Johns Hopkins Develops Underwater Flying Drone

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If you’re planning some sort of complicated jewel heist involving boats, I have some good news for you. Read More →

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Watch Hopkins’s Amazing Thought-Controlled Arm in Action

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When it comes to making highly advanced prosthetic limbs, Johns Hopkins is leading the pack.  Read More →

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Johns Hopkins APL Among World’s Most Innovative Companies

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From Netflix to Tesla, innovative companies are changing the ways we live our daily lives. And each year, Fast Company picks the places that are making the biggest differences in sectors ranging from biotech to entertainment. Read More →

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Pluto’s Heart Is Mysterious, Vast and Icy, Just Like Yours

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Last week’s images from the Johns Hopkins APL-controlled New Horizons spacecraft revealed a romantic, heart-shaped formation on Pluto. Awww! Read More →

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Pluto Flyby Sends Back Amazing, Historic Pictures

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Image of Pluto via JHU APL/NASA/Southwest Research Institute

Image of Pluto via JHU APL/NASA/Southwest Research Institute

If planets had feelings (and who’s to say they don’t?), I imagine Pluto would be pretty pleased with all the attention it’s getting these days. The last time anyone cared this much about Pluto was back when it got demoted from planet to dwarf planet; this week, though, Pluto is making headlines for a much more exciting reason. Read More →


Pluto Is a Romantic, Johns Hopkins APL Images Show

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Image via JHU APL/NASA/Southwest Research Center

We won’t get the real download of images from New Horizons‘s Pluto flyby for a little while now, but some of the preliminary pictures sent back by the Johns Hopkins-controlled spacecraft are already revealing some surprises. Read More →


Are You Planning Your Pluto Party Yet? Space Probe Nears Distant Planet

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Nearly a decade ago, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab waved goodbye to the New Horizons spacecraft as it set out on a journey far away. Very far away. More than a billion miles away, in fact. And next week, New Horizons will finally reach its most distant point: Pluto.

Read More →

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Johns Hopkins Is Developing Prosthetic Eyes

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Photo via Second Sight

Photo via Second Sight

Johns Hopkins’s Applied Physics Lab is at the cutting edge when it comes to developing prosthetic limbs for amputees. But the innovation doesn’t stop there: APL scientists are also working at building a prosthetic retina. Read More →


Johns Hopkins APL Has New Pictures of Pluto

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Poor Pluto. Once considered the solar system’s ninth planet, it recently got demoted to “large object” status. Read More →


Help Name These Space Craters

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According to the International Astronomical Union, all new planetary craters must be named after famous artists. Mars has an Asimov crater and a Tolstoy crater; Mercury has a Dickens crater. Now that a mission to Mercury (helmed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab) has mapped five more craters, they need names. Read More →

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