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Cocaine Really Does Eat Holes in Your Brain, Hopkins Scientists Say

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Anyone who watched TV in the 1980s know what a brain on drugs looks like.  Read More →

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Inspectors Seize 147 Pounds of Cocaine From Port of Baltimore Shipment

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Three photos show the cocaine seizure at the Port of Baltimore.

Three photos show the cocaine seizure at the Port of Baltimore.

pic 2cocaineA shipping container at the Port of Baltimore that was labelled as carrying lumber from Brazil turned out to have a few bricks thrown in. When they searched, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents found that the bricks were made of cocaine. Read More →

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Why My Mother Made Me Call Her Tina

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somali-girlUniversity of Baltimore MFA student D. Watkins tells the difficult story of his Somali mother, Tina, who gave birth to him when she was 15, full of big plans other than being a mom.

Tina is a loud-mouthed, club-hopping, plate-snorting, someone-else’s-Mercedes-driving, street-fighting, pink-rollers-under-a-ripped-stocking-cap-wearing, PTA-meeting-missing, new-best-friend-every-day-having, mother of five children with four different fathers–I’m her second oldest. Read More →


This Week in Research: Cocaine and Schizophrenia

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“It was remarkably serendipitous,” Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Solomon Snyder says. He’s talking about his team’s discovery of the brain pathway that’s affected by ingesting cocaine — and the fact that a compound to block that specific pathway, CGP3466B, has already been pinpointed. “Not only did CGP3466B help confirm the details of cocaine’s action,” Snyder says, “but it also may become the first drug approved to treat cocaine addiction.”  Using a drug to help a cocaine addict might be in the near future.
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Baltimore Area Drug Dealer Who Wasted a Bunch of Strawberries Ended Up Donating a Large Sum to the Federal Gov’t

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I’ve never considered smuggling massive amounts of cocaine in loads of strawberries. And thank goodness for that, because that means I am not currently facing more than 10 years in prison. Bryan Eammon Williams and Lawrence Lee Hayes, both of Baltimore, were sentenced for conspiring to implement just such a cocaine distribution scheme. Read More →

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