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Proposed Ban on Russian Adoptions Will Harm Kids

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Baltimore’s Heroes of 2012

1 Written by: | Thursday, Dec 27, 2012 2:00pm

It wasn’t all scandal and outrage in Baltimore this year; there were also plenty of amazing folks doing amazing things — and ordinary folks doing amazing things, too. From science prodigies to singing princesses to the police officer who adopted a “dangerous” dog, here are our Baltimore heroes of 2012:


Charlie and Kevin Hillery paraplegic


Charlie, the 10-year-old Calvert School fifth grader, who returned Midshipman Kevin Hillery’s hat following the traditional toss at the Naval Academy commencement ceremony.




 Jaylon Simpson (on the right), the undefeated champion of  the Baltimore Kids Chess League’s citywide tournament.


The University of Maryland students who learned how to fly



The metal heads of Baltimore



The divas at the Maryland Cat Show




The Johns Hopkins students who are creating health care records for the homeless





Johns Hopkins nurses, stars of the American Nurse Project — and, well, nurses everywhere!




Baltimore Police Officer Dan Waskiewicz, who responded to a call about a dangerous dog… and ended up adopting it.


In May, the Loyola Greyhounds became the smallest school ever to take home the NCAA Division I lacrosse trophy.


Michael Wallace, Baltimore’s GPS-Bike artist.



John Waters, cross-country hitchhiker.



Jack Andraka, the 15 year-old science prodigy who came up a cheaper, faster, more accurate test for identifying pancreatic cancer.


Vinnie Myers, the tattoo artist who helps out mastectomy patients.


Jennifer Crisp, the professional chef who’s devoted her life to bringing healthy food to a struggling Baltimore school — and who convinced foodie celeb Alice Waters to stop by and lend a hand with the school garden.


The Baltimore feminists who harnessed social media to take on a fashion giant — and inspired young girls nationwide.

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Friday Links: Car Crashes Into Washington Monument; Local Families Worry About...


Proposed Ban on Russian Adoptions Will Harm Kids

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