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'Come on Feel the Noise' at the Baltimore School of Rock

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So, What’s the Deal with that Giant Blimp That’s Been Flying Over Baltimore?

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“Does anyone know what this unmarked white blimp that has been flying around the city is all about?” a Reddit user asked the Internet yesterday. You know, because people get nervous when large objects loom overhead for no discernible reason.

According to the Baltimore Sun, at least, the 178-foot blimp is a “manned government research airship conducting aerial mapping.” So you can calm down! Or not — similar large white data-collecting balloons, domestic drones, and other tools of passive surveillance are found all along the US/Mexico border. Coincidence!?!?!? I think not.

Whether or not you subscribe to conspiracy theories, you can expect to spot the blimp hovering over the greater DC/Baltimore area until October 5. So if you plan on committing any crimes during that period, keep them indoors.

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Weighted Down with Love Life Worry


'Come on Feel the Noise' at the Baltimore School of Rock

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