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A Maryland LGBT Advocacy Org Was So Successful That it Might Shut Down

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qualitymarTo hear Equality Maryland’s board tell it, the LGBT advocacy organization was so successful that they advocated themselves out of a job. Read More →


Septuagenarian Couple Leaves Virginia for Maryland, Weds

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Tibby Middleton, left, and Barbara Kenny

Tibby Middleton, left, and Barbara Kenny

If you want further proof that marriage equality in the Free State is making a difference in people’s lives, here is another couple who recently legally affirmed their long-term relationship thanks to Maryland’s Civil Marriage Protection Act.

Barbara Kenny and Tibby Middleton made headlines in 2005 when Virginia’s anti-gay Affirmation of Marriage Act forced the two leave their beloved, 17-year Fredericksburg home and start a new life Frederick, Md. Having gotten on years and staring down a brain-aneurysm scare — a false alarm — Kenny and Middleton didn’t trust Virginia to recognize their rights as a couple, should something happen. So, with heavy hearts, they moved. Read More →

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Baltimore Archbishop Tries, Fails to Ruin Joy Over Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision

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baltimore love poject

Thanks to yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling invalidating the federal Defense of Marriage Act, same-sex couples who are married are one step closer to receiving federal benefits. And since Maryland legalized same-sex marriage last November, this state’s celebrations were especially sweet. But that didn’t stop Baltimore Archbishop William Lori from raining on the parade.
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Dr. Ben Carson Apologizes for What He Said on Fox News

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Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Hopkins neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson’s political career must be well underway, as he’s already had to apologize for his “choice of words” in discussing his views on gay marriage on Fox News last week. The beloved conservative voice grouped gays in with NAMBLA and “people who believe in bestiality” as examples of groups who don’t get to “change the definition” of marriage. Read More →


Wednesday Links: Horseshoe Baltimore to Begin Hiring; Catholic Bishops Regroup in Baltimore After Gay Marriage Wins; Laurel Man Gets Caught Using Skype to Announce Bomb Threat

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 7:00am

Horseshoe to start ringing in new workers in next 3 months – Baltimore Business Journa
Catholic bishops struggle with message on gay marriage – Baltimore Sun
Recovered from shooting, Perry Hall High School student gives back – Baltimore Sun
Laurel man arrested after using Skype to announce bomb threat – Baltimore Sun
The Long Story of U.S. Debt, From 1790 to 2011, in 1 Little Chart – The Atlantic

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Maryland’s Wedding Industry Gears Up for a Busy 2013

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Sure, equality is great. But what about the bottom line?

Marylanders have a reason to celebrate the passage of the Civil Marriage Protection Act besides the progress it makes in treating all our citizens equally: it could inject an extra $90 million a year into Maryland’s economy. That’s according to analysts who crunched numbers for the General Assembly earlier this year, and it includes money projected not only from Maryland residents, but also from out-of-staters who will tie the knot here. Read More →


Thursday Links: Water Main Break Shines Light Back on Infrastructure; Baltimore’s Long-Running War on Trash Cans, Table Games Could Be Live in Early 2013; and More

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City re-emphasizes need to replace infrastructure after water main break – Baltimore Sun
Baltimore has a decades-old war on trash cans – Baltimore Sun
Maryland table games could be live in early 2013 – Baltimore Business Journal
Probation violation threatens ex-mayor Dixon’s plea deal – Baltimore Sun
Editorial Board: Gay marriage’s long march to equality – Washington Post


Maryland Pride: A Reflection on the Passage of Same-Sex Marriage

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Nov 07, 2012 2:02pm

Though we met in New Hampshire, ours is a Baltimore love story. We started dating up north, but it just so happened that he was moving back to his hometown Baltimore, while I, a recent and idealistic college grad, was heading to DC to try to make my mark in politics. We decided to keep things going. Two years and a lot of MARC trains later, I realized I wanted to give journalism – and Charm City – a try. I’ve spent the last four years falling more in love with this town – and my now-husband – than I ever thought possible. Read More →

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Bad Bet: Casino Backer Offends Same-Sex Marriage and Dream Act Advocates

0 Written by: | Monday, Nov 05, 2012 8:00am

Tomorrow Marylanders vote on many important items, not just whether to reelect Barack Obama, but Questions 4 (The Well-Named Dream Act, which allows immigrant kids who are state residents to pay the same tuition as other Maryland residents if their parents have paid taxes and proved stand-up), 5 (Sneaky Redistricting Map), 6 (Same-Sex Marriage), 7 (Jobs and Schools? Nope…Casinos: table games everywhere + a big, brand-new casino in Prince Georges County). Because this is a blog/opinion post, I’ll admit I have memorized a simple yes, no, yes, no mnemonic for 4, 5, 6, 7. Plus, as backup because I’m forgetful, coined the dorky phrases: “I am 4 racial equality, 5’s a jive, 6 is sexy and fair, 7’s unlucky, lady.” And speaking of keeping the numbers and yeas and nays straight, I was pleased to read yesterday in The Baltimore Sun that the casino-brained developers of National Harbor have handed supporters of both same-sex marriage (goodbye, Dark Ages!) and the Dream Act (is that you, American Dream?) good reason to vote N-O on 7. Read More →


Wednesday Links: Parking Enforcement Continued Through Sandy; Debate over Question 6 Focuses on “Teaching” Gay Marriage; Marshall’s to Come to Inner Harbor; and More

0 Written by: | Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012 7:00am

Parking ticket enforcement after Sandy riles some residents – Baltimore Sun
Marshalls signs lease for Inner Harbor store – Baltimore Business Journal
Halloween should go off without a hitch – Baltimore Sun
Debate over Question 6 focuses on ‘teaching’ gay marriage – Baltimore Sun
Storm provides Obama with a commander-in-chief moment – Washington Post

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