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Chef Carlos Raba on Good Energy, Mexican Spaghetti and the Road to Clavel

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Carlos Raba, Chef and Co-Owner of Clavel, has quite an interesting story. And it’s one I wasn’t expecting at all. Read More →

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Baltimore Restaurant Week Extended Through August 13th at Participating Restaurants

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It’s Baltimore’s most delicious week of the summer, prices are stellar, and the food is amazing. You have zero excuses to miss out on the more than 100 Baltimore restaurants that are serving up 2-course lunch and brunch menus and three-course dinners menus, now extended through August 13th!

Click to view list of restaurants.

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Last Weekend to Explore Baltimore Restaurant Week!

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Baltimore is a delicious city. Try somewhere new, go out to lunch, have a date night (or two). Two-course brunch and lunch menus range from $12-20. Read More →

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Baltimore Restaurant Week Kicks Off July 28th!

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Baltimore Summer Restaurant Week will take place July 28 – August 6, 2017! Baltimore is a delicious city. Try somewhere new, grab lunch instead of eating at your desk, have a date night (or three). Read More →

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Farm to Chef to Benefit Days of Taste

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Farm to Chef

catch of the day fish (2)What’s better than 30 of the area’s best chefs teaming up with 30 local farmers to square off in a culinary competition that all ends in you (the guest) sampling a smorgasbord of local, in-season, gourmet delights? Maybe when that event is actually a benefit for programs that bring food education to local school children—helping them to build a food and nutrition vocabulary (AKA arming them with the knowledge they need to become healthy-eating adults).  Well, next week, The American Institute of Wine and Food (AIWF) will present Farm to Chef—the food competition that brings local farmers into the equation as well (rather than simply focusing on the chefs—who are so often the most visible part of a food competition). Proceeds benefit the AIWF’s Days of Taste program for fourth and fifth graders, and should you choose to attend, the delicious products of the competition benefit you. Read More →

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Art to Dine For 2013

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Art to Dine For

catch of the day fish (2)There’s so much to love about fall, but the Creative Alliance really puts it over the top with their annual series, Art to Dine For. Just as the weather begins to send us back indoors for the evenings, this inventive dinner series sweeps in to offer fabulous and intimate opportunities for gathering, dining, and getting up close and personal with artists and their work. Each Art to Dine For event is completely unique, and independent—meaning you don’t need to attend more than one, though if you do, you won’t be disappointed. Now that the season’s offerings have been posted, we recommend perusing the CA’s website sooner rather than later—these limited-capacity events can sell out quickly, and you don’t want to get left out in the cold. Read More →

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You Be the Judge: Local Chefs Compete at Mason-Dixon Master Chef Tournament

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Chef Christopher Lewis of Iron Bride Wine Company

Chef Christopher Lewis of Iron Bride Wine Company

Ever watch those shows like Iron Chef and envied the judges? Have you thought that you’d have something smart to say about dishes cooked up in a short span of time with limited (and required) ingredients? Think you’ve got what it takes to judge a food competition? Well, for the next several weeks, the dream can be achieved—on a local level, of course. But the competition over at the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament is just as heated as the televised stuff—and being just a few feet away from the chefs as they dice, sauté, and infuse milk with Cap’n Crunch (yes, that happened) easily tops any at-home viewing experience.

I was lucky enough to attend the tournament on Greek night earlier this month. Rather than togas and sorority pledging, that meant that two competing chefs were expected to each create a three-course Greek meal, using a few of the culture’s traditional ingredients—lamb, kalamata olives, grape leaves, and orzo. Nothing too wild-cardy there, but using those ingredients to create dishes that were creative and contemporary while reflecting the traditional values of Greek cuisine is where the challenge lay.

Chef Josh Handel (right) and Sous Chef Kyle Fischer (left) of Josh Handel Catering and Personal Chef Services

Chef Josh Handel (right) and Sous Chef Kyle Fischer (left) of Josh Handel Catering and Personal Chef Services

The competitors on the evening were Josh Handel of  Josh Handel’s Catering & Personal Chef Service and Christopher Lewis of the Iron Bridge Wine Company. The woman across from me (an old friend of Josh Handel’s, to be fair) likened the pairing to David and Goliath: small Baltimore-native upstart catering company vs. a chef from a well known restaurant with two locations dangerously close to D.C. An accurate description or not, it went well with the tension and suspense of the evening. After all, even if it’s all in good fun, anyone who’s seen the inside of a commercial kitchen knows that for serious chefs, food is no laughing matter, and this throw down was serious business. Read More →

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