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Catch of the Day, Fells Point, Hampden

Pre-Spring Arrivals and Pre-Inventory Sale at Party Dress Boutique, Fells Point

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Party Dress Boutique

catch of the day fish (2)It does seem rather premature to be getting excited about spring. After all, we’re just barely entering January. It’s got to get worse before it gets better. We haven’t even had Groundhog Day yet. So for all we know, this winter is going to be a long one. But walk into any gas station or grocery store candy aisle and what has suddenly appeared? Cadbury eggs. En masse. They say that global warming is messing with bird migration schedules. Maybe it’s effecting seasonal candy suppliers’ internal calendars as well. But in any event, if you want a small way to remind yourself that spring will eventually come, you might do well to swing by Party Dress Boutique and check out their new pre-spring arrivals.

The pre-spring dresses at Party Dress are just that—perfect items for layering. The boutique offers a spectrum of what pre-spring can mean—from long-sleeved dresses with luxurious cowls to lightweight BoHo numbers that will work well solo once winter is over. If you stop by this Saturday (January 5th), you can catch their pre-inventory (“don’t make us count it!”) sale. Check out the Fells Point location where you will find 1/2 off 1/2 the store; so you can do a fabulous wardrobe re-up, regardless of what season you’re in the market for.

Party Dress Boutique has two locations: 723 S. Broadway in Fells Point and 822 W. 36th Street in Hampden. For details about what they carry, and the sale on January 5th, visit


Adopt A Pet: Baltimore Humane Society’s Pets of the Week


15 Under $15: Wines You'll Love That Won't Break the Bank

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