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The Amazing Tree Stump Carvings of Druid Hill Park

3 Written by: | Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012 11:03am

Some people hug trees; Mark Acton takes a chainsaw to them to create delightful druid-face sculptures. Acton, who was enlisted by the Friends of Druid Hill Park to spruce up some stumps, wields a chainsaw with as much grace as if it were a paintbrush. More images of his new work in Druid Hill Park below:

Acton’s sculptures are meant to convey the weathered faces of actual druids, a tribute to the park’s name.

Acton’s first sculpture was inspired by the Green Man, which is “the ever-returning energy of vegetation and wild Nature,” at least according to

Pay a visit to Acton’s sculptures, which are located near the entrance to the zoo in Druid Hill Park.

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  • Barbara Shapiro

    I am planning a resurrection of the Art Show that was held around the Reservoir in Druid Hill Park for the 150th anniversary of the lake. I would love to be able to include an option to visit the sculptures. Is that possible.? Thanks, Barbara

  • linda

    Beautiful and creative use of natural resources. Are Mr. Acton’s works or his sculpting services available in Anne Arundel County?


Baltimore Public Schools CEO Wants to Shut Down 17 Schools


Orioles Losing Fan Base?

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