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Lenny’s Delicatessen closing permanently this weekend on Corned Beef Row

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Baltimore’s Corned Beef Row will lose one of its famed delis after 5 p.m. Saturday when Lenny’s Delicatessen closes permanently after 26 years in East Baltimore. Read More →

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Food Network Dubs Cheesesteak at Balt. Co. Deli Among the Best Outside Philly

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Courtesy Ravage Deli

Courtesy Ravage Deli

We’re only about 100 miles from Philly, but hometown specialties here skew more towards crabs and seafood than griddle-cooked steak and cheese on a bun. Just ask Andrew Zimmern and the Travel Channel.

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Mt. Washington’s Pepe’s Pizza Undergoes $1.5 Million Renovation

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Courtesy Bmore Media – Pepe’s Pizza, a neighborhood hangout in Mount Washington for 34 years, is undergoing a $1.5 million expansion and renovation that will wrap up in August. Read More →

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