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Binge Drinking Is a Big Problem for Maryland College Students

0 Written by: | Thursday, Aug 21, 2014 10:34am


Binge drinking is associated with a host of public health problems, including increased rates of drunk driving, car accidents, alcohol poisoning, and domestic violence. So it’s troubling that the first Maryland College Alcohol Survey showed that nearly half of Maryland college students reported binge drinking in the previous month.

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Baltimore’s Best New Addition: The Wyman Park Ping Pong Table

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Photo via Friends of Wyman Park Facebook page

Photo via Friends of Wyman Park Facebook page

After years of publicity, fundraising, and galvanizing community support, Ping Pong Baltimore has accomplished one of its longtime goals: Installing a permanent ping pong table in Wyman Park Dell.

The idea arose out of community building workshops dating back to 2011, which happened to be attended by representatives from Friends of Wyman Park Dell, landscape architecture/urban design firm Mahan Rykiel Associates, and Ping Pong Baltimore: Why not put a ping pong table in the park? Fast forward three years, one successful online fundraising campaign, several grants, and lots of city paperwork later, and there’s now a ping pong table installed on a concrete pad near the corner of 29th and Charles Streets.

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Baltimore Gets a Brand New Community Choir– Auditions This Weekend!

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014 10:18am


Shower singers and karaoke stars take note: The Peabody Institute, Baltimore’s world-class music conservatory, is spearheading a brand-new community chorus, and they want you to take part.

As you might expect given Peabody’s reputation for excellence, this isn’t one of those who-cares-if-you-can-carry-a-tune choruses. As the chorus’ website notes, “The chorus is for adults with an appreciation of classical music and a desire to strive for artistic excellence. Although a plus, the ability to read music is not required as long as you can learn by ear.”

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New Bob Marley Musical Will Premiere in Baltimore at Center Stage

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014 9:22am


According to the Associated Press, a new musical about Bob Marley will have its world premiere in Baltimore next spring. Per the AP,

The show focuses on the years 1975 to 1978, when Marley survived an attempted assassination in Jamaica and went into exile in London. It will feature mid-’70s Marley albums as “Exodus,” ”Kaya,” and “Rastaman Vibration,” which include the songs “Jamming,” ”Three Little Birds” and “Roots, Rock, Reggae.”

I have mixed feelings about this.

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Meet Baltimore’s First Female Bricklayer

0 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 10:06am

Photo via NPR/by Olivia Fite

Photo via NPR/by Olivia Fite

Bricklaying is a predominantly male profession; that was even more true 40 years ago, when Baltimorean Barbara Moore got her start. “It was kind of rough at first ’cause, you know, a lot of the older guys didn’t think I should be there and I was taking a job from a man,” Moore said in an NPR StoryCorps interview with her daughter, Olivia Fite. “But I believed that I could do that job.”

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Raising a Child Will Cost You More than $300k–College Not Included

1 Written by: | Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014 9:38am


Here’s an idea: When we give teenagers the pregnancy talk, along with discussions of birth control and responsibility, we should hand out a copy of the USDA’s annual “Cost of Raising a Child” report. Because, frankly, it’s terrifying. Parents of kids born in 2013 will spend an average of $245,340 (or $304.480 adjusted for inflation) on that child from birth to age 18–and no, that doesn’t include college costs.

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Got a Question About Space? Ask the Baltimore Astronaut

0 Written by: | Monday, Aug 18, 2014 10:25am


Baltimore native and current International Space Station resident Reid Wiseman is the first astronaut celebrity of the social media age. From his home 200 miles above Earth, Wiseman has been tweeting up a storm, sharing dramatic photos of cities (including Baltimore), and even posting the first-ever Vine from space.

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Where Do Marylanders Come From?

0 Written by: | Monday, Aug 18, 2014 9:22am


Screen shot 2014-08-17 at 10.29.36 PMIt’s common wisdom that immigration patterns have changed dramatically over the past 100 years–but those changes vary greatly from state to state. While many states have seen an influx of residents from other states, others are seeing much less in-migration. For example, in 1900, only 55 percent of Massachusetts residents had been born in the state; by 2012, the state’s residents were 63 percent Massachusetts-born.

This data comes from a fascinating interactive story from the New York Times, which minutely traces each state’s patterns of migration. So what of Maryland?

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Baltimore Casino Has a $1 Million Slot Machine

1 Written by: | Friday, Aug 15, 2014 10:12am


Slot machines are the worst kind of gambling. They draw you in with their flashing lights and goofy themes, but require nothing more of you than your ability to sit on a stool and spend increasing amounts of money. There’s none of the mathematics, bluffing, or complex decision-making required by actual card games. So the idea of a slot machine that costs $500 to play once is, frankly, a little horrifying to me.

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Johns Hopkins Astronomer Helps Solve Stardust Mystery

0 Written by: | Friday, Aug 15, 2014 9:30am


Images of the Milky Way show lots of stars, of course–but they also reveal lots of other stuff, including mysterious dark bands emanating from starlight. These are called diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs), and they’ve baffled astronomers since they were first discovered in 1922 by Mary Lea Hager, a graduate student at the time.

Astronomers study objects in space by looking at the light they emit. DIBs are interruptions in the light spectrum–which indicates that something between Earth and the star had absorbed that light. But what, and how? The going theory is that unusually large, complex molecules are the culprits, but there’s been no way for astronomers to prove that one way or another. Read More →

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