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Surprise Party Surprise

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The birthday boy.

For Vince’s 27th birthday, his longtime girlfriend Shannon decided to throw a surprise party. Shannon is a gorgeous blonde and a smart cookie too, but her real superpower is worrying. She can worry ordinary people under the table. As you might imagine, planning a surprise party gave her some material. Whom to invite, and how many, and is this everyone? Can they all keep a secret? Might Vince find out some other way? Let’s say it comes off — does he even want a surprise party? Vince can be a crank. As one of his friends recently pointed out, Shannon is “the only person Vince is actually nice to.” Where to have it, what to serve, how much is all this going to cost? Read More →

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It’s That Time of Year – Plan for Your Holiday Party at the Mt. Washington Tavern

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Host Your Event at the Tavern

From wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners to birthday parties or more intimate gatherings, the Mt. Washington Tavern is the area’s premier location to host and celebrate events of all types and sizes. Read More →


Charm City Cakes’ Summer Collection 2012

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Who knew there was a “Summer Collection” for cakes?  But when you’re Baltimore’s Charm City Cakes, the originator of the fashionable cake, you have to stay a step ahead of the competition.  The collection, according to the bakery’s website, “was inspired by Carmen Miranda, Frida Kahlo, and many other images, textures, prints and fashions.” Gorgeous.


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