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But If Michael Phelps Is Retired for Real, Why Is He Training?

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Harborplace Hooters Enforces Racist Double Standard, Says Former Waitress

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After Farryn Johnson, 25, put blonde highlights in her hair, she was written up by her supervisors at the Harborplace Hooters for violating the company’s image standard. When she failed to change her hair back, she was fired. That might have been all well and good, if Hooters’ actions didn’t amount to a racist double standard, as Johnson alleges.

Johnson, who is black, claims that many of her white and Asian co-workers put streaks of color in their hair without incident. Not only that, but she says that her higher-ups specifically told her, “black women don’t have blonde in their hair, so you need to take it out.”

The former waitress has filed a complaint with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, which has to conduct an investigation before Johnson can move forward with a civil suit.

By the way: according to WJZ, a state legislator plans to introduce a bill that would limit employers’ ability to enforce grooming standards on their workers, which could be the real problem for Hooters, given how much they have to say about their waitresses’ appearance.


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Lunch Today! Yoga for A Healthy Back


But If Michael Phelps Is Retired for Real, Why Is He Training?

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