Maryland May Get a Pass on No Child Left Behind


A Book Festival, a Betascape and Fundraisers Galore!

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Rebel with a Cause

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Great style is all about expressing individuality, and it turns out Chris Warren’s clothing tells a very personal story. The hip and trendy South Moon Under men’s department manager (spotted outside the Harbor East boutique) uses his fashion savvy to hook people into giving to causes he cares about. Giving while getting. That’s the best style.


Chris Warren, 26

You look like you’re going to class not work!

Yeah, I like to dress in jeans and a T -shirt most of the time and sometimes a woven.
A woven? You speak a designer’s language. Are you a fashion designer?

I design T-shirts with a friend. We are just starting our company.
Did you design the one you’re wearing? What do the letters stand for?

TSP?  The Shift Project. We design T-shirts now but hope to get into wovens and sweaters.
Where did you get the name?

We both believe you have to contribute to change the world and when you hit the shift button on your keyboard everything changes.  And it’s a project. So, The Shift Project. 
Have you sold any T-shirts?

We are now on Facebook and developing a website.  But we’re trying to keep the cost down so we can donate six or seven percent of what we bring in to a different charity or institution each month. The first one is personal. We hope to give to Kennedy Krieger because my brother is there in rehab after a football accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. At 15. And the next month it will be the Susan G. Komen Foundation because my friend’s mother had breast cancer.  Selling our collection will hopefully allow us to give to many causes we believe in. 

I wish you great success. And how is your brother today?

He’s great. He’s 23.  And he wears our T-shirts all the time!

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    Maryland May Get a Pass on No Child Left Behind


    A Book Festival, a Betascape and Fundraisers Galore!

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