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Salsa Lessons at Mobtown Ballroom

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Salsa Dance at Mobtown Ballroom

catch of the day fish (2)It’s no exaggeration to say that Latin dance has taken American culture by storm in the last several years. Dancing with the Stars was sort of like the Super Bowl of ballroom dancing—those of us who otherwise know nothing or could care less about ballroom dancing (or professional football) suddenly are tuned in, studied critics, who maybe even have our own secret aspirations of strutting our stuff out there. And not only do we have Dancing with the Stars, we also have Zumba—which has swept gyms across the country as a fun salsa-inspired workout that does, indeed, scratch the maybe-I-was-born-to-be-a-ballroom-Latin-dancer itch. But, like Marvin Gaye said, “ain’t nothing like the real thing…” And after all, if Jennifer Grey could learn to do the merengue, why can’t we? (setting aside that she had the often shirtless Patrick Swayze for a teacher…)

The Mobtown Ballroom is certainly Baltimore’s go-to spot for social dancing. The venue regularly hosts salsa lessons, swing dances, lindy hop classes, belly dancing classes, jazz nights, and more. The salsa lessons are taught by Tabitha Holiday of the Baltimore Salsa Dance Company. The Level 1 class runs for six weeks, starting this Thursday. If you can’t make every single one, no worries—you can sign up for the whole session, or simply drop in from week to week. No dance experience or partner required (meaning that if you can’t get your personal Patrick Swayze off the couch, you can find another one at class).

The Mobtown Ballroom is located at 861 Washington Boulevard in Baltimore. For more information, or to register, visit

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Tuesday Links: Hopkins Doctor Found Dead, Accused of Taping Patients;...


The New York Times Swoons Over Loyola's Lacrosse Team

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