Johns Hopkins Snags More Bigwigs for Commencement Speakers

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As we previously noted, Johns Hopkins University undergraduates will be feted this year by Pixar president Ed Catmull (hence this very fun commencement speaker announcement). But all of Hopkins’s other schools and departments, including the Carey Business School, have their own commencement exercises–which means they get their own speakers, too. Read More →

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Don’t Worry About the Yuppies, Station North Developer Says

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via LSC Design

via LSC Design

A lot has been going on in Station North in recent months–even if the WaPo still doesn’t get it. And if you needed any further confirmation that the burgeoning neighborhood is definitely gentrifying, now you’ve got it: Developers are planning Station North’s first apartment/retail complex, the Baltimore Business Journal reports. Read More →


BWI Installs New Iris-Scanning Machines

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If you’re the kind of person who hates waiting in security lines, you’ll be pleased to hear that BWI will soon be participating in a new service that will allow some travelers to speed through airport lines in under 5 minutes. For a price, of course. Read More →

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Towson Has the Best Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich–Or Does It?

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Photo via The Gourmand Mom

Photo via The Gourmand Mom

The internet sometimes freaks out about the most inane things. This week, it was bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. No, really. Read More →


U of M Cuts Back on Award-Winning Paper

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The University of Maryland is known for having one of the country’s best student-produced newspapers. The Diamondback once published an edition every weekday, and boasted a daily circulation of 20,000. But that was then. The paper has already eliminated its Friday edition in 2013; it’s also seen its publication numbers shrink by two-thirds–and starting next fall, it will go from being published four times a week to a mere once a week. Read More →

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Why Does No One Major in English Anymore?

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I’m a proud English major. That used to not make me all that unique; English has long been one of the most popular majors among undergraduates. But that trend may be beginning to shift. Read More →

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Was “The Wire” TOO Accurate?

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You’ve probably heard about the recent revelations that Baltimore Police has used a high-tech form of cell phone surveillance thousands of times over the past eight years. The story was all over the news last week. But it seems as though the creators of The Wire knew about it more than a decade ago.

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Kids of “Free Range Parents” Taken into Custody–Again

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Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Back in January, a Montgomery County couple came under investigation by Child Protection Services for letting their kids make the one-mile walk home from school without adult supervision. Yesterday, the Meitiv family and CPS intensified, as the family’s two children were taken into custody (and then returned). Read More →

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Two Hopkins Profs Win Guggenheim Fellowships

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A Guggenheim Fellowship may just be the next-best thing to a MacArthur “Genius” Award, so we send our congratulations to the two Johns Hopkins professors who can now consider themselves Guggenheim Fellows.

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Ben Carson Requests “Tolerance” from the Gay Community

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Screen shot via Raw Story.

Screen shot via Raw Story.

Ben Carson has made a name for himself by putting his foot in his mouth, most notably when it comes to comments he’s made about the LGBTQ community. But in a recent interview, Carson made vague noises about legal protections for transgender people and claimed to love “all gay people.” Read More →

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