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Baltimore’s Best Dorm Room

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I always figured that living in a miserable dorm room was one of those character-building, out-of-the-classroom learning experiences that you were supposed to have in college. Two people cramming all their worldly possessions in a tiny room with cinderblock walls:  for many of us, the dorm room was where we first learned compromise, cooperation, and how to loft a bed.

So in that way, I feel sorry for the students who are unfortunate enough to live in Loyola’s Newman Towers, an apartment-style dorm on the school’s North Baltimore campus. The residence hall just came in at number six on CampusSplash’s list of the 15 best dorms in the country, and no wonder:  each apartment includes a full bathroom, living room, full kitchen, walk-in closets, a dining room… Oh, and the building itself boasts several restaurants and a grocery store. “If I never had to leave this building I never would,” a Loyola student told CampusSplash.

What was your college dorm like?

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    Poe House Gets a Benefit Concert


    Believe in the Crime Cameras

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