Why at 31 Years Old I Had My Eyebrows Waxed for the First Time


According to Audit, Md. Issued Erroneous $101K Tax Refund Check Last Year

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UMBC Is Totally Hogging the #1 Spot on US News College Rankings

1 Written by: | Wednesday, Sep 11, 2013 10:00am


Just how long can you be “up-and-coming” for? In the case of the University of Maryland Baltimore County, the answer appears to be at least five years:  that’s how long the school has spent at the top of U.S. News & World Report’s list of schools “that are making the most promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty and student life.”

Part of the reason that UMBC has so dominated the U.S. News rankings — besides the fact that Freeman Hrabowski is doing some great things, of course — is that the “up-and-coming” list isn’t determined by a statistical analysis of various factors, as the overall academic rankings are. Instead, U.S. News polls a bunch of experts and asks them who they think the most exciting schools are. In other words, getting lots of press for being innovative (as UMBC has) helps lead to… more press about being innovative! Not that we’re complaining.

In other Baltimore-area university news, Loyola University Maryland was also ranked as one of the up-and-coming universities in the northeast region. Maybe next year, UMBC should consider withdrawing from the contest and giving someone else (ahem, Loyola) a chance?

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  • VJC Ghost (@ghostofvjc)

    Thank God Stevenson dropped out of their up and coming rankings. And they dropped five places. People are finally catching on to the three-card monte game that the president and PR department have been playing for all these years. Nice to see them not have some made up story to brag about. They can go back to pretending that their awfuyl football team, bro’d up lacrosse culture and the dorms that are falling apart actually make them respectable. I just wonder how many people the president fired because of this.


Why at 31 Years Old I Had My Eyebrows Waxed for the First Time


According to Audit, Md. Issued Erroneous $101K Tax Refund Check Last Year

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