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Mt. Washington’s Pepe’s Pizza Undergoes $1.5 Million Renovation

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Courtesy Bmore Media – Pepe’s Pizza, a neighborhood hangout in Mount Washington for 34 years, is undergoing a $1.5 million expansion and renovation that will wrap up in August. Read More →


Baltimore Tops D.C. in Weekend Food Truck Battle

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Baltimore came out on top in more than one Battle of the Beltways.

Not only did the Baltimore Orioles beat the Washington Nationals but the city bested its rival at A Taste of Two Cities, a food truck competition held Saturday at the Westport Waterfront. It was organized by food truck owner Damian Bohager.

First place went to Baltimore’s Gypsy Queen food truck, followed by the Red Hook Lobster truck of D.C. in second and Baltimore’s Miss Shirley’s truck in third.

Read more at Bmore Media

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Popular Pizza Joint Iggies to Move to Ruxton

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Riderwood Village

Iggies, the popular Mt. Vernon BYOB pizza joint, is moving to Riderwood Village on Bellona Avenue, a few feet in from the Joppa Road intersection, possibly as soon as November.

The eatery, owned by Lisa Henkman, has been a resounding success at its Calvert Street location. Henkman’s husband Peter Wood said the move is still being worked out due to zoning issues because there has never been a restaurant in the small shopping center, which houses the Riderwood post office, a dry cleaners and Ruxton Animal Hospital. A large space that used to house James Bryan hair salon has been vacant for years and local stationery store Down’s left a small space  just recently. Read More →


Cheap Things for College Students to Do: Hippest Place to Eat a Dinner Waffle

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“Oh, you hang out at Carma’s? You must be a hipster.” There are not enough fingers on my hands to count how many times I’ve heard this. I want to make this clear: Carma’s Café is not just for hipsters even if all of the ones I know hang out there. In fact, it is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat for less than $10 if you want something more gourmet than Chipotle. My personal menu favorites are the Portobello Panino and the Vineyard Chicken Salad sandwich served with a side of the cold sesame noodles and the bagel and lox platter. The two things that attracted me to Carma’s in the first place was that it serves breakfast all day long and has unique daily specials such as Hawaiian Crème Fraiche Waffles. Although, I usually don’t have time to sit down inside or out on the sidewalk, Carma’s is a great place to take a moment. Carma’s can get pretty crowded around lunchtime and dinner, so if you want to hang around, you should plan to arrive early because the seating is limited. All in all, the staff is friendly, the food is great, and the people have created a pretty awesome open community, if I do say so myself.

Carma’s Café–3120 Saint Paul St # 7

Baltimore Fishbowl intern Cathy Lee attends Johns Hopkins.

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