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Baltimore Police Are Camera-Shy, Despite New Rule


Gilman, St. Paul’s Grads Take Stand for the Prosecution

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In the final day of the prosecution’s case against George Huguely, two former local lacrosse stars took the stand to give testimony about the events the day Love died.

Chris Clements, who went to St. Paul’s, and Kevin Carroll, who attended Gilman, both spent time that day with Huguely, who played lacrosse on the same top-ranked UVA team. Clements, who was with Huguely at a father-son golf tournament, and Carroll, who was Huguely’s roommate, said Huguely was drinking throughout the day, beginning as early at 10 a.m.

The young men were just two of many friends of Huguely’s who were called to the stand. The most damaging testimony came from another lacrosse player, Ken Clausen, who said that Huguely lied about his whereabouts that night and that his demeanor changed after he returned from Love’s apartment, according to an Associated Press report in the New York Times.  

The prosecution closed its case in the early afternoon and the defense began its case. They called on medical experts to refute the prosecution’s claim that Love died from blunt force trauma to the head, the Baltimore Sun reports.  The defense’s medical expert put forth a theory that Love died from asphyxiation resulting from lying face down in a bloody pillow.


In another Sun story about the case, “Less Than Six Degrees of Separation in Huguely Trial,” Jean Marbella gives an account of the insular world of college lacrosse.

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    JHU Summer Camp for Engineering Geeks


    Baltimore Police Are Camera-Shy, Despite New Rule

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