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Warnock Foundation Initial Results of Baltimore Survey

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WF Survey Memo

Courtesy Citybizlist – When we invested in Baltimore in 2012, we found a thriving community of innovators, creators, do-gooders, across disciplines, all connecting together to push for change in Baltimore. Change to how nonprofits deliver services. Change to how communities are engaged. Cultural change from the bottom, up. Read More →

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Baltimore “Boy Wonder” On 60 Minutes Last NIght

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Jack Andraka, the North County High School sophomore from Crownsville who won the Intel Science Award in 2012 and who we wrote about last year, was featured last night on 60 Minutes.  If you’re not familiar with the superstar student, watch the video.  You’ll feel dumber, but proud!


Getting to the Heart of It: Q & A With Art-With-A-Heart Exec. Dir. Randi Pupkin

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Randi Alper Pupkin

Randi Alper Pupkin and Thomas Kohn.

Courtesy Citybizlist – Approximately fourteen years ago, Randi Pupkin gave up her career as an active and successful litigation attorney to found and work full time for Art with a Heart. Today, the not-for-profit organization with a stated mission of “enhancing the lives of people in need through visual art,” is responsible for programing more than 7,100 separate art classes on an annual basis and has countless stories of  ”steering lives on the proper path” through building strong and life-long relationships with its students.

Q. Fair to say that practicing law full time wasn’t your passion?
A. I affectionately refer to myself as a runaway attorney. I made a go of it for almost 14 years and even had my own firm for half of my law career. For the most part, practicing law, for me, was a grind and I truly think the civil court system is broken. Still, I learned a great deal about how to navigate certain experiences and situations that I would never have had but for my practice.  These lessons are invaluable to my every day work.

Read more at Citybizlist

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Baltimore Among Top Cities for Liberal Arts Majors

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Courtesy Citybizlist - Labor-market analytics firm Burning Glass released a new report showing the 20 U.S. cities where liberal arts majors are most in demand. It analyzed more than 23,000 employer sites and job boards to find the cities with the most entry-level job postings available to these grads.

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City Schools Spent Federal Funds on Cruises, Makeovers, and Chicken Dinners — So What?

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A federal audit determined that Baltimore city schools misspent thousands of dollars of federal grant money during 2009 and 2010. That includes $4,352 from Title I funds spent on Inner Harbor dinner cruises for parents, staff, and volunteers, $2,413 spent on chicken dinners for 28 people, $1,336 spent on theater tickets for 30 people, and $500 spent on a makeover day for mothers and daughters.

The audit also found hundreds of thousands of dollars that may have been spent on legitimate expenses, but were poorly accounted for — incomplete time sheets, invoices with no description of services, that kind of thing.

As much as Republicans (and some Democrats) in the state legislature are using the findings as an opportunity to sneer at typical liberal spendthrifts who have squandered our hard-earned tax dollars (and on what? Makeovers?! Cruises?!), the reality is probably a little more complicated, and a little less politically convenient. Read More →

Catch of the Day

May 3: Take a First Look at Park School

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Park School

catch of the day fish (2)Imagine this: a school setting that has as one of its core values, “an unshakable belief in children’s capacity to enjoy learning, to act rationally, and to grow when inspired by highly qualified, caring teachers.” Wow. And if it sounds ambitious (or even overly optimistic), you can add to your mental picture that this school has been nurturing and educating young people in this way for 100 years. That’s right—this progressive and thoughtful educational philosophy has been at work here in our own backyard for an entire century. Clearly, this philosophy works. Guided by the educational philosophy of John Dewey, the school offers non-sectarian learning with integrated experiences in athletics, the arts, and civic engagement. On Friday, May 3rd, from 8:45-10:30am,  interested parents are invited to “take a first look” to discover the remarkable teaching and learning that is distinctive to a Park education. Read More →

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How to Change the Future of Education, According to Freeman Hrabowski

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Near the end of UMBC president Freeman Hrabowski’s TED Talk, he cites a quotation by Aristotle:  “Excellence is never an accident.” That’s a solid summary of Hrabowski’s rousing lecture about how he and his UMBC colleagues have taken an unremarkable school and made it into a cutting-edge institution — and, incidentally, the nation’s top producer of African-American students who go on to get PhDs or MD/PhDs. Watching the video, it’s easy to see why Time has named him one of the ten best university presidents in the nation.
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Things Johns Hopkins is Good at, Other Than Medicine

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Johns Hopkins's education school, the 2nd best in the nation.

Johns Hopkins’s education school, the 2nd best in the nation.

All that impressive doctoring and researching that takes place over at Johns Hopkins can sometimes overwhelm the other things you might learn about at the university. For example:  education. Did you know that the Johns Hopkins University School of Education has the second-best graduate education program in the entire nation, according to US News & World Report? (Vanderbilt is number one.)
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A Different Kind of Family Vacation: “We Don’t Have to Buy Crap”

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Enzo Metsopoulos and new Dominican friends, 2011.

Enzo Metsopoulos and new Dominican friends, 2011.

Christine Grillo and her husband, Peter Metsopoulos, are planning a different kind of summer vacation for their family of five this year – the kind of busy, sight-seeing trip that won’t leave much time for sunbathing and souvenir shopping but will no doubt reward each member with take-home gifts. Through Outreach360, Metsopoulos, a teacher at the Bryn Mawr School, daughter Rita, 10, and a Bryn Mawr high school contingent will spend the second half of July volunteering to bolster education in the Dominican Republic, where over one third of the population lives on several dollars a day. Grillo, a writer at Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, and sons Enzo, 12, and Luca, 7, will join the effort for one week’s time. In Kickstarter fashion, the family aims to raise a modest $1200 in trip support through their Outreach360 website page. Grillo’s excited about the high-concept endeavor for multiple reasons: not only will her family have a dramatic chance to pitch in, they’ll leave home expecting a gift-shop-free non-paradise, they’ll learn life lessons, and the memorable excursion won’t break the bank. Read More →


Thursday Links: Look for Cheaper Gas in 2013; O’Malley “Flattered” by Presidential Candidate Talk; Maryland Schools Still #1; and More

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AAA says gas to be cheaper in 2013 - Baltimore Business Journal
O’Malley ‘flattered’ about presidential candidate talk - Baltimore Business Journal
Maryland schools rank No. 1 for fifth year in a row - Baltimore Sun
Juvenile psychiatric patient dies at state facility in Baltimore - Baltimore Sun
Chris Rock weighs in on gun laws - Washington Post

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