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Loss in Dating (and the Self You Gain)

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Out of Hand Craft Show

7 Written by: | Friday, Nov 30, 2012 2:00pm

Out of Hand Craft Show Baltimore

UPDATE: The 2013 show is Sunday, Dec. 8 from 10 am to 4 pm at the same location.

You can contact Anita Klein at 410 235 5321 for information, but the basics have not changed.


If you read yesterday’s Catch (and of course you did), you know how we feel about holiday-time craft shows. So as promised, we’ve got the scoop on all the best spots to find locally made goods this season. And since craft fairs offer totally awesome and unique treasures in abundance (meaning we’re not afraid of you getting there first and scooping up all the good stuff), we’re happy to share. Assuming you don’t drain your bank account and you’ve still got names to check off the gift list after tomorrow’s Holiday Heap, head out on Sunday to the Out of Hand Craft Show. The fact that this one is on Sunday means you get a whole night’s sleep to re-up the shopping energy from Saturday’s bonanza.

The Out of Hand Craft show will feature, of course, a variety of local artists and artisans. The show has been running for more than 20 years so far, which means it was promoting crafting and “going local” way before it was cool. At this particular show, you can expect to find everything from custom pet portraits (they’re really good) by FuzzyMugs to repurposed and upcycled Kimonos by Plum Blossom Kimonos.   Perhaps because of how well established this show is, it tends to attract artisans who’ve been at it for a while and have really honed their craft. This makes it the perfect place to find something unique and surprising even for the pickiest and most discerning gift recipient.

The Out of Hand Craft Show takes place this Sunday, December 2nd from 10am-5pm. It will be held at the  Knights of Columbus, 201 Homeland Avenue in Baltimore.

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Baltimore, Do You Feel Bad about Your Neck? (Your Eyelids, Your Hips, or Your...


Loss in Dating (and the Self You Gain)

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