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Fishbowl’s Finest: March Madness Pizza Survey! UPDATE

20 Written by: | Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 6:30pm


Originally posted March 22, 2013 @ 10:30 a.m. – Do you like pizza as much as we do? We like it a lot. So remember a few weeks ago when Travel + Leisure named Baltimore one of the top 20 cities for pizza? Well, we thought the entries were a little thin, so with March Madness upon us (as good a reason as any to stuff our faces with pizza), with thought we’d conduct our own survey and hold the first Baltimore Fishbowl best pizza contest. Doesn’t that sound cheesy? In the best way!

We’re calling it Fishbowl’s Finest – Best Pizza.

It’s simple, especially for pizza experts. We ask you: Out of our favorite pizza places, which do you love the most?

Then you show your love by voting as many times as you like! May the odds be in your favorite flavorful pizza place’s favor.

UPDATE 3/25/2013: You asked, we listened. :] Three Wild Card entries have been added. The support has been tremendous. Let’s keep it up!

UPDATE 3/27/2013: If you haven’t voted, go ahead and vote.  If you have, do so again. And again. And again. But only until Friday because that’s when we take the choices down to eight (just like March Madness, get it?) and allow only one vote a day.  The contest ends on April 8, the date of the March Madness final.  

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  • M

    it’s obvious that someone at Joe Squared is voting over and over again…. typical.

  • LiketheTEA

    I had a horrible experience at Egyptian pizza. There was a bug in my food and the service was horrible.

  • Lou Catelli

    No Matthew’s Pizza, the oldest pizzeria in Maryland?????
    I’m declining to vote then

  • circuscats

    Where is TOSS on york rd?

  • Kelly

    You must add Isabella’s on High St in Little Italy to this list. Really good pizza!

  • XanderChriss

    No Matthew’s Pizza???
    Come on! It’s the best!

  • mike

    Joe squared no competition

  • Marion Winik

    I voted for Joe Squared, but would love to try Matthews. And what about Hirsh’s? it’s new and great.

  • Guy S Hammer II

    “Johnny Rad’s, located at 2108 Eastern Ave., in Canton, also gives customers something they can’t find easily find in Baltimore.

    The restaurant-bar, across the street from the Patterson Bowling Alley, is known for its not-quite-Neopolitan pizza, termed “Baltipolitan,” according to Rad’s owner Rich Pugh.

    “The Baltipolitan has a thin crust center with a soft puffy cornice (the part people typically call the crust), fresh bright tomato sauce with little seasoning and spotty fresh mozzarella. It is baked at temps close to 650 degrees on a stone in a stone lined oven. It’s not pretending to be Neapolitan, but its pretty darn close,” says Pugh.

    Another characteristic that sets Rad’s above its competition—and competition for best pizza in Baltimore gets stiffer all the time—is its vegan pizza.

    “We offer several vegan [pizza] options like soy mozzarella cheese and vegan ‘steak,’ ‘chick’n’ and ‘sausage,’’’ Pugh adds.”

  • JT

    Joe Squared is terrible and tastes like burning. Where’s Angelos in Hampden? World’s largest slice is a novelty- their regular pizza pies are where it’s at.

  • Mike

    You left out my favorite, Homeslyce! Best pizza in town. Try it if you don’t believe me. And no Mathews? Are you kidding me?

  • Joan Dolina

    Mathew’s just a Wild Card???

    • Susan Dunn

      Yes! In fact, we almost left Matthew’s off!! Loyal fans like you got our attention, but it is lagging behind. Small but true following?


Wednesday Afternoon Links: DLA Piper to Colleagues: It's Not Funny; City...


House of The Day: Cool Townhouse in Woodberry (and, yes, near the Kitchen...)

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