship that regularly docked in Baltimore, has gone missing in the Bahamas, with 33 crew members on board. Read More →

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