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Harvey’s Choice

6 Written by: | Wednesday, Sep 06, 2017 8:00am

As soon as I heard about Hurricane Harvey, I started worrying about the animals. The ones tied up in backyards, the ones waiting on roofs, the ones peering out attic windows. I hoped it would go better for them than it did in 2005 when according to the Louisiana SPCA, tens of thousands of pets died. Read More →

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Tonight’s Storm Already Being Called One of the Worst in East Coast History

2 Written by: | Friday, Jan 22, 2016 10:53am

Photo by Greg Pease

Photo by Greg Pease

At least in snow-averse Baltimore, severe winter weather can make an impact well before it arrives. The promise of an historically severe blizzard hitting the region tonight has been enough to clear supermarket shelves, close schools, and earn a state-of-emergency declaration from the governor — all before any flakes begin to fall local. Read More →

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Beautiful Photographs of Baltimore Lightning

0 Written by: | Friday, Apr 24, 2015 9:12am

Photo by Tim Shahan, via Flickr

Photo by Tim Shahan, via Flickr

Remember that crazy storm on Monday night? The one with all that crazy lightning? Many of us probably huddled inside; fortunately for us, Baltimore photographer Tim Shahan ventured out to get some gorgeous photos of both ground lightning and a few cloud-to-cloud strikes. Read More →

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Neighborhood Warned of 26th Street Collapse Potential… In 1998

3 Written by: | Thursday, May 01, 2014 9:30am

Photo via ABC2 Twitter

Photo via ABC2 Twitter

By now, you’ve presumably seen the horrifying footage of the huge sinkhole landslide that swallowed several cars on 26th Street during yesterday’s storm. But did you know that the neighborhood has been campaigning to get the unsafe area fixed for nearly three decades?

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The “I” of the Storm

0 Written by: | Thursday, Nov 01, 2012 10:30am

Writer Janet Fricke Gilbert made several new social connections during the worst moments of Sandy — live, human ones…

There’s a persistent loneliness in this age of connection.

We install our prefabricated selves on Facebook and acquire electronic friends. We text remote people when we are in the presence of actual people, so that we can simultaneously and ineffectively communicate with both groups. And we obsessively record the events of our lives as if they will somehow be more meaningful in the future than they are in the present moment. Read More →


Sandy’s Coming! State Highway Admin Readies for the Hurricane

0 Written by: | Friday, Oct 26, 2012 1:40pm

High Winds, Coastal Surge, Rain/Flooding Possible; Travelers Must Use Extra Caution Driving/Walking

(October 26, 2012) – A massive coastal storm threatens to bring heavy rain, high winds, widespread power outages and a coastal storm surge to the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland.  Hurricane Sandy is a huge slow moving storm with wide-ranging impacts anticipated regardless of where she makes landfall.   State Highway Administration (SHA) crews are preparing by clearing drains, fueling up, stocking road signs and readying chain saws and other equipment. In addition, SHA’s teams are preparing for the possibility of snow in Western Maryland.  With leaves still on most trees, significant tree damage and power outages are a major concern. Read More →

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