Orioles Fans Are Bipolar


This Century-Old Newsletter About Baltimore Is Hilarious


Cleveland Browns Fan Desecrates Art Modell’s Grave

2 Written by: | Thursday, Jul 24, 2014 9:36am

Cleveland Browns fan

To us, the late former Ravens owner Art Modell is the man who brought football back to Baltimore. To Cleveland Browns fans, he’s the man who left their city without football for three years. Modell was so hateful to one Browns fan, that he warranted an overly elaborate grave urination.

The unnamed Browns fan uploaded a video to YouTube of his monumentally disrespectful action, which involved a fake-out Ed Reed jersey (so that it would theoretically look at first like Reed was visiting Modell’s grave) and a homemade catheter (so he could urinate on — technically, near — Modell’s grave without taking off his pants).

Not to mention he had to travel all the way to Druid Ridge cemetery in Pikesville. And have someone shoot the video. And then edit the video together with background music and captions. And who knows how many hours the thing took to write! I mean it’s got an M. Night Shyamalan-level twist!

Baltimore police are currently investigating the incident.




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Orioles Fans Are Bipolar


This Century-Old Newsletter About Baltimore Is Hilarious

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