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Get Growing: Mustaches for Kids

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catch of the day fish (2)Listen up guys (and yeah, I mean guys)—it’s time to get serious. Time to step up and do what needs to be done—to put in some good, hard work on behalf of Baltimore’s kids. Yeah, I know you helped rebuild the local playground, that you chaperoned last week’s field trip, that you coach little league. But I’m talking about real dedication here. Hard work. Giving everything you have. That’s right—starting October 1st, the challenge is on. It’s time for the annual (oh yes, it’s annual) Mustaches for Kids (M4K)challenge—and the Baltimore City Schools are looking for a few good men.

M4K raises money for our schools when men vow to grow their mustaches all month, and women (and the men who inexplicably choose not to grow) pledge money to support their valiant efforts. Sound kind of trivial? You may be heartened to know that M4K has raised nearly $173,000 for school- and classroom-level projects across our district in the last five years—projects that have reached nearly 89,000 students. The goal this year: to push the program’s total earnings over the $200,000 mark. Not only does this program raise real money that goes to real change for our schools—it also sends a powerful visual message to students. When they see their teachers, family, and community members growing mustaches to help fund the schools, they see adults who care about them and about their educational success. So while usually I’m averse to any claim that “Real men [fill in the blank],” I think in this case, it’s pretty safe to say it. Real men start growing their mustaches October 1st.

The M4K challenge begins October 1st and goes through November 3rd. For more information on how to get involved (by growing, or sponsoring a grower) visit

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  • Jen

    You can do it!!! The M4K Omaha chapter raised over $200K during our growing season this year, so it can be done!! Now let’s see if Baltimore can do the same!!


Thursday Afternoon Headlines: Blimp Over Baltimore for Navy Aerial Mapping;...


Charm City Cook: So Many Reasons to Eat and Drink!

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