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The Spice Circuit – Foodie’s Journey in South India, January 2018

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What is Mulligatawny Soup and Masala Dosas?  They are two flavorful items from a small region in Southern India. You could be eating one of them from their place of orgin just after New Years.

Today is the unveiling of The Spice Circuit.  A hand-tailored journey, a cultural immersion, a sensory delight, and simple shared moments around a table. It’s a Slow Food trip.  The website is complete, and the brochure is here The only missing component to make this a perfect trip…is you.

Martha Lucius, Baltimore’s Boheme Cafe’s owner is leading a small group to Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South India. Many cafe customers remember her Mulligatawny soup,  It translates as  “pepper water”, and was a favorite by many of the cafe customers. She’s been dreaming of leading a culinary trip, but running a cafe allows no time for that!  Now, four years after closing her cafe, she is ready to make that dream come alive in The Spice Circuit; a series of gastronomic tours.  The tour will visit two states in southern India that will defy Americans’ preconceived notions from Slumdog Millionaire and Lion, leaving travelers with the haunting notion of returning year after year.


Martha is collaborating with two culinary professional to make this journey a trip of a lifetime. First, Indian-born UK chef, Kanthi Kiran Thamma  who owned two cafe and a kiosk, called the Curry Leaf Cafe in Brighton’s vibrant food scene; and secondly, Wilson Rajan, a true hospitalian, who handpicks every hotel, restaurant, walking tour, and overnight houseboat ride.  The list is much longer, but let’s not leave out aruyevedic meals, and a tree house overnight stay.  Martha, who lived and travelled in India for 3 years, says; “Together, Kanthi and Wilson are proving what makes me love India most:  their hospitality is unsurpassed. Our guests leave India transformed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu’s charm, rejuvenated with extraordinary meals, history and new cultural perspectives.  It’s a corner of the world few people are lucky enough to discover!”

One of the hotels the group will stay in.

In January of 2018, just four months from now, the first trip departs from the small city of Kochi in Kerala.  In the first few days guests see fishing boats, Jewish synagogues, forests, jungles, waterways and tea plantations. The 10 or 15 day trips are filled with hiking or biking through a spice farm, and a colorful market in rural countryside.  Together guest will make local favorites like Dosa (a wafer thin crepe with a scrumptious spicy filling), watch and participate in cooking demos, and eat regional hyper local regional cuisines.  A cup of flavorful chai is never far away!  Will you get to learn to cook while on the trip?  Martha’s response, “Yes, you’ll choose from fresh-picked mangos, coconuts and anise at a huge outdoor market.  In fact, I’d recommend following Kanthi and The Spice Circuit on instagram this week. He is connecting with each chefs, visiting each hotel, and finding the best cafes on the travel circuit.”
NOTE:  There are only 12 spots left for the January 2018 tour. Reach out to Martha Lucius to get more information 410.963.6431 or, and she will help you choose if this is the right trip for you. Kanthi, Wilson and Martha each say, “Suswagatham”, a south indian phrase, meaning a hearty welcome awaits you on The Spice Circuit.
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School 33 Art Center Opens Up Once Again for the 29th Annual Open Studio Tour


Delbert Adams Construction Group, LLC. Passes Key to Helping Up Mission for New...

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