There Is Hope for the Poe House!


Hurricane Hysteria!


Curated Conversation Starters for The Stormy Weekend

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The hurricane is coming to town and there is a high likelihood of power outages.  Losing power is fun at first, but once the excitement of lighting candles has dwindled, we’ll be left alone with nothing but our conversations to entertain us!  In anticipation of these candlelit discussions, here are some Friday factoids to keep you chatting until the electricity comes back on.  

Muammar Qaddafi is more than just a tyrant, he’s also a total creep.  Opposition fighters found a photo album filled with photos of Condoleezza Rice while searching through Qaddafi’s Bab al-Azizya compound in Tripoli.  The Libyan leader has oft expressed his adoration of the former secretary of state and even affectionately calls her “Leezza.”  We imagine him poring over the album, passionate whispers of “Leezza, Leeeeezzzaaa” spewing from his lips.  Guess they’re not friends on Facebook. [Politico]

Earthquake shmirthquake.  It’s Imminent Irene that will pack the punch.  A really big, thunderous, multibillion-dollar punch, according to experts. [NY Times]

It’s been talked about for years, but it finally, sadly came to pass: Steve Jobs has stepped down as head of Apple due to health issues.  The value of Apple’s stock increased by over 6,000 percent while the visionary leader has been in charge, but what’s Apple without Him? (TechCrunch)

The final moments of last night’s episode of Jersey Shore (admit it, you watch it) gave a glimpse of another Ronnie freak out.  This time, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino provides the provocation, and Ronnie’s disproportionate and seemingly insane response has begged the question: does he have ‘Roid Rage? [WetPaint]

Baby rattles and bibs are for pauper pipsqueaks!  Mariah Carey is no pauper, she’s filthy rich!  So her stinking rich kids are dripping with diamonds.  We’re sure they’ll grow up to be lovely, well-adjusted people.  [Celebitchy]

Stay dry!

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    There Is Hope for the Poe House!


    Hurricane Hysteria!

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